God’s Invoice to Mankind for Services Rendered :: By Dale V. Nobbman

You have heard it said, “There isn’t anything free anymore.” That’s pretty much true when dealing with people who have unfortunately let their sin nature manifest itself into a form of self-centered greed. We live in a ‘me-me-me’ generation, and the general line of thinking in the world of economics is “what’s in it for us.” The trend of increasing greediness in the business world is nothing new, and will no doubt increase as we stay on the alert and watch for the Rapture.

There is nothing wrong with a business or individual making a profit with any legal financial endeavor and to grow an enterprise into the future, but ‘greed’ in the world of trade today has become much too pervasive and out-of-control.
Let’s take a look inside God’s financial ledger book for services provided to mankind since the beginning of ‘His Creation’ and compare it to mankind’s business propensity of imposing sometimes exorbitant prices and fees for absolutely every single bit of services and goods provided to their direct customers and consumers in general—just to feed their need for greed. God must be disappointed with mankind’s conduct in dealing financially with one another, because it does not follow the example God set in dealing with us—as per the following examples of His loving-kindness towards mankind.


1. Daytime lighting for mankind from the sun—NO CHARGE!
2. Heating for mankind by the sun—NO CHARGE!
3. Nighttime lighting for mankind from the moon—NO CHARGE!
4. Putting on a nightly starry light show—NO CHARGE!
5. Revolving the Earth on its axis to create seasons for mankind—NO CHARGE!
6. Gravity to keep the Earth in its orbit—NO CHARGE!
7. An atmosphere to provide the right amount of oxygen to breathe—NO CHARGE!
8. Dirt to plant seeds in—to grow all the various trees and crops—NO CHARGE!
9. Life-giving rain for mankind—NO CHARGE!
10. All the beauty of the Earth—NO CHARGE!
11. Food provided to mankind by animals, birds, sea life and vegetation—NO CHARGE!
12. Necessary bodies of water in various sizes around the Earth—NO CHARGE!
13. Every variety of mineral necessary for mankind to make things—NO CHARGE!
14. Timber above ground for mankind to build things—NO CHARGE!
15. Ample reserves of oil, gas, and coal for humanity to power things—NO CHARGE!
16. The death of My Son, Jesus, to pay the price for mankind’s sin—PAID IN FULL!!!
17. Eternal Life in Heaven for all who believe in My Resurrected Son, Jesus—FREE!!!
It would be nice if people were inclined help each other a little more ‘freely,’ and follow God’s awesome examples of generosity and love towards humankind.
“But whoever has the world’s goods, and beholds his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?” (I John 3:17).

P.S.—Who can believe the above blessings happened from a random big bang? Not me!