Anti-Creationism: The Devil’s Sudden Killer Tactic – Pt. I :: By Wilfred Hahn

(AntiCreationism Part I)

We continue our series of “Ripening Times—discerning worldly trends of prophetic significance.

To date, we have chronicled six such global developments: A Wealth Explosion; spreading Post-Familialism; Honored Elites (emergence of global plutocrats); The Rise of Asia; Advances of the Titans (the sudden emergence of multinational companies); and sixth, a Global Urbanization Trend. Please see previous columns. There are many more “significant trends” yet to be discussed.

The next topic of our series may seem surprising. It is Anti-Creationism. Likely, this may not seem like a “ripening trend” to most readers. But, actually, this development may have had the biggest impact of all … one of Satan’s most effective ruses. We will explain. This development hits most of the eight diagnostic indicators that we had set for identifying “prophetically significant” trends in our day.  (For a detailed review of these eight criteria, please see this column in the November 2019 issue.)

Consider this one fact: The Theory of Evolution has stormed the world in a period of a little more than 150 years. This is a blink compared to the human timeline on earth. Charles Darwin, a major founder of the theory of evolution, first published his theory of evolution in the 1859 book On the Origin of Species.

Before that point, Creationism had the pole starting position, as it was the accepted view over thousands of years of history. In fact, as the Bible states, it was a belief that should be naturally evident to all … whether educated or not. Consider Romans 1, verse 20: “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”

But today, the situation is entirely opposite. According to the Pew Research Center (2017), roughly eight-in-ten US adults (81%) believe that humans have evolved over time.1 The Bible says there should be no excuse for this opinion.

Yet, according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, some 97% of academics say they believe humans evolved over time. As such, the indictment that the Bible makes of those that are wise, couldn’t be more fitting, “Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools […]” (Romans 1:22).

Why such a rapid change in beliefs?

Mankind has always been vulnerable to delusions and deceptions. Why do we humans have this weakness? Could it have been for the reason that God designed His creation—man—to place his trust upon Him and Him alone? Whenever mankind sought its security somewhere other than the Rock, deceit, perversities and delusion soon reigned. Satan has a clear agenda: to oppose God and to deny the salvation brought about by His Son, Jesus Christ. Satan’s tactics are effective and logical —expressly taking advantage of mankind’s weaknesses.

As it may be, stupendously, for a theory that is not scientifically proven and weak, anti-Creationism has nevertheless become adopted as the establishment view of “truth.” What new theory could be more wily, as it totally denies the existence of God.

To deny creationism is to refute God; even to deny His existence. Mankind’s penchant to deny God is shown prophetically in the Bible repeatedly. Consider that even in the late stages of the terrible Tribulation period, mankind still refuses to repent (Revelation 16:9, 11).

As for accepting lies and unsound doctrines, that also is not new. The Bible warns: “For the time will come [future] when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear” (2 Timothy 4:3).

To emphasize, it is said here that a “great number” of teachers are gathered. As mentioned, 97% of academics (most of them teachers in one way or another) today supporting anti-Creationism is surely a “great number.” Therefore, we see the same deceit that Jeremiah saw and foretold in his day: “[ …] in their deceit they refuse to acknowledge me, declares the LORD” (Jeremiah 9:6).


Rapid Change in Beliefs

Anti-Creationism is based upon beliefs. For example, evolution is a theory, and thus to hold this view is a “belief,” whether proven or not. Yet, dishonestly, many people (including those that consider themselves scientists) speak as if it is fact. To repeat, evolution is a theory. Actually, is a desperate theory. To say that it is a scientific theory is to also disparage legitimate science. Why do we say this … harsh as it may sound? To keep it simple, for one, basic science does not support “spontaneous life,” nor the countless miracles that are required in order for evolution to be believable.

We often hear that science and religion are incompatible. This too is apparently accepted as fact and is just one more “foolishness” of those that profess themselves to be wise and reject the existence of God. Such a debate is all the more ludicrous because many of the founders of modern science were Christians (Pascal, Boyle, Newton, Bernoulli, Mendel, Pasteur … the list is long).

These were scientists that believed in the Creation account in the Bible and, moreover, possessed a Biblical worldview. To them, their discoveries and inventions did not invalidate either the Bible or the existence of God. Many of them took a deep interest in theology.

Then, how has science come to argue with God and reject Him?

First, let’s define what we mean by science. It covers a wide arena of inquiry. Some of it is more of an observational type … laboratory science. It studies natural processes or things and documents them as they are. Other science is applied science. It builds on that which is observed, and may find other applications for the natural laws that it discovers.

Then, some of science concerns itself with explaining the “whys” and “wherefores” of what is observed. Here it ventures into the field of theory. A hypothesis may align with what is observed, and can sometimes be successfully used to deduce other outcomes. However, a hypothesis or a theory is not the same as fact. This is the accepted foundation of the scientific process. Theory is not fact … and its results must be repeatable.

