An Opportunity, Not to Be Missed :: By Hannes Joubert

Hi All, I hope that all is well with your spirits in spite of the goings-on of the past few months. It has been a challenge, for sure.

Today, I am not going to touch on the merits, legalities or rationale surrounding the lockdown that came about as a result of the Covid-19 “plannedemic” and so on. That subject has been written about enough by individuals far more equipped to do so; and, to be honest, there is, to my mind, so much (mis)information and so many differing opinions about this subject, that adding more commentary to it will not achieve anything.

What I would like to touch on is much closer to home, so to speak, that appears to have much less written about it, seemingly due to the fear surrounding Covid-19. I must admit that the sparse writing on this subject concerns me greatly, from a Born-again Christian point of view. Yes, these are strange times never before experienced, for sure, but amidst the doom and gloom that we are experiencing, an opportunity exists. And this is what bothers me at the moment, that I have seen very few, if any, exhortations for the Bride-of-Christ to approach the Throne of Grace, the very Mercy Seat of our Heavenly Father for help in this period. Why is that?

To remind everyone, when I contribute these columns, I speak to myself as much as I speak to my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. To my mind, our Heavenly Father has, in His Grace, provided us all with an opportunity to diligently search for Him, by His removing ALL the things that may have distracted us and stood between ourselves and Himself in the past.

With the absence of our “social idols” (sporting events, work, gatherings, shopping et al.), we have an opportunity to draw close to our Father, as it always should have been.

This is an opportunity to dust off the Bible and read our Fathers’ words. This is an opportunity to be a Berean and to “check-up” on past sermons heard, to determine whether the Preacher has been feeding his flock spiritual meat, or some form of diluted gruel. This is an opportunity to spend time with our Father, in prayer, to draw close to Him. As it always should have been.

This is an opportunity to share the Gospel with people looking for answers, with those who have not heard it, or may have rejected it because “they were too busy.”

Should the message be rejected, shake the dust off of your feet like Paul and Barnabas in Acts 13:51. You have done what you can. It is difficult to “let it go,” I know this; I have had to do this on a personal level with my relatives. However, even though the message may be rejected, remember, we sow the seed of the Gospel, another will water it, but our Father will care for that seed, and another will harvest; but you have done your part… (1 Cor 3:7).  So, even though the original message may be rejected, that person can still, by the Grace of our Father, still come to Jesus.

But I digress. Back to the topic at hand. Has your career been upended by this pandemic? Your business? Your livelihood? Or, is everything still going swimmingly? Even in the midst of all this change, turn to our Father, and you will find a peace unsurpassed should you place your faith in Him. I can speak to this experience, as myself, my wife, daughter and son have done this, and we find peace in this “storm.”

Personally, I find Ps. 142 brings us much comfort, which, ironically, was written by King David whilst he was in “isolation” in a cave! Of course, Ps. 23 also brings comfort. It all depends if you “let go and let God” … cheesy I know, but only with completely trusting in Him will that peace follow. It is a scary thought, letting go. But it is the best thing I have ever done. In short, find a passage in the Word through which our Father speaks to you, and hold on to it!

Yes, these are difficult times, but also an opportunity to rebuild and strengthen our relationship with our Father, to spread the Gospel; for neither of these two things require a Church building, nor do they require a congregation. In fact, these two actions, in my estimation have been impeded by these very things that are now “outlawed.” Therefore, it is an opportunity to go from lukewarm to “red-hot” in our faith by means of daily reading of the Word and time in prayer, the way it should always have been.

This is, literally, a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity, just like the Rapture. Let us be gentle as doves, but wise as serpents (Matt 10:16), and not let this opportunity pass us by.

I do not know what the future may hold, but I do know Who holds the future (more cheese) … and I have made up my mind; my family and I will serve Him (Joshua 24:15), will put our faith in Him, and will stick with Him. What about you?

Do not let this opportunity to connect / re-connect with our Father pass you by, please.

Love you All.