Could 2020 Be a Prophetically Pivotal Year? :: By Jonathan Brentner

While I do not claim to have 20/20 vision for what lies ahead in the coming year, I believe it could very well be a tumultuous time that will bring the fulfillment of many biblical prophecies much closer if not to fruition.

I am not making predictions with what follows, but rather pointing to certain 2020 events that I believe will make 2020 highly significant in regard to biblical prophecy. These things will shape what follows in years to come and will likely provide further evidence that the tribulation is fast approaching an unsuspecting world.

President Trump’s Impeachment Trial

As I write, it appears that the Senate will acquit President Trump of the charges brought against him by the House of Representatives. The articles of impeachment do not refer to any law that the President broke and fall far below the threshold for even considering the removal of a president from office.

My concern lies with the venomous hatred of the left for President Trump that blinds them to just how inane their arguments appear to the rest of us. The stated goal of Nancy Pelosi is to remove President Trump from office this year regardless of what it takes. Many in the Congress say they will not give up on impeachment even if the Senate finds the President innocent of their charges against him.

The reckless and violent rhetoric coming from the left spells great danger for our nation. While I remain hopeful most senators will see through this political façade, I know many will forego reason and vote to remove the President purely because of their hatred for him. This abject lack of respect for the Constitution and the 2016 election results signify much trouble for the future of the United States.

Democratic National Convention

Kyle Jurek, a campaign staffer for Bernie Sanders, revealed the intent of the left should Bernie Sanders not receive the nomination at the Democratic Convention. He said that the city of Milwaukee, WI, the place of the convention, will burn. He compared what will happen there to the riots that beset Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention.

He also made another chilling prediction. He promised that if President Trump wins reelection in 2020, many cities across the United States will burn. The left is not content with allowing the vote of the people to prevail. They want to force their agenda upon us.

It gets even worse. In the recorded interview, Kyle Jurek spoke of setting up Russian-style Gulags to reeducate those who do not agree with the communist agenda of Bernie Sanders.

Another field manager from the Sander’s campaign, Martin Weissgerber, spoke on film regarding plans to behead the rich and send Republicans to camps to “reeducate” them. This is no right-wing conspiracy theory; these comments came directly from Jurek and Weissgerber and were recorded on film. And, Sanders has not fired these staffers nor condemned their outrageous and violent threats.

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However, I believe the rapture will occur before the Socialists plunge our nation into this nightmare scenario.

The 2020 Election in the United States

Perhaps the most pivotal event of 2020 will be the November 3 election in the United States. Should the radical left get control the presidency as well as the Senate and retain control of the House, it would lead to disaster, not only for America, but for the entire world.

The stock market in the United States would crash, leading to a worldwide recession; and that is the most hopeful economic scenario if President Trump loses the election. Such an outcome would embolden America’s enemies around the world and lead to even greater violence than we see at this moment.

Israel would lose its greatest protector, and that would surely open the door for her enemies to attack with greater force, especially if Netanyahu is no longer in power.

The Release of President Trump’s Peace Plan

In recent days, President Trump has hinted that he may release his long-awaited peace plan before the next election in Israel on March 2. Speculation abounds as to the terms of the plan, but I have my doubts about many of the claims so far. Benny Gantz, Netanyahu’s main opponent in the March 2 election, recently urged the President to release his plan soon.

Based on President Trump’s actions toward Israel while in office, I believe the plan will cause much more grief for the Palestinians than for Israel.

Depending on the terms, this could have significant prophetic implications. I will have more to say on this when the President unveils his proposal.

The Third Election in Israel

As noted above, on March 2, Israel will hold a third election. Will Netanyahu succeed in forming a government this time? Or, will his opponent be able to do so?

Under Netanyahu, Israel has become a prosperous nation and strong nation. Based on the assessment by Amir Tsarfati, his opponents are not as capable, nor would they be as tough on Israel’s numerous enemies.

Those who favor the establishment of a global world order want to remove Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump from office. Should they succeed, it will add unwelcome peril to the close of 2020 and great uncertainty for 2021.

Increasing Turmoil in Iran

If all one watches is the mainstream media, he or she has no idea what is really happening in Iran. The inner turmoil in Iran continues to grow with protestors desperately wanting freedom from the Islamic government, which recently killed at least 1,200 of the protestors. Many Iranians celebrated the news of President Trump killing Qasem Soleimani.

The Trump sanctions against Iran have brought the government to the brink of collapse. They are desperate, but they know they cannot attack Israel alone and will not attempt such an invasion as long as the United States remains a mighty military power. But should these things change, the Gog-Magog prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 could happen rather quickly.

Something else you will not hear on the news: multitudes of Iranians have put their trust in Jesus during the past few years. Some estimate that there are over a million believers in Iran.

The Rapture

Let me be clear: I am not predicting the rapture will occur in 2020, but I am saying it is something for which we need to remain alert and watchful.

As I mentioned in a previous article, the rapture is the wildcard that could initiate further prophetic events. For example, should the rapture occur before the 2020 election in America, the radical left would surely gain control of the United States government amid much chaos and destruction.

The rapture would also open the door for the Gog-Magog war through its weakening of the United States. Besides that, the sudden disappearance of a million people in Iran would make that nation all the more desperate to make something happen; and with the American military threat gone, Russia would be more than willing to lead an invasion of the prosperous Israel.

Amid the worldwide anarchy, could the antichrist hijack the peace plan of President Trump and make it the basis for his covenant with Israel (Dan. 9:27)? Absolutely! The Hebrew in Daniel 9:27 suggests that the antichrist will take an existing peace plan and make it better. The favorable terms will persuade many in Israel that he is the long-awaited Messiah.

2020 has the potential to be a tumultuous year with the possibility of much increased violence in the United States. Satan is quite eager to set up his world order and put his man in charge; we see signs of this throughout the world. To do this, the devil must weaken Israel so it welcomes the terms of his peace plan, and remove the biggest obstacle to his new world order, President Donald Trump and the nationalistic fervor he inspires.

In light of all this, is it any wonder so many people possess a ravenous hatred for President Trump?

In the 1990’s, Twila Paris recorded a song entitled God is in Control. We must not forget God’s sovereignty in all of the above. We know the Father’s timing will be perfect for the Lord’s return to take us home.

I know it’s difficult to keep waiting for the Lord’s appearing; but, oh, Jesus will make our wait more worthwhile than we can even imagine. No one said it would be easy waiting to be caught up in the air, but the glory for us when that happens will make us forget about the wait.

Never forget: God is sovereign and in total control. Maranatha!!!

Jonathan Brentner

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