A very different pursuit under the name of science is the exploration of things and processes of the distant past—back to the beginnings. Here, observations cannot be made in real time. Such questions as to how the universe came about and how life came to earth are now the subjects of “science.” However, this is an entirely different kind of science … a pseudo-science. It borrows (or steals) its perception of legitimacy from the real, provable and applied science.

To be sure, science is important. The benefits to mankind of its understandings and inventions are beyond measure. That said, it must also be recognized that such science has never been able to step outside the bounds of Creation. It cannot be used to prove the non-existence of God, nor to explain anything that could be outside of Creation. This would be impossible.

The tired debate that has been fought over the past two centuries, staging the Bible as if it would be in opposition to science, is misplaced. Yes, there indeed may have been misguided theologians who took positions against natural science, not realizing they were speaking from the silence of the Bible or its misinterpretation.

Again, let’s return to the “pseudo-science” that concerns itself with the question of the beginnings. This is where the real folly begins. Why? Because much of the thinking and theory in this field is driven by a priori adherence to atheism, or a denial of both the Bible and observed fact. For some reason, this branch of scientific inquiry feels itself above the requirement of proofs to elevate its beliefs as fact. They do so dishonestly, or perhaps ignorantly. This may be due to various reasons: because they refuse to be subordinate to God; or have been indoctrinated without proofs; or are perhaps misinterpreting the evidence.


Why Science Is Against God

Evolution cannot be proven. Reasonable, “non-pseudo” science actually disproves it as fact. Why? The theory defies evidence and logic. For the moment, let’s only deal with the basic question of life, and leave aside the unfathomable complexities of a human comprised of billions upon billions of organized, specialized and interdependent cells. That random events could have produced the complexity of a simple cell (the simplest, self-sustaining and replicating life form) is so far beyond probability that to believe this could have taken place requires more faith than to believe in God.

This writer’s undergraduate degree was in science. As a Christian, one of the most impactful topics studied was Histology (the study of the structures of a single cell). Even in the most primitive of cells (this itself being a presumptuous statement, as we cannot really be sure what is a primitive cell) with few enzymes, DNA and RNA strands are so incredibly complex it is IMPOSSIBLE that it could originate from random processes.

No one, were they to unearth a Rolex watch in an archaeological dig, would think that it originated through random processes. Yet, the simplest enzyme (of which a minimum of 600 different kinds are required for a basic living cell) is many, many more times as complex.

The probability of a complete operating cell being formed out of a chance encounter of atoms and molecules is zero (practically speaking). Such a randomly formed cell would also have needed the mysterious spark of life and energy. Otherwise, it could not have had the possibility of mitosis (the reproduction of a single cell into two).


Thoughts to Ponder – Part 1

Anti-creationism. It is truly amazing how such a weak theory could dominate the entire world in such a short period of time (i.e. 150 years or so). Today, it is taboo to identify with the creation view. Yet, it is not a view that should be considered less believable. Why? Because both perspectives rely upon metaphysical assumptions. Either there is a God or there isn’t. And if not, science roundly disproves evolutionism.

The point we make is this: How is it that such a big lie could predominate the worldview? (In some countries—for example, Sweden—the evolution view is held by over 90% of the population.) Incredible. Are metaphysical powers or influences playing a role here? Very definitely. The Bible provides clear evidence.

We believe in the opposites of good and evil … a majestic God and Satan. The Bible says this about Satan: “[…] When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:44). We should not doubt that Satan orchestrates his hierarchy of servants to oppose anything of God or the salvation of Jesus Christ (see Ephesians 6:12). Satan succeeds greatly when the world adopts beliefs that deny God and His Son.

The Bible warns of Satan’s techniques. We must be on watch “[…] because many false prophets are gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1, KJV). We are to “[…] stand against the wiles of the devil” (Ephesians 6:11).

To wit, if such rapid delusion and lies can be established in the case of evolutionism, then one must also suspect that any pro-God view will be under massive spiritual attack … most certainly also including anything about “beginnings” … i.e. the Big Bang Theory. Satan’s powerful deception is on display here.

In the next part, we will conclude our examination of the sudden emergence of Anti-Creationism as a “prophetically significant” world trend.

Wilfred J. Hahn is a global economist/strategist. Formerly a top-ranked global analyst, research director for a major Wall Street investment bank, and head of Canada’s largest global investment operation, his writings focus on the endtime roles of money, economics and globalization. He has been quoted around the world and his writings reproduced in numerous other publications and languages. His 2002 book The Endtime Money Snare: How to live free accurately anticipated and prepared its readers for the Global Financial Crisis. A following book, Global Financial Apocalypse Prophesied: Preserving true riches in an age of deception and trouble, looks further into the prophetic future.

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