Prophecy Update: What’s Next? :: By Gary Ritter

Two major events happened recently which appear to have significant prophetic implications. In this essay, I want to suggest the possible ramifications flowing from these events. Of course, the caveat applies that the author has no special revelations from God, only the speculative imagination that comes from being a fiction author.

Event Number One is the peace deal which the Trump Administration unveiled to bring a resolution to the issue that has bedeviled the Middle East since Israel came back together as a nation in 1948. From the beginning, the Arab states surrounding Israel attempted to destroy her. In that effort, the “Palestinian” “refugees” became a cause célèbre among those countries that encircle Israel, as well as the United Nations and anyone who hates God.

By the way – “Palestinian” is a word that deserve quotes in the last sentence, as there are no real Palestinians. They are a made-up people group. “Refugees” gets the same quotation-mark treatment because, after three generations of so-called refugees, there should be none. In fact, President Donald Trump declared that the United States would no longer provide funding to UNRWA – the United Nations relief organization that has continued to prop up the Palestinian myth. UNRWA treated these so-called refugees as a permanent class of citizens, which has never happened with any other true refugee group.

Personally, I believe the peace deal is problematic. Regardless of how beneficial it may be to Israel, there is still an aspect to the deal that separates her land. This has repercussions to those simply involved in the planning, as well as to Israel herself. Beyond this, however, it is highly unlikely that the Palestinians will agree to the deal. Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, declared it dead on arrival without even reading the plan. More pertinent is the saying that Arabs have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. This declaration has been refined in recent years to apply to the Palestinians and their futile efforts to gain credibility on the world stage.  They have a history of shooting themselves in the foot in their intransigent stance that Israel must be wiped off the map.

The peace deal basically gives the Palestinians four years to agree to its terms, or Israel receives all the plan’s benefits without giving up anything. Either way, Israel wins and the Palestinians lose. It is this fact that, I believe, will eventually trigger the Psalm 83 War.

I’ve mentioned in essays previously that I agree with Bill Salus’s proposal that Psalm 83 isn’t a completely fulfilled prophecy. Yes, Ezekiel’s War is coming, but the fact that Ezekiel doesn’t include any nations surrounding Israel as those that participate in the attack is problematic to me. There are too many hostile players, including Hamas and Hezbollah, not to mention all the “Palestinian” “refugees,” whom I can’t see staying on the sidelines in any contest that involves Israel.

The Palestinian situation has to come to a head and be resolved. A Psalm 83 War appears to be the best means for that. Additionally, with a resounding defeat, all these surrounding nations to Israel become completely feckless. It will be the first strike against Islam that will provide additional peace and security to Israel, perhaps giving her greater land mass than today in victory, and further setting her up to be attacked by the Big 3 Coalition of Russia, Iran, and Turkey, perhaps not all that long following the Psalm 83 debacle. This will be the 2nd strike against Islam, and its death knell.

Event Number Two is the Trump Impeachment Fail. Speaking of feckless, the Democrat contenders in the presidential race are that, and more. They have shown their true colors and demonstrated to the world how Leftist, socialist, Marxist, communist, radical they are. They hate God, and He is already bringing great delusion upon them. They are Romans 1 on steroids. More than that, I believe, because they have spurned God to the extent they have, many of the progressive Left are likely demon-possessed. If you’ve ever seen any videos of some of these people in their “hate Trump” mode, they are literally spewing foul, demonic vitriol. They cannot help themselves, being in the grip of that which controls them. It’s frightening to see, but incredibly sad that people have moved so far from their Creator.

Trump is surging in popularity, as even old-school Democrats are finally waking up that their party is not what it used to be. It has left them far behind, and many are seeing the good things that President Trump has done. This will result in a landslide victory for Donald Trump in November.

Regrettably, this will cause the Left to lose its collective mind even more. We’ve seen how the Democrats in the House of Representatives cannot help themselves from lying and accusing Trump of more and more outrageous things. This won’t stop. When Trump wins, the cycle will gain greater imperative to somehow remove him from office.

All this prominent hate has the effect of ginning up those who have no idea what the truth is. These people absorb that which is reported in the mainstream media and are useful idiots to those in power.  Notice how some in these ranks initiate unprovoked attacks on anyone they deem unfit, i.e. Christians, conservatives, and Trump supporters. This is extremely dangerous and will become a highly volatile situation following the Trump victory.

We already have those in higher positions calling for the aforementioned groups to be killed or sent to re-education gulags. Perhaps you’ve seen the Bernie Sanders campaign worker in the Project Veritas video where he calls for these very actions. The possibility of civil war will increase in these coming days.  In fact, it could be this very thing that causes the United States to become a useless ally of Israel as we see in Ezekiel 38:13, if indeed we are among the “young lions” that protest the invasion but do nothing:

“Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?”

When we talk about the convergence of signs leading to the coming of Jesus, these two events discussed here are certainly among them. The days are indeed evil and will grow progressively more so.  It’s difficult to watch, especially knowing that many of our loved ones will be among those who miss the Rapture because they’ve refused to surrender their lives to the One who can save them. Yet, we know that God is merciful. He has promised to remove us from the terrible Tribulation to come. Perhaps He will convict some of these we pray for, and they will join us as we meet Jesus in the air.

Indeed, Jesus is coming soon!


Gary W. Ritter is a lay pastor, Bible teacher, and serves as Missions Director at his church.  He is also a prolific author.  His Whirlwind Series is comprised of three books: Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind, and There Is A Time.  These books are contained in the collected volume of the Whirlwind Omnibus.  Gary has been given the Christian Redemptive Fiction award for two novels: The Tattooed Cat and Alien Revelation.  He has recently released Looking Up – Volume 3, a non-fiction work that contains essays and devotions on end-times and prophetic events.  Gary’s intent in all his writings is to bring a strong Christian witness to what people read.  You can reach him at his website: or his Facebook Author page:  You can also see his video Bible teachings on his Gary Ritter YouTube channel – look for the fish symbol.