20 May 2020

Evacuations underway in mid-Michigan after Edenville Dam breaks
‘Catastrophic’ flooding, evacuations in Mid-Michigan as dams fail: What to know The National Weather Service on Tuesday evening urged anyone near the river to seek higher ground following “castastrophic dam failures” at the Edenville Dam, about 140 miles (225.31 kilometers) north of Detroit, and the Sanford Dam, about seven miles (11.26 kilometers) downriver.

Solar Minimum Could Bring Drastic Changes To Our Planet
At a time when the world is already being hit with major crisis after major crisis, our sun is behaving in ways that we have never seen before. For as long as records have been kept, the sun has never been quieter than it has been in 2019 and 2020, and … we are being warned that we have now entered “a very deep solar minimum”. …very deep solar minimums throughout history have corresponded with brutally cold temperatures and horrific global famines …

Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine delivers promising Phase 1 trial data
biotechnology company Moderna has just revealed interim data from its Phase 1 human trials testing a novel mRNA vaccine. The results show the experimental vaccine is safe, well-tolerated and generates significant antibody levels, however, there is no evidence at this stage it prevents COVID-19 disease. Moderna’s vaccine is one of the few in development to be this far advanced in human trials, with Phase 2 already approved and set to commence, and Phase 3 scheduled to kick off as soon as July.

Trump Exposes Covid-19 Treatment Study Backed by Fauci as ‘Phony’
President Trump echoed Dr. Zelenko’s assertion calling the study “phony” saying: “If you look at that phony report, that report on the hydroxy was given to people that were in extraordinarily bad condition, extraordinarily bad – people that were dying – no.” But it’s not just Trump and Dr. Zelenko. An international poll of over 6,000 doctors revealed that hydroxychloroquine was the most highly rated treatment for Covid-19.

Mystic Rabbis Reveal Daunting Forecast: Jews Outside Israel in Grave Danger. God won’t Protect them
“This announcement must be spread to the entire world,” Rabbi Fish told Breaking Israel news. “This is an imminent emergency. All Jews in exile around the world must come to Israel immediately. They are all in grave danger.” Rabbi Fish noted that one of the motivations for the meeting was a recent wave of announcements by rabbis and mystics concerning the imminent arrival of Moshiach. World events are also turning in a way never seen before.”

Iran Deploys Military to Battle ‘Biblical Plague’ of Locusts
Iranian leaders have threatened Israel and the US countless times but fulfilling those threats will have to wait as their army currently has its hands full battling a swarm of locusts attacking the Islamic republic for the second year in a row.

.Trump threatens permanent freeze of WHO funding
U.S. President Donald Trump threatened on Monday to permanently halt funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) if it did not commit to improvements within 30 days, and to reconsider the membership of the United States in the body.

Two earthquakes hit off California’s North Coast
Two earthquakes hit off the North Coast late Sunday and early Monday. The first measured at a 4.7 magnitude. It hit at 11:56 p.m. Sunday about 163 miles west of Eureka. The second earthquake was stronger, measuring a 5.5 magnitude

Earthquake in Kiruna: Most powerful in Sweden in 12 years
The earthquake was registered just after 03:00 Monday morning. The earthquakes epicenter was detected three kilometers outside Kiruna in northern Sweden.

Deadly Earthquake Strikes Southwest China
At least four people are dead and 23 others injured after a strong earthquake struck southwest China late Monday. Geologists at the China Earthquake Networks Center said a 5.0-magnitude earthquake struck in Qiaojia county in Yunnan province.

Thousands of Iranians ask Israel for asylum, help
The number of Iranians asking Israel for help has spiked in recent months, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday. “Thousands of people are asking to come to Israel for medical assistance or to emigrate,” according to Yiftah Curiel, head of Digital Diplomacy at the Foreign Ministry.

Cyberattack meant to warn Iran against targeting Israeli infrastructure
A cyberattack on Iran’s Shahid Rajaee port last week was meant to warn the Islamic Republic against targeting Israeli infrastructure, after a reportedly Iranian cyberattack targeted Israeli water systems last month. On May 11, Mohammad Rastad, Managing Director of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO), announced that a cyberattack managed to damage a number of private systems at the Shahid Rajaei port…

Biden: Israeli threats of annexation choke off hope of peace
Former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said on Tuesday that he opposes Israeli plans annex settlements in the West Bank. During a conversation with Jewish donors, Biden added that both the Israelis and the Palestinians should take steps that promote the two-state solution, and avoid unilateral measures. “I think we also have to make it clear that I do not support annexation,” he said.

State of emergency declared, evacuations underway for 10,000 residents in Michigan following dam failure
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued an emergency declaration after the Edenville Dam and Sanford dams failed in Midland County, forcing thousands of residents to immediately evacuate their homes on Tuesday. Downtown Midland could be under 9 feet of water by Wednesday morning, Gov. Whitmer said during a Livestream on Tuesday night following the two collapses.

Amphan: Heavy rains in India and Bangladesh as cyclone bears down
Heavy rains and winds are lashing parts of eastern India and Bangladesh as a super cyclone approaches. Millions of people have been evacuated in anticipation of Cyclone Amphan, which is coming in from the Bay of Bengal. The first super cyclonic storm in that area in two decades is forecast to cause deadly storm surges.

After U.S. warning, Iran says its navy will still operate in Gulf
The Iranian navy will maintain regular missions in the Gulf, the ISNA news agency reported on Wednesday, a day after the United States warned mariners there to stay away from U.S. warships. “The naval units of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman will continue their regular missions in accordance with professional principles as in the past,” ISNA quoted an unnamed military official as saying.

