The New Face of Racism :: By Daniel Payne

What follows is my own observation, through my own life experience. My experiences while going to both public and private schools, serving in the military, and working in the private sector are only my own experiences, as seen through my own eyes. I realize it’s different for everyone, especially for those of different backgrounds.

I have witnessed the many ways that people hurt each other, including through the division of racism. I’ve also witnessed the many ways people heal each other, including through the unity of working together without prejudice.

The racists of the past are not fading away; they’re being reborn.

Today, a new form of racism is taking over America. Yes, there are still people who are part of the old and vulgar form of racism, but their numbers were decreasing.

However, today many people are being reborn into a new large racist group of the present. What do both groups of racists, both past and present, have in common?

For one, both groups are weak, because they’re only willing to be part of the majority. In the past, many people vulgarly condemned the African race, so it was easy to fit into that particular largest racist group.

Also in the past, the minority stood and fought alongside those who were only trying to win their freedom, and their civil rights. Theirs was the group that was the hardest to be part of.

Now, after years of courage and hard work on the part of Americans of both African, and European decent, the new majority of racists have hijacked that progress. They are twisting our increased union into increasing division.

Had race relations in America reached perfection? Quite obviously not. Were race relations in America making progress? It could be argued that yes, they were. Many barriers were removed allowing new friendships, understanding, and milestones to be achieved, in spite of a system designed to keep the status quo.

And that was a big issue for the powers of darkness. Those who wish to rule over the majority know that the keys to absolute power are not given in times of union, prosperity, and freedom.

What better way to get back on track toward tyranny, than to sow a new venomous discord among the increased fellowship of America.

The new deceived racists constantly scream about African Americans in order to feel better about themselves. They’re obsessed with propping themselves up at the expense of African Americans.

They can’t exist without putting an entire race of people underneath their own self-inflated worth. Now today, by condemning their own race, they are rebirthing the same vulgar form of racism that existed in the recent past.

The devil knows this because he knows what happens when one race in particular is constantly condemned at the expense of another; extreme bitterness and animosity is produced toward the other race.

The exact same brand of dangerous and violent racism of America’s bloodstained past is being reborn in the present. Everyone who currently feels entitled enough to condemn an entire race at the expense of another, are puppets being played by the powers of darkness in order to create further division, not unity.

Racism is not the disease; it’s a symptom of hardened, hate-filled hearts. Decent and kind people would never allow the hateful venom being shouted on the streets of America today to flow from their lips.

Those screaming at the top of their lungs today are nothing less than modern-day Pharisees.

Do not be deceived!