COVID-19: Transition to the New World Order :: By Jonathan Brentner

Something clicked inside me the other evening as Ruth, my wife, and I read from the book Get Your Life Back by John Eldredge. As we took turns reading from his chapter, “Allowing for Transitions,” a thought occurred to me on a completely different wavelength than that of the author.

What if our current COVID-19 experience is itself a time of transition for believers, the United States, and even the world?

Jesus is Preparing Us for Our Departure

For those of us who know the Savior, the past couple months have been a time of loosening our grip on the things in this world. I was so looking forward to watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament, but my hope vanished in a day. I didn’t realize how much I liked going out to eat or going to the movies with Ruth until I could no longer do them. And my favorite sporting event of May, the Indianapolis 500, has been postponed until August. But who knows if it will happen even then?

For those of us watching for Jesus’ imminent appearing, the Lord has made us aware of just how close His appearing to take us home might be. In doing so, He’s allowing us time to contemplate and perhaps prepare for our transition from this temporary world to our eternal existence in glorified and immortal bodies.

A Psyche of Fear Has Infected the United States

For the United States, I believe it’s a time of transition from a time of great abundance to the deadly pestilences and famines that will come during the seven-year tribulation when severe shortages of everything will be the rule rather than the exception.

The psyche of America has forever changed. Perhaps years in the making, but gone is the courage of the past that led our brave young men to storm the beaches of Normandy, knowing they would likely perish. Instead, I see fear everywhere I look. I see it in the eyes of those who crowd our grocery stores. I see it in the willingness of so many to quickly surrender their rights in order for civil authorities to keep them “safe.”

It’s this widespread psyche of fear that’s opening the door to the New World Order in America!

I might be wrong, but I believe this psyche of fear will greatly impede the future economic recovery in America. The enormous debt of the United States and the world will, at some future time, create a massive global crisis that will open the door wide for the globalists. I believe this is closer than many can imagine. The United States cannot sustain for long the burden of thirty-six million unemployed along with a multitude of failing businesses.

It’s incredibly difficult for me to see what is happening in the United States. I grew up loving my country and thankful for the freedoms we have enjoyed here for so long. But now I see our liberties vanishing into thin air for the sake of safety, I watch as a psyche of fear overtakes our nation, and I long for things to return to the way they were. But I do not think that will happen; we are on the threshold of the tribulation. Satan’s kingdom is taking shape before our eyes.

The New World Order is Here

For the world, this is a time of transition from nationalism to a worldwide government. Just this week, the mayor of Chicago said she needed “deputies who are pledging allegiance to the New World Order.” These are her exact words; I listened to her comments three times to confirm.

The Bible tells us that a worldwide government will exist during the tribulation. At some point, the antichrist will seize control of it and cause everyone to take his mark in order to buy or sell.

Do we see the globalists conditioning people for such control? Absolutely! They are already telling us that someday we will need their vaccine for COVID-19 and an accompanying mark or tattoo in order to attend public gatherings. On March 26, 2020, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown, called for the establishment of a “temporary world government” to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Pope Francis has repeatedly joined the chorus of those calling for a New World Order.

The elite have learned through the response of the world to COVID-19 just how easily they can control people with fear. Just think what might happen after the rapture as wars break out and pandemics, far more deadly than the Coronavirus, afflict the people left behind. The nations of the world will readily give up their rights to join the New World Order, which will promise peace and stability.

God’s wrath is indeed coming to America and the world during the time we know as the day of the Lord or the seven-year tribulation. How much longer will He put up with the slaughter of our innocents or the horrific imprisoning of our children in sex trafficking before He says enough is enough?

For now, the Lord has first granted us a reprieve of sorts, a time of transition for us as believers to continue loosening our grip on the things of the world in preparation for the glory that awaits us in eternity.

As for the world, the cries for the Luciferian New World Order grow louder by the moment. Contract tracers, mandatory vaccines, skyrocketing unemployment, and economic chaos point to the great changes ahead for the world as the global government emerges before our eyes.

This morning, I felt the fear of what might lie ahead and knew I needed reassurance from the promises of Scripture. I turned to Psalms 46 and 47, as I do at least a couple times a week, and meditated on Jesus’ return to establish His righteous kingdom on the earth. He will rule over the nations of this world.

For us who know Jesus, His defeat of Satan’s kingdom and the establishment of His righteous rule will be a time of ecstatic rejoicing and jubilant, wild celebration. This is our future! Satan may think he has the upper hand at the moment, but the doom of his kingdom (i.e. the New World Order) is sure!

Jonathan Brentner

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