Coronavirus, Cynicism and Ignorance :: By Bill Wilson

Countries around the world are trying to take prevention measures against coronavirus. In the United States, though, the White House and the appropriate agencies are taking aggressive action. The stock market is diving. This is reminiscent of the SARS virus, which also began in China in 2002. According to the Mayo Clinic, “SARS is caused by a strain of coronavirus, the same family of viruses that causes the common cold. Previously, these viruses had never been particularly dangerous to humans. Coronaviruses can, however, cause severe disease in animals, and that’s why scientists suspected that the SARS virus might have crossed from animals to humans.” Similar viruses. China origination. Similar panic.

Discover Magazine reported on February 3 that, “Disease-fighting agents from the immune systems of people infected with the coronavirus stopped the infection in a lab, as did those from horses that dealt with SARS. The emerging coronavirus is related to SARS, a disease that reached epidemic proportions in 2002 and 2003. Additionally, it seems the new disease latches onto cells the same way SARS does.” Discover cited researchers from China saying that it’s possible that vaccines and treatments developed for SARS could be used against this new outbreak. It is interesting to me that this coronavirus outbreak has very similar characteristics to SARS. It began in China. And China researchers are getting money from drug companies to develop a vaccine while the world panics and many people are dying. Something just doesn’t seem right. wrote in July 2018, “Many of the drugs that Americans depend upon, including birth control pills, antibiotics like penicillin, vitamin C and even cancer drugs, are made in China with little regulation. Even more alarmingly, China is aiming to become the world’s pharmacy, part of its “Made in China 2025” industry plan.” Vitamin C reportedly is being tested by Chinese researchers as one of the top mitigators of coronavirus. The vaccine development for SARS apparently was tabled after the scare abated in 2004. The cynic in me looks at the common traits of SARS and coronavirus, the political and economic aspect of both and where they originated and who benefits from it, while others die. China.

Since SARS, we have seen avian flu (2004), swine flu (2009), and don’t forget Ebola (2014) and Zika (2016). The media is whipped into a frenzy, predicting horrible events aimed at provoking fear among populations. Drug companies come to the rescue with a new vaccine. Sometime later, the side effects of the vaccine are often worse than the pandemic because the pandemic never reaches the estimations of catastrophic damage. It’s a noteworthy propaganda machine.

2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

So let us not fear in all of this. Let us have a sound mind and not be ignorant about it. Take vitamin C. Cover up when coughing. Stay away from big crowds. Pray. Take measures of prevention. Also understand there are big time politics going on with these viruses.