Has America Bought the Lie? :: By Robert Campbell

Hello folks, it’s been a long time since I wrote any articles. The last time I wrote an article for RR has been a few years ago. I felt the need to do it then, and I feel the need now.

What we see here now in America is a travesty. What we see now is something that you see in third- world countries. What we see now is lawlessness in every form.

We see the breakdown of the rule of law. We see that our freedoms are and have been taken away.

We are not even allowed to voice our concerns, even if it’s in our private homes.

We are not allowed to fight evil on any level. In fact, it’s in reverse.

In the last few years, evil has taken over every aspect of our lives.

What you see today in America did not start yesterday; it started years ago with the slow and methodical breakdown of good. It also was the breakdown of the folks that started this country, the white man.

The white man is looked at today as evil and he had slaves and stole this country from the Indians. They are looked at as the evil people that held down the black man from succeeding here in America. The white man is looked at as the source of all our troubles in America and around the world.

Yes, people, the white man’s will has been so worn down to a point that he even believes he is the evil one. They believe now that they are at fault for this country’s downfall.

The white man now is saying that he is sorry for being racist towards our black people, and people of all colors.

White people are now apologizing for something they don’t have to apologize for.

White folks are afraid to be called racist; in fact, they will go to great lengths to avoid being called a racist.

White folks, you owe nothing to the blacks of this country.

The blacks have lost their morals and family values, and they want to blame others for their misgivings.

The fathers were taken out of the homes through social services and welfare, and now you have boys raised by their moms and grandmothers. You have allowed the government to take care of your children.

Most of these boys stealing and looting and destroying property have no fathers at home to guide them in the right way.

Folks, this is a spiritual battle; it’s against good and evil. And evil is winning.

We as a nation have become weak, and will allow evil to prevail just to appease evil.

I’m talking about good people of God, that have allowed evil to take control. I’m talking about you so-called Christians that go to church every Sunday, and read the Bible.

Evil has taken over, and we sit in our homes and fight it with our precious smartphones and smart TVs and computers.

What I see in America is happening just like it did in Germany, during Hitler’s reign. We have Black Lives Matter folks taking control of this country, just like the brown shirts and Nazis did in Germany. They did it by causing harm and destruction to Jews and other decent folks.

Look at Seattle; we have allowed thugs and criminals to take over a city; and the government let them get away with it, without any pushback. The police are told to not take the city back and to turn tail.

This is what evil looks like when you don’t fight back, and it will spread like wildfire; and it is.

They hate God and anything good in this country.

The third Reich started quickly and spread rapidly, just like the Black Lives Matter movement.

We now have people on both sides of the aisle supporting Black Lives Matter.

We have now bought the lie in America.

People are losing their livelihood and businesses and lives over what they say and believe.

We are not allowed to fight evil or we will be targeted.

Good is evil and evil is good.

It did not start with this evil pandemic; it started a long time ago when we got comfortable with all the comforts of life. Smartphones and TVs etc. Our possessions are more important than doing the right thing. We let it happen right under our noses.

We were too comfortable in our comfort zone.

Satan is out and about, and we stay at home and complain.

Even the churches have become weak and pathetic, allowing all kinds of evil to come in.

And the so-called preachers do not want to lose their churches or status or parking space.

The preachers are now teaching a whole new gospel so as not to anger the people.

Companies are now firing folks if they don’t agree with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Even family members are turning on and snitching on their own family for not agreeing with them, and supporting Black Lives Matter.

Just like they did in Nazi Germany.

To sit back and watch people riot and loot and destroy property over the death of a man is a sin before God.

And I will not mention his name, because I will not honor him in any way.

We now agree with defunding our police force and allowing darkness to enter.

We sit back and allow evil people to destroy and not allow our police to protect us.

All because we bought the lie. We bought it hook, line and sinker.

We have white folks kneeling to evil black folks such as Black Lives Matter and their type.

We now apologize for the Flag. White folks being made to feel guilty for being White.

We now will remove Confederate flags and statues just because of the white ancestry that fought for slavery when, in fact, both sides owned slaves. We want to rename bases because of the Confederate names.

This is what happened in Germany during Hitler’s reign.

America has bought the lie.

Look around you; white folks are apologizing in great numbers.

Even people in high places in the government are apologizing and kneeling to black people.

This pandemic is a great lie and a setup. It has caused more damage to this country and world than anything I have ever witnessed.

The liberal Democrats want to destroy this country and this president (Trump). It’s all an attempt to destroy him and good people. The liberals will go to any lengths to destroy this man. He is the only one stopping evil from taking full control. All other men could not stand up to this kind of evil day in and day out. He has to be from God.

Our nation is under fire, and the states that are having the most problems are being run by women and weak men. We have allowed the women to take control of cities and states that men should run.

Just look around you. We now have gays and lesbians and transgender folks running our cities and states.

Even the Supreme Court has bought the lie.

Have you seen how organized evil has become (BLM)? It has spread all over the planet. Black Lives Matter stands for everything evil. There is no good in them. Satan controls them.

And any Christian that supports them is not of God. You are a phony Christian perpetrating good when, in fact, you’re evil.

Those who apologize to evil are those who value their possessions more than God.

Men of all colors need to take back your role. The man has been taken out of the homes of leadership. The man has been put in second position instead of taking his rightful place.

God over Christ, Christ over man, man over women, and women over children. Out of that order will not work.

If men don’t take the lead, we will not have a country any more. Women cannot lead men; it’s impossible.

We have been made to believe that the white man is our enemy.

My white brother, you started this great country with God’s help, and now you are going to let it be destroyed with Satan’s help. You have become weak and broken down.

You are more worried about your possessions and livelihood and being called racist than doing what’s right.

You’re more worried about your business than telling the truth. You would rather bend a knee than tell your black brother the truth.

I’m ashamed of black people and I’m black. Not all, but most.

We have succumbed to evil and now are afraid to speak out against evil. What a shame!

My white brother, if you don’t stand up for your country now, who will?

My black brother, you need to go back home and lead your family. You need to drop your anger and forgive your parents for messing you up.

You need to become the leader in your family, and stop letting the women take control.

You need to stop having babies out of wedlock, and having sex before marriage. This applies to all races of people. We need to get back to God.

We fathers need to be teaching our sons the right way to be a man. A woman cannot teach a boy to be a man.

It’s all out of order. We need to get back to God’s order.

Even I almost bought the lie. But I forgave my parents, and God forgave me. And the world was different from that point on. He gave me eyes to see and ears to hear.

My white brother, you need to do the same.

America is in its death throes, and waiting on God to rescue you will not help.

God is looking for a few good men and women, just like our president to stand up to evil.

We folks of all races need to take back our Government with good people that love this Country and Flag, and not be ashamed of being an American.

My white brothers and sisters, we need you to take the lead, because you started this great nation, and you need to stand up before it’s too late.

We need to pray for our President and Country.

I’m a Christian American Republican that happens to be Black.

We also need to pray for the Jews and Israel.

Thank You.

Robert C Campbell