14 Mar 2020

PRAYER ALERT – Sunday, March 15th, a National Day of Prayer
We add our voices and prayers as we join the call to prayer. We remain confident that God is in control, for He knows the road ahead and He longs for His people to call on Him in prayer. No matter what we are facing be it the threat of virus, job loss, market fluctuations, or difficulty finding basic necessities at the grocery store, God hears our prayers.

As Coronavirus Closes Skies: Jews Worldwide may Miss Last Chance to Return to Israel as Prophesied in Deuteronomy
“Thousands of Jews that would have come to Israel during the Pesach holiday are being restricted from doing so. “This could be a sign for those Jews for times to come that there will be a time when the doors will not be open to Israel and this is their chance to make aliyah while they can.

Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay in Greece Called Off
Greece’s Hellenic Olympic Committee said Friday that the torch relay in the country for the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer has been canceled amid fears over the spread of the novel coronavirus. The relay in Greece started on Thursday after the lighting ceremony for the Olympic flame held the same day at the ruins of the Temple of Hera in the Olympia archaeological site.

Tensions rise after US launches retaliatory airstrikes on Iran-backed fighters in Iraq
U.S. air strikes that killed several members of a pro-Iranian militia group in Iraq have heightened tensions in the region, with Baghdad denouncing the attack as a violation of the country’s sovereignty and Tehran warning President Donald Trump against taking “dangerous actions.”

Where Is The Aron Today? Three Experts Weigh In
Do we know where the aron is today? Rabbi Richman: There many opinions, but the Rambam writes that when Shlomo HaMelech oversaw the construction of the first Temple, he perceived through ruach hakodesh that it would be destroyed, so he had a maze of underground tunnels and chambers built to hide its vessels and thus prevent them from being captured.

UN Human Rights Council applaudes Iran in periodic review
The UN Human Rights Council on Thursday praised Tehran in a periodic review of Iran’s rights record.

China Threatens to Throw America into ‘Mighty Sea of Coronavirus’
An article in China’s state-run Xinhua news service last week threatened to impose restrictions on medical exports so the United States will be “plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus.”

Late winter storm dumps heavy snow on Calgary and much of Alberta’s southern areas, Canada
Heavy snowfall engulfed Calgary and much of Alberta’s southern areas on Friday, March 13, 2020, as a late winter storm moved over the province. A snowfall warning is in effect for Calgary until Saturday, March 14.

Worst storm since 1994 hits Egypt, causing widespread flooding and sandstorms
A powerful cyclone began affecting Egypt on Thursday, March 12, 2020, causing widespread flooding and sandstorms in which at least 5 people lost their lives, authorities confirmed on Friday. Widespread damage has been reported, as well as water and power supply disruptions, road accidents and closures. Meteorologists noted that such an intense storm has not affected the country since 1994.

Destructive sinkholes forming in Gauteng, swallowing homes and roads, South Africa
Numerous sinkholes are forming in the Khutsong suburb outside Carletonville, West Rand, South Africa’s Gauteng province, swallowing homes and roads. As a result, more than 25 000 residents could soon be forced to evacuate and be transferred to government subsidy houses. This region is well known for its karst landscape (dolomitic) and numerous sinkholes since the 1950s.

Pro-lifers face public masturbation, hurled glass as they pray outside abortion center
Pro-lifers who gathered to pray outside of Planned Parenthood facilities are used to hostility from pro-abortion staff, counter-protestors, and “clinic escorts,” but the response to a recent gathering at a Washington state location was another matter, ranging from taunts of “Hail Satan” to public masturbation.

The Coronavirus Dots Are Beginning to Connect
I have been the moderate voice on the Coronavirus. I hoped that “burnout” would happen before the conditions in America became like conditions in China were 50 days ago. Fifty days is how far ahead the Chinese problem is ahead of America’s pandemic experience.

In A Stroke Of Genius, President Trump Creates Nationwide Network Of America’s Top Consumer Stores Who Are Building Drive-Thru Coronavirus Testing Locations
Liberals across America are furious right now after President Trump knocks out a grand-slam home run in the Rose Garden this afternoon as he announced his plans to deal with the coronavirus. One by one, the president brought to the podium the heads of Walmart, Target, Google, Roche Pharmaceuticals and and many others to unveil a plan that is nothing short of a stroke of genius. What is that, you ask?

Dead Sea scroll fragments at DC museum revealed as fake
The 16 Dead Seas scroll fragments housed at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, are forgeries, museum officials said Friday.

CONFIRMED: 222,000 Flu Cases and 22,000 Flu Deaths in US this Season … AND– 1,864 COVID-19 Cases and 41 Deaths in US This Season
There have been 41 deaths blamed on the coronavirus in the US. There have been 1,864 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US. At least 23 of those deaths were at the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington. The Life Care Center has gone from 120 residents down to 60 in the past month.

