Freedom is Essential :: By Rob Pue

It’s time to open our country back up again — NOW!  Today, as I compile this message, it’s been exactly one month since President Trump issued a National State of Emergency to combat the coronavirus. The United States is not alone. More than 100 countries worldwide are in the same boat.

Initially, we were told it would only be for two weeks. Then we were told the country would open back up by Easter. Well, Easter has come and gone and still the world is in quarantine mode; and now some reports say it will only be another two weeks. Bill Gates has said we must remain in a national shutdown for at least ten more weeks. I have to wonder, what is HIS area of expertise? He can’t even keep viruses from infecting his Windows computers! And that little tyrant, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has stated that the world must remain locked down for another 18 months.

I can tell you, that if that’s the case, there’s going to be MASSIVE pushback. In fact, massive pushback is already percolating here in the US. On April 9th, protestors held a demonstration at the capitol building in Columbus, Ohio, chanting “Freedom is essential!” Meanwhile, the people of Michigan are also furious and are planning a protest at the state capitol there this week. And, a “Global March for Freedom” has been announced for May 2nd if the “stay-at-home” orders are extended past April 30th. Organizers of this event are hoping for international participation in every city hall, public park, and downtown in every country.

Meanwhile, things are getting crazier. According to World Net Daily, the “experts’” prediction of 50,000 people being hospitalized in New York by April 1st turned out to be 400% too high. Hospitals across the country are hurting, along with all the rest of the businesses. As they prepared for a huge influx of new COVID-19 patients, they cancelled all elective surgeries, and most are only open now for emergencies.  But the coronavirus patients never came, so most hospitals are now sitting empty, as we’ve seen in videos posted online by citizen reporters who have personally GONE to their local hospitals and clinics to check the situation out for themselves. What they found was that what we’re seeing on the evening news is NOT what is taking place in real life. We’re being LIED TO, folks, on a MASSIVE scale.

In actuality, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff are being laid off or let go, because there are no patients to treat, and there won’t be, until this nationwide lockdown ends. My own daughter, who is a registered nurse, was let go from her job last week. There are no patients, and the hospitals are hemorrhaging money. They had no choice. The truth of the matter is that medical workers are getting laid off by the thousands all across the country.

Meanwhile, state and federal restrictions of American citizens are becoming more and more ridiculous.  In Kentucky last week, judges ordered at least a half dozen people to wear GPS ankle monitors (just like convicted criminals), because they violated the “stay-at-home” orders. An official of the World Health Organization has stated that they “may need to start entering private homes and remove family members” — for their own “good,” of course. I can just imagine the Nanny State starting to go door-to-door and forcibly removing children from their parents, placing them “who-knows-where,” and forbidding any contact between parents and children.

If you think such a thing could never happen here, just look around you. Never in my wildest imaginations would I have believed our entire COUNTRY — and even the entire WORLD — could be FORCED, through a united effort of ALL the world leaders to close down private businesses, forbid meetings of any kind, and penalize people for leaving their homes.

People are literally being arrested now for going outdoors, while at the same time, prison and jail officials are releasing convicted criminals with no supervision or oversight — once again, for their safety.  This makes NO sense. I thought they wanted us to “self-quarantine.” What could be more “quarantined” than a prison or jail? But they’re letting the inmates go free, while arresting and penalizing law-abiding citizens.

And people are also going “stir-crazy” as they are now unable to really GO anywhere or DO anything, because everything is closed. No more “date nights” for married couples. They can’t even go out for dinner at a restaurant, unless they drive through and eat in the car.

But even being in your own car, completely separated from other people, is not “good enough” now for the tyrants that have imprisoned us all. Police in Greenville, Mississippi, raided the parking lot of the Temple Baptist Church last week and issued $500 fines to everyone in attendance at the church’s “Drive-in” service. On Easter Sunday, the Maryville Baptist Church in Hillview, Kentucky, held their service as usual. But prior to the service, church workers had to clear the parking lot of nails, which were spread throughout the parking area by “someone” who wanted to stop the service. Police there issued warnings and a 14-day quarantine order to every person.

I also think of all the brides-to-be that have planned for spring weddings. They can likely still get married, if they can find a courthouse that’s open now to fill out the legal paperwork. But the bridal shops are closed, the reception halls are closed, the photographers are closed, the caterers are closed.  Everything is closed. So there will BE NO church weddings until further notice, nor will newlyweds be allowed to celebrate and eat a meal with their family and friends.

Here in Wisconsin, the governor has closed forty state parks, forests and recreational areas; so, while technically, you are “allowed” to go for a walk or to go outside and walk your dog, they don’t want you going very far. It goes without saying that children are not allowed to play or visit with friends, go to the park, or in some cases even play outside with their siblings in their own back yard. In one case, a couple of kids were playing in their backyard, and neighbors called the police to report them for not “social distancing.” The police showed up with FIVE squad cars, called the kids’ father on the phone, and ordered him out of his house, with his hands in the air, at gunpoint, then proceeded to question him about his kids playing in the back yard, while all the neighbors watched the excitement of the dad being interrogated in the driveway by a SWAT team. I can just imagine the neighborhood gossip.

This is insane, people. How much longer are we going to tolerate this? I understand that the end-goal of the UN, the WHO, the CDC, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, George Soros and other members of the “deep state” are to use this so-called “pandemic” to bring about a One-World government and implement the UN’s ID-2020 “vaccine,” complete with a microchip implant to track everyone on planet Earth. The question is, are we going to simply go along with all this like good little guinea pigs?