Abbas: PA no longer bound by agreements with Israel, U.S.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced late Tuesday night that Ramallah will no longer be bound by agreements it has signed with Israel and the United States. Abbas made the announcement during an emergency meeting of the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah to coordinate the PA response to Israel’s declared intention to extend its sovereignty over West Bank settlements and the Jordan Valley.

Eyeing Iran, US warns to stay 100 metres away from its warships
In an alert that appeared aimed squarely at Iran, the United States Navy issued a warning on Tuesday to mariners in the Gulf to stay 100 metres (109 yards) away from US warships or risk being “interpreted as a threat and subject to lawful defensive measures”. The notice to mariners…follows US President Donald Trump’s threat last month to fire on any Iranian ships that harass Navy vessels.

EU: We will not recognize any changes to ‘1967 borders’
The European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, on Monday congratulated the new Israeli government but also made clear that the EU will not accept an Israeli move to apply sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria.

Clergy, Scientists Grapple with thoughts of Worship without Congregational Singing – Christian News Headlines
They are words the Rev. John Witvliet, an expert on Christian worship, never thought he would hear himself say….“Singing together in congregations is a practice that we dearly love and are eager to promote, but loving our neighbor is job one here and so the time for fasting from this wonderful practice may be longer than any of us would like.”

HUGE SCANDAL: Oregon Changes Hundreds Of Republican Ballots To “Non Partisan” Denying GOP Voters the Right To Participate In Primary
Disturbing news is coming out of Oregon, as hundreds of people are reporting that their voter registration was switched from Republican to non affiliated without their knowledge or permission.

The COVID-19 Destruction of America Is the Not the End Game
..The evil entities, mentioned in the Bible, are hard at work to destroy America and ultimately the human race. Satan would like to have controlled our soul. However, they were not able to crack the code and they are left with one option, genocide. Is there any indication this is what is coming? The answer is a resounding yes. Satan plans to commit genocide against all those that cannot be converted away from their Christian faith. And under the cover of COVID 19, it appears that these plans are moving forward with great rapidity.

Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz Declares The Government ‘Absolutely Has Right’ To Vaccinate You Against Your Will For Common Good
Just in case you were thinking that when they finally have a COVID-19 vaccine, provided by the United Nations from one of Bill Gates 7 vaccine factories, that you will be able to politely decline the way you do with the flu shot, please allow me to gently correct your erroneous thinking.

George Soros Views The COVID-19 Plannedemic As A ‘Revolutionary Moment’ Where ‘Everything Is Up For Grabs’ Says Radical Change Needed
George Soros is giddy and excited these days, why? Because he sees the COVID-19 Plannedemic doing amazing things to destroy the economy, to destroy capitalism, and the weaken the United States to the breaking point so his army of low-information Liberal minions can swoop in and remake it. You will always hear Liberals saying things like ‘transforming America’, ‘changing America’, but you will never hear them talking about America’s greatness because they don’t believe it is.

In Totally Unexpected Move, Angela Merkel Forms A League With Emmanuel Macron For ‘Unnatural Path’ To Create Something Called A ‘Coronabond’
Oh I know, all the headlines the past week or so around Emmanuel Macron are full of doom and gloom, painting a picture where he has been rendered nearly powerless as members of his own party desert him over his handling of the COVID-19 crisis. But don’t count him out just yet, he has a few tricks left up his sleeve, including this huge coup he pulled off today. No sir, Emmanuel Macron didn’t come all the way from ‘his own place’ just to let a little thing like failure stop him. He is very much alive in France, and very much still in the lead in the Antichrist End Times Sweepstakes.

Barely A Hundred Feet Away From The Western Wall In Jerusalem, Biblical Archaeologists Discover Vast Preserved Complex From Time Of Jesus
As Israel prepares to celebrate Jerusalem Day, a commemoration of the day in which Jerusalem was reunified under Israeli sovereignty in 1967, biblical archaeologists are unveiling an utterly amazing historical find. A subterranean complex, preserved in near pristine condition and dating back to the time of Jesus of Nazareth, is being put on display. The purpose of this structure, however, remains shrouded in mystery as ongoing excavations continue to dig for more clues and answers.

Illegal Aliens Jam Phone Lines as California Offers $500 Each in Coronavirus Relief
The State of California is offering $500 each to illegal aliens as part of a $75 million coronavirus relief program — even as it asks federal taxpayers for help paying for its $54 billion deficit.

SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT! Singapore Woman Linked to Bill Gates, Soros and China Is Flagging and Removing ALL VIDEO CONTENT by California Doctors Behind Viral Video
The far left tech companines are moving at light speed to eliminate free speech in the West.

CORRUPTION and GREED: Trump’s vaccine czar raking in millions in stock profits following public relations propaganda claiming coronavirus vaccine research progress
After previously backing away from vaccines as the “cure all” for America’s pandemic woes, President Trump is now back to pushing a coronavirus vaccine being created by Moderna, and he now absurdly claims this vaccine will save the U.S. economy.

WHO inadvertently admits that vaccinations won’t work against coronavirus
In trying to keep the pandemic going for as long as possible, it would seem, the World Health Organization (WHO) is insistent that developing natural immunity to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) may not be possible, and that society’s only hope is a vaccine. But if natural immunity is out of the question, then why would vaccine-induced immunity be any better?