China Blames U.S. Military for Coronavirus: They ‘Might’ Have Brought it to China
According to a spokesman for communist China’s Foreign Ministry, the deadly coronavirus ‘might’ have been brought to China by members of the U.S military.

Former Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum Found With Crystal Meth, Two Men, In Miami Hotel Room
Billed by Democrats as “THE NEXT OBAMA”, former Democrat nominee for Governor in the state of Florida made the news on Friday.

US Strikes Iran-Backed Militia That Hit Iraq Base
U.S. forces in Iraq launched airstrikes Thursday against Iranian-backed Shia militia members in an apparent revenge attack for the attack on an Iraqi base that killed two US soldiers, one British soldier, and wounded fifteen others.

Here Is Everything You Need To Know To Protect You And Your Family From The Effects Of The COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak And Stay Safe
I would like to share with you today some information that Janette sent to me earlier, from the web site of a pediatrician who is taking a very balanced and level-headed approach to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. She is acknowledging the risks, while at the same time buffering it with facts, and providing easy-to-follow, commonsense steps that could greatly change the outcome should you or a loved one contract the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Iraq base hosting US-led coalition troops hit by rocket fire
A barrage of rockets has hit a base in Iraq housing US-led coalition troops, Iraqi security officials said, days after a similar attack on the same facility killed two US security personnel and a British soldier. There was no immediate information about casualties following Saturday’s attack on Camp Taji, just north of the capital, Baghdad.

Iran’s Rouhani warns media, seeks to suppress coronavirus coverage
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has met with key advisors and officials to coordinate the suppression of media reports on the coronavirus outbreak in Iran. As numerous Iraqis returning from Iran have been saying there is a massive disaster unfolding in Iran, the regime in Tehran wants to stop what it calls “gossip.”

Mexico considering restrictions on US-Mexico border amid coronavirus fears
Mexico could consider measures at its northern border to slow the spread of the coronavirus into its relatively unaffected territory, health officials said on Friday, with an eye to containing a US outbreak that has infected more than 2,000 people. Mexico so far has confirmed 26 cases of the coronavirus, with no deaths. In the United States, 48 people have died.

Panic in New York: Manhattan stores mobbed as New Yorkers stockpile supplies
Panicked New Yorkers rushed to stock up on essentials forming long lines and clearing shelves of produce as Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency in the city due the coronavirus outbreak. He made the decision on Thursday afternoon saying the last 24 hours had been ‘very, very sobering’ and that the world had been turned ‘upside down’ in just a day.

Japan unveils its hypersonic weapons plans
Japan has outlined its research and development road map for its homegrown, standoff hypersonic weapons, confirming that it is seeking an incremental growth in capability and providing more details about the kinds of threats it is targeting…the government said two classes of standoff hypersonic systems will be deployed — the Hypersonic Cruise Missile (HCM) and the Hyper Velocity Gliding Projectile (HVGP).

Coronavirus: Spanish cases up by 1,500 in a day
Coronavirus cases in Spain have risen by 1,500 to more than 5,700, public health officials say. Spain is the worst affected country in Europe after Italy, which has more than 15,000 cases. The news comes as the government meets to declare a nationwide state of emergency for only the second time in Spain’s recent history.

Trump declares virus emergency; House passes aid package
President Donald Trump on Friday declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency, freeing up money and resources to fight the outbreak, and then threw his support behind an aid package in Congress that is on track to provide direct relief to Americans…Trump said, “I am officially declaring a national emergency,” unleashing as much as $50 billion for state and local governments to respond to the crisis.

Iraq condemns U.S. air strikes, warns of consequences
Iraq condemned overnight U.S. air strikes on Friday, saying they killed six people, and warned of dangerous consequences for what it called a violation of sovereignty and targeted aggression against the nation’s regular armed forces. President Barham Salih said repeated such violations could cause Iraq to unravel into a failed state and revive the Islamic State militant group.

Storms bring widespread floods to Egypt, killing 5
Thunderstorms packing heavy rains and lightning have caused widespread flooding across Egypt, killing at least five people and injuring five others…as authorities shuttered schools, government offices and an airport. Thursday was declared a paid holiday to keep streets clear, closing schools and government offices, with officials urging people to stay at home and not to park near trees or in low-lying areas…

Turkey, Russia agree joint patrols in Syria’s Idlib as sit-in protests begin on M4 highway
Turkish and Russian officials agreed Friday to start joint patrols in Syria’s Idlib at the weekend, Turkey’s defense minister said, following a fragile cease-fire in the last rebel stronghold. “Both sides have signed the prepared text, and it has entered into force. We will see the first application of this with joint patrols on March 15 along the M4 highway,” said Hulusi Akar…