America’s Growing Apostasy :: By Greg May

A recent article in the ORLANDO SENTINEL explained how Christian private schools in the state of Florida who believe the Word of God and condemn homosexuality receive grants from the state. Leave it to the ORLANDO SENTINEL to bring this to the public’s attention – now LGBTQ activists are screaming discrimination.

Warning comes before judgment but our nation doesn’t seem to be turning back to God.

According to Jonathan Cahn, there is a biblical pattern to the fall and judgment of a nation or civilization.  In the case of Israel’s northern kingdom, the initial warning came in the form of an enemy strike on the land, which was the Assyrian attack in 732 BC. Then came the window – the period of grace for the nation to turn back to God. But the nation never turned back, and then judgment came. In his book, THE HARBINGER, Cahn reveals that this biblical template is now replaying on American soil beginning with the 9/11 attack. Since then, America has not turned closer to God, and its spiritual and moral fall has accelerated into brazen defiance, following the footsteps of Israel.

At the same time, we’ve been living through another window – Donald Trump’s presidency, which mirrors the biblical template of Jehu, the unlikely and questionable warrior who came to power for the ultimate purpose of slowing down and holding back Israel’s apostasy. This window was also temporary and without revival, giving way to national destruction.

The period of 400 years is of great significance in the Bible. 2020 marks four hundred years from the arrival of the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock and the initial covenant made by those who founded American civilization. Another time period that could also be significant in an ominous way is that of nineteen years: in 605 BC the armies of Babylon invaded Israel. Although this was a temporary and limited invasion or wake-up call, the nation didn’t turn back to God. The full force of judgment came in 586 BC when Israel saw national destruction. The time between the first strike and judgment was nineteen years. Nineteen years from September 11, 2001, is 2020.

Whether or not 2020 proves to be eventful or uneventful, we need to be aware that we are living on borrowed time. As explained in his books, THE HARBINGER and THE PARADIGM, Cahn points out that every biblical template that warns that any nation that so brazenly abandons the God of its foundation is heading toward calamity.

Will we see judgment or revival or both in 2020? Or will this year be the year of that blessed moment that every believer is longing for?