You can call me a “conspiracy theorist” if you like, but if you do a little research, you would see that there DEFINITELY IS a conspiracy, but it is FAR from a theory. This has been in the planning stages for years. Yes, there is a virus out there. As a matter of fact, there are MANY viruses out there. And other germs too. But let me ask you this: if the TV news didn’t TELL you there was a virus, would you even know about it? Truly, the mainstream media has worked hand-in-hand with the New World Globalists to indoctrinate us with fake news and propaganda, to keep us all under control and fearful for our lives if we do NOT comply.

I do extensive research on this topic just about every day. I get all the latest RELIABLE news and information from trusted sources — NOT the mainstream press. The infection rate and the death rate that was PROJECTED to be accurate has proven to be all an incredible hoax. Did you know that an Army field hospital set up in Seattle (which is supposed to be one of the so-called ‘hot spots’) closed down after 9 days? It never saw even one single patient.

LifeSiteNews described our situation well: “the American economic boom of the past three years has been reversed in a matter of days, millions have lost their jobs, tens of thousands of small businesses have been shuttered and will probably never reopen, and three-quarters of the American population has been subjected to some form of house arrest by state, county and city governments.

“All over the country people are being fined or arrested and jailed for violating suddenly imposed restrictions on their every movement and gathering, often with the aid of their neighbors, who turn them in to the police, following instructions on how to be a ‘snitch.’ Attendance at religious services has been forbidden altogether or limited to ten people, even in vast cathedrals, while ‘permission’ is granted to crowd supermarkets and convenience stores, buy booze, purchase cannabis and have pets groomed.”

This article goes on to say, “In New York State, the Bill Gates-subsidized Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IMHE) “model” predicting doom in that state has been exposed as little short of a hoax, as its dire predictions are continually being slashed to match actual numbers and are still wildly off the mark. Yet, in New York City, hovering drones bark out commands to observe ‘social distancing’ of ‘at least six feet’ in a message that ends on a chillingly Orwellian note: ‘We are all in this together!’

“America’s almost instantaneous transformation into a police state is based on ‘models’ that ‘predicted’ upwards of 2 million deaths from the Wuhan virus without ‘mitigation’ in the form of a preposterous attempt to quarantine 330 million people. And the people have obsequiously bowed to every ridiculous command.

“It is becoming clearer with each passing day that the death toll from the Wuhan virus is not rising exponentially as the ‘experts’ predicted but only modestly in some places while leveling off and even declining almost everywhere else in the country — as well as the world.”

Until now, I’ve given President Trump the benefit of a doubt for his actions in this. I DO believe he wants the best for this country, but I also believe, now, that he is being controlled, somehow, just as all the other world leaders are being controlled — and FORCED to comply with these “lockdown” orders. I believe he WANTS to open the country back up immediately, but he is being forbidden from doing so by powers greater than him.

We know some of the players that are behind all this, and we can guess who some of the others are.  But my question is, how much longer are we going to put up with all this? How much longer are we going to cower in our homes, keep our businesses and industries and churches closed, keep ourselves separated from one another so we cannot communicate as a group of like-minded patriots and freedom-seekers?

Will we allow this to go on into the summer and fall? Are we content watching our American way of life be taken over by communism, relying on the government to “save” us and supply all our needs? What will Independence Day, 2020 look like — you know, the day we celebrate our American history and FREEDOM? Will there be any parades, any family get-togethers and cookouts, any fireworks or summertime vacations? Or not?

We’re on a dangerous course, friends. This cannot continue. Those who are planning the Global March for Freedom on May 2nd are not fooling around. Because freedom IS essential.

To those who say I’m being reckless and irresponsible by calling for a total and complete end to this nonsense right now, because they say by encouraging that, I’m putting people in danger of infection and possible death, my advice to you would be to turn off the TV news. Even Fox News. Turn it all off, and do some research. We are still, at least at this time, able to research and study all this for ourselves through independent CREDIBLE sources online, and we’re able to get the truth. And the more truth I learn about all this, the angrier I become. We’ve all been duped, and the “solution” the so-called “experts” have called for to this “Planned-Demic” is destroying us.

Don’t bother writing your congressmen — they don’t work for you, and if you didn’t know that already, I don’t know what to tell you. No, our “public servants” have made us their slaves. And if we don’t see a complete end to this tyranny within a week or two now, then I do believe it’s time for American patriots to rise up and demand our freedom back. We’re not just fighting a battle with a foreign enemy; we’re also fighting the enemy within — not to mention the spiritual battle in the heavenlies behind all of it.

God is allowing all of this to happen. He’s allowed all our idols to be smashed, and He’s given us the opportunity now to wake up, rise up, rebuild and revive His people. This is a great last-chance for many, who are now suddenly open and interested in what the Bible has to say about all these things. We’re at a point in history like no other. Please understand, that what each of us decides to DO now will have eternal significance.

Let’s not waste this opportunity God may yet give us; and IF He allows us our freedom back, let’s do life right — as we rebuild and CLEANSE America of all the evil, all the filth, all the liars and lies, all the blood guiltiness and perversion and immorality. Because if we’re going to see the “swamp” that America has become drained, it’s going to be up to US. Meanwhile, let us always remember, Jesus is LORD… and one day even the tyrants who now seem to be so invincible will bow their knees in shame and admit just that.