Knock, Knock, Knocking on Hell’s Front Door :: By Alice Childs

“And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see” (Revelation 6:1).

“For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be” (Matthew 24:21).

“Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken” (Luke 21:26). *All scriptures KJV.

Back in the day when I was a teen (about a hundred years ago or so, my little ones think), Bob Dylan wrote a song called “Knocking on Heavens Door.” Sadly, Bob Dylan, unless he repents and believes the true gospel, then he soon won’t be” knocking on Heaven’s door.” His destiny, by his own testimony, will not be Heaven. However, the point of this article is not to discuss Bob Dylan, but the end of our Republic as a nation. It’s not about the spiritual death of America; that happened decades ago. The only “life” America as a nation has left is the faltering heartbeat of those who are genuine believers in Christ – the TRUE Remnant Church.

America is already brain dead, as is clearly evidenced by the sheer lunacy, hypocrisy, and vitriolic hatred of the government of this country and the America-hating, GOD-hating, Marxist-loving ideologues who have finally succeeded in bringing America to her knees.

Very soon now, God is going to pull the plug, so to speak, on this nation by removing the true Church from, not just this nation, but from every country on earth. The heartbeat of true Biblical Christianity will be removed from the festering, brain-dead, zombified, “lovers of darkness rather than lovers of God.” This will happen in the blink of an eye when Jesus steps out onto the clouds and snatches away His bride; removing His battle-weary, persecuted bride from this cesspool of depravity, wickedness, and demonic madness. Make no mistake; that time is closer than just “at hand.”

This love of wickedness is not at all limited to the United States of America by any means, but it is this country that has been, for over two hundred years now, the last bastion from which the gospel of salvation and missionary support has come. Europe abdicated that role long ago, and the only thing other countries have to peddle is a plethora of false gospels, false teachers, and Satanic deceit.

It was America alone who, for many years, was the last bastion of both freedom, and more importantly, the truth of the gospel. As I said earlier, America’s spiritual mantle – her “heart” – is already in v-fib, and no amount of political defibrillation is going to revive her.

Jesus is about to take the “heart” of America and this world home. And we who are the Church – the REAL Church, are more than ready to go. It’s as obvious as a 7-ton elephant to anyone who has even a modicum of cognitive ability to reason left to them that America has turned her collective back on the God who raised her up as a nation; the God who protected her, and to whom He granted a measure of peace, prosperity, and comfort afforded to no other nation on earth, including, for a time, Israel, whom God calls “the apple of His eye.”

One of the reasons America was brought to power unequaled by any other nation was to be Israel’s protector and defender; and because as true believers, because we love the God of the Bible, we also love Israel. Those days of our former glory are gone. Antisemitism is rising to frightening levels right along with the hatred of the leftist sycophants’ hatred of God, His Church, this country and her values.

The Constitution of this country, like the Biblical principles upon which it was drawn up, are now hated, vilified, and are now, in practicality, defunct. The freedoms enumerated that were meant to protect our freedoms are now twisted, vilified, spurned and rejected by a majority of over-privileged, Biblically ignorant, historically ignorant, overly indulged whiners who have never known anything other than privilege and plenty; those who have never been called upon to defend the very ideals and freedoms this once great nation has afforded them.

Anyone who has even the dimmest of vision can see that our freedoms are not going – they are already gone. Our freedom to speak our minds freely and safely in a respectful and mature manner; the freedom to openly debate in a public forum – even if our beliefs and opinions run counter to the government or others – is no longer alive. The First Amendment of “freedom of speech” – that very amendment that not only allowed us to opine freely and openly and to air and redress our grievances freely with no fear of repercussion; that same freedom that allowed us to share the only gospel that can save men’s souls from an eternal Hell, AND that same freedom that protected the right of ANYONE to REJECT that OFFER without fear of governmental, religious, or political reprisal – that freedom is now GONE.

Don’t believe me? Try posting ANYTHING on any social media platform that runs counter to the politically approved, hive-mind, group-think, propaganda and see how quickly your voice is quelled, and your privacy invaded. Keep trying and you will find that all of your other freedoms have been squelched.

You see, those freedoms already no longer exist. We knew this was coming. Scripture has clearly laid out in terrifying detail the horrors that now lie crouched before us at the door.

The sole purpose of us “watchmen on the wall” has been to remain faithful until Jesus calls us home or until the minions of evil shut us down for good – whichever comes first. Our mandate has been to share and defend THE gospel; to teach and defend the sound doctrines of the faith as defined by God’s holy Word; to propagate and defend the pre-tribulation rapture of the Church; and to cry aloud the warnings of God’s impending judgment and vengeance that is about to befall this nation and this world. This, to the best of our ability, we have done; and by God’s grace and His providence, we intend to continue to do.

The point I’m trying to make is this: our freedom to state the truth, share the truth and defend the truth according to the scriptures unhindered is almost at an end. Our freedom to keep doing what we do is in grave jeopardy as never before. How much longer God will restrain the evil that will slam this world like a thousand-foot tsunami, only He knows. But we are close – very close. The three verses I posted above, I chose for a reason. They speak about the beginning, middle and end of the coming time of “the Day of the Lord.”

Our time of warning and being the “watchmen on the wall” crying aloud “judgment is coming” are almost over. When Jesus calls us up, the faltering heartbeat of this nation will finally still, and what remains of this nation will fall with a vengeance never before witnessed in history. Oh, there WILL be those who come to salvation after the rapture, but honestly – in America? there may be far fewer than we think who will survive to have the chance to do so.

This nation is over-ripe for judgment. God’s wrath IS coming. You see, America, what the majority don’t yet get is that America is not going to be great again – not ever, even though we should still teach our children what she once was. No, America is not recovering. America’s brain function has ceased and her heartbeat is about to be stilled by Jesus Himself. America is gone already. She’s knock, knock, knocking on Hell’s Front Door, and Satan is about to fling wide the gates of Hell.

Come to salvation now while you still can. We won’t be here or able to warn you for much longer.