Cri De Coeur (Heart’s Cry) :: By Alice Childs

Our most holy Lord Jesus, our hearts are nearly crushed beneath the weight of this evil world in which we are trapped. We are like strangers in a strange land longing to go home. Lord, we come before Your throne of grace, not in arrogance, God forbid, but with our hearts bowed down before You in deepest gratitude and humility knowing that we are but dust, and that we can only approach You because of the righteousness of the One who gave Himself for us. Lamb of God, we bow before those blessed, precious nail-pierced hands and feet who “carried our sins and bore our sorrows.”

Oh mighty Lord, we come before You now, pleading for You to please, PLEASE come get your people; to PLEASE delay no longer, Lord! Merciful Lord, Your bride worldwide is beyond weary; we are heartbroken, downtrodden, and desperate to go Home to a place we’ve never been before. Lord, you foretold the Philadelphia Church of which we are now a part, You know that we “have but a little strength.” Yet, still You promised that You would remove us FROM the “hour of testing” that is about to come upon the whole world. Father God, we long for that rescue now.

Oh Lord, You know that our brethren in Nigeria are being slaughtered in ever-growing numbers, that violence against them is growing day by day. Lord, You know even more than we about Your children in Pakistan, India, North Korea, China, Russia, and in nearly every country in the Middle East who are being tortured and killed for Your name. Lord, You know that Your people are being hunted down and slaughtered in the millions worldwide. In Europe, America, Canada and in other countries, the violence and hatred of us who wear Your name is growing stronger and more violent by the day. Lord, we know and accept the truth that we will be hated for Your namesake. You warned us that we would be hated as You were and are hated by those who love their sin and this evil, fallen world.

Lord Jesus, we have believed in You alone for salvation. We have placed our total faith in you and have chosen to follow You because You have loved us. You died to redeem us. You are our Savior; we love You. We know that there is salvation in NO OTHER NAME than in the name of Jesus Christ, Son of God alone. Lord, in You ALONE is our eternal salvation.

Precious Lord, YOU died in our place that we in our fallen, sin-cursed, hopeless state might be redeemed to You; reconciled to You; justified; sanctified; and one day soon, glorified by You. You are our Savior, our Redeemer, our Lord and the God who loved us so much that You gave Yourself to pay in full the penalty of our sins that separate us from You.

Lord, we do not have to fear those who hate us for Your namesake, but rather we fear You who are able to destroy both body and soul in Hell, and yet whose mercy and compassion is beyond our ability to understand. We fear Your holy justice far more than we may fear those who can only kill our bodies.

Lord Jesus, we know that the time of our deliverance is at hand. We know that You are coming soon, first to rescue and deliver Your Church, and then to pour forth Your fire, fury, and righteous vengeance; to lay waste to the “earth dwellers” who have defiled Your creation, persecuted Your people Israel, and to destroy all who have wantonly rejected Your great grace that has been freely offered to “whosoever will” believe.

Lord, very soon You will roar forth in vengeance against all those who shake their fist in Your face in rebellion, all those who trample underfoot Your blessed sacrifice of grace that would and could have saved them, just as Your grace has saved and redeemed all of us who do believe in You as our Savior; for we too are also vile and guilty sinners, but sinners saved by Your grace which we have believed and accepted by faith in Christ Jesus alone.

Sovereign Father, all You have asked for fallen man to be eternally saved is for us to believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ according to the scriptures. Oh God, we who believe are nothing but sinners saved by the grace and mercy of God the Son alone.

Lord, in the closing chapter of Your Revelation, You told us that even the Holy Spirit Himself longs for You to come and rescue Your bride. Lord Jesus, we, Your bride, long for You to come! Oh Lamb of God, Lion of Judah, we beg for You to COME! Our bodies are tired and tortured. Our minds and emotions are spent and raw, and our redeemed spirits are vexed beyond all measure from having to live in and bear witness to the absolute debauchery and depravity of a world that has cast aside all pretense of civility, morality, and any shred of decency in favor of evil and the loathsome “god of this world” Satan.

Great I AM, outside of the restraint of the Holy Spirit who is operating through Your Church, there is NOTHING but evil and utter wickedness left here. Merciful Father, we don’t belong here. We don’t want to remain here any longer to have to witness the evil that every hour grows stronger and more depraved – vileness which further consumes this sin-cursed world. The evil is too great to bear!

Holy God Righteous and True, we plead for the deliverance of the rapture; not only for our own sakes, but for the physical, emotional, and spiritual deliverance of the children. Oh God, our hearts are ripped apart over the plight of these little ones; and yet as much as our hearts are torn over what is being done to them, Lord, we understand that YOU see EVERYTHING! Lord, You spare us by not showing to us more than we can endure because, in Your mercy, we see only a small portion of the true depth of evil and depravity that is being done to Your little ones. But, Righteous Lord, You see it all, and Your fury is mounting.

Lord God, as much as our anger and compassion is stirred, YOUR holy, righteous, and absolute JUST mercy is almost at its end. Your fearsome wrath is even now on the cusp of thundering forth upon this wicked world like a raging tsunami rushing in upon those who are abusing their bodies and poisoning their little minds with Satanic indoctrination and inundation with the lies of the wicked Prince of the Powers of the Air. These children who are YOUR little ones, Lord, YOU are storing up Your Holy vengeance and wrath on their behalf. Holy God of Glory, we tremble because we know that Your wrath, when it is released, will be every bit as great as Your mercy has been.

We know too that the only thing that has stayed Your hand of vengeance is Your unfathomable LOVE and MERCY that, even now, still holds the door of salvation open in this Age of Grace, because You love the lost so much that You are “not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” Father, Your mercy is beyond our finite minds to understand or grasp; and yet as great as Your mercy is, so too will be the depth and breadth of Your wrath, vengeance, and holy justice.

Oh Lord, we plead with You that the deliverance of Your Church and of our little ones might be SOON. Oh great and mighty God, Savior of ALL who choose willingly to believe, please attend to the cries of Your bride! Righteous Father, incline Your ear to us and, in Your mercy, send Your Son, our Lord for us NOW, oh God of our salvation! Deliver us, oh mighty God of Glory! Come for us without delay, oh Alpha and Omega! Oh Ancient of Days, deliver us now, oh Lord of Sabaoth! Lord Jesus, Your bride pleads with You to arise from Your place at the right hand of the Father; we cry out to You to let THIS be the day that You arise, step forth into the atmosphere above the earth, and cry aloud for us to “Come up hither”!

Oh Father God, oh King of Kings, have mercy upon us!

In the name of Jesus our risen Savior, we plead our cause before You, oh great Father of Mercy!


“And the Spirit and the bride say, COME… Even so COME Lord Jesus!”