Set Free :: By John Lysaught

When we came to Christ, not only were we saved by His sacrifice on the cross, but we were set free from the bondage of sin, death, and the chains of the world that bound us to eternal separation from God. We can live free in Christ as slaves of His righteousness and glory to rise up from the ashes of death to eternal life with Him in Heaven, as God’s adopted sons and daughters to live under His glory forever and ever.

We did nothing for this except to accept the free gift of Grace from what Jesus offered us. We didn’t earn it, for we are blemished with rebellion to God, prone to sin, destined for hell, and before we came to Christ, were separated from God and His perfect and sinless Self. We could not purchase our salvation, nor could any of our earthly works give us a pass into the House of God or to stand blameless in His presence.

Now that we are with Christ in our hearts, minds, and souls, we are free to worship Him without fear or blame. We can be joyous and not be fearful of our future destiny after our time in this world. We are touched with the Grace that gives us this joy, surrounded by the love of God, wrapped in His arms of immeasurable care and comfort, so we don’t need to worry about today or tomorrow or what man can do to us. We made the most awesome decision to answer the call of Christ in our lives.

We are free from this awful world. We need not heed the callings or the temptations the world tosses at our feet. We are now free to dwell and bask in the presence of our God, to be filled with joy and love, not with fear or hate. We are set apart from the world, set apart by our Lord and Savior to endear Him during our time here and in eternity.

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage” (Galatians 5:1).

Hold fast to the freedom we have in Christ. If our guards are let down, the wiles of the Devil can tempt us to do the things we don’t want to do. Our nature is to rebel against God, to seek selfishly our own desires and satisfy our lusts. We are to stand fast in Christ and turn from evil thoughts and lusts that can put us back into the bondage of sin until we repent of our failings in our relationship with Christ.

Christ made us free so we can freely worship and serve Him during our time in this world. His sacrifice and our representative as our High Priest solidified and sealed us as His people, members of His Holy Church. We cannot take this lightly. We need to praise and worship Him, as the Christ that gave Himself for us so we would be blemish-free in the eyes of our Judge.

We are free from Satan and the snare he wants us to be enjoined in. Satan hates us; and as the prince of this world, he wants to take us down with him. We broke free from Satan when we came to Christ. Christ purchased us through His life given on the cross. We don’t have to listen to Satan nor adhere to his temptations.

We are free from the bindings of the world. The world offers nothing compared to what Christ has given us. In the world, we are not free, we are tied down and with Satan who gives counterfeit freedom through lies and subterfuge. The world is only temporary; we are endless with Christ as our Lord and Savior, free from what the world portends to offer us in terms of happiness and life. We have a more fulfilling and joyful life with Christ as our Head, and the world cannot give that same fulfillment.

We need Christ for our true freedom. The world offers counterfeit freedom to us. The world adheres to the belief that life can be full of joy and happiness through what it offers, but does it really? The world cannot give us eternity in Heaven, but only eternity in the pit of hell to be separated from the love and comfort of God.

When we are free in Christ, we are not alone. We no longer have a cloud of uncertainty floating above us or feel alone in the vast world. Christ provides assurance to us of our future with Him, giving us the joy we have that those of the world don’t have as they live in confusion and fear of what each day and tomorrow may have in store for them.

When we are free in Christ, our hearts are full. No longer do we hold a heart of emptiness or with that void we all felt before coming to Christ. Our hearts are full of Him and the love He has given us; we can give to others what Christ has given to us, a satisfaction that nothing in the world can fill us with. Our hearts are caught in the net of Christ, to be ever full and enlarged with His graciousness of Grace, never to be empty again or void of care and love.

We are free in Christ; we can live boldly. Man can only take our lives, not our eternity. We can stand tall and bold in the face of adversity, not bending for the ways of the world or to the wiles and hate of Christ from the world. We are not duped by Satan but can stand firmly against what he tries to influence us with, by setting ourselves apart from Satan and the world.

To be free in Christ is a glorious and wonderous thing. By being free and set free by Christ, we will spend eternity with Him as our Lord and Savior, worshipping Him and our Father in Heaven forever.