Waiting :: By Denis Bowden

I have attempted (maybe poorly but always prayerfully) to take a different approach to the unfolding of the current heralded signs, as spoken by Jesus to his disciples on the Mount of Olives. The words of Jesus were later reiterated powerfully in the teachings of both Peter and Paul after our Lord’s sacrifice of himself as our paschal lamb; the perfect lamb of God.

I have taken the liberty of quoting some referenced commentary written by Matt Slick, President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. (quoted text inclusive of scriptural references)

Peter speaking of the last days:

Mocking of Jesus

2 Peter 3:3–4, “Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying, ‘Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.'”

Jude also speaks of the Last Time.

Mockers who follow after their lusts

Jude 17–19, “But you, beloved, ought to remember the words that were spoken beforehand by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ, that they were saying to you, ‘In the last time there will be mockers, following after their own ungodly lusts.’ These are the ones who cause divisions, worldly-minded, devoid of the Spirit.”

Daniel 12:4 “But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase.”

Daniel is a very prophetic book, and this single verse speaks of “the end of time” when people will travel great distances and knowledge will increase. It is possible that this verse refers to our present time since we have had an incredible explosion of information.

The Rise of the Antichrist, and the rebuilt Temple

2 Thessalonians 2:3–4, “Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.”

Revelation 13:14–17, “And he deceives those who dwell on the earth because of the signs which it was given him to perform in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who had the wound of the sword and has come to life. And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed. And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

Conclusion as quoted but paraphrased, by Matt Slick:

‘To conclude, I have provided a list that summarizes the signs that we should be aware of before the return of Christ. I suspect that there are other signs that I have not gone over here. But this will suffice. Yes, it is depressing. But our hope must be found in Jesus and not our circumstances. Look to Jesus, not to the trouble ahead.’

(end quotes)

Do you still retain doubt? Doubt as to whether you have been saved through the Grace provided by Jesus?

My dear brothers and sisters, put them aside and replace them with ongoing, fervency of prayer.

We (each) need to get our proverbial ‘house’ in order, sweeping it clean of sin as we beg the intercession of Jesus with our offering of a broken, repentant, heart.

There is a phrase used most often in legal-speak. ‘Time is of the essence.’ Simply put, time has almost run its course, and any contemplated action/reaction is now at the critical mass stage. There is only one tool at your disposal. That of prayer.

Pray the day and half the night if you cannot sleep. Pray until the sweat beads on your forehead and your palms are clammy. Pray the mercy of a loving, gracious but just God, who calls us through the Grace offered through His Son, to prepare yourself to come ‘home’ safely.

Is this material personally alarming to you?

I can confidently say that there are, unfortunately, many ‘out there’ in the world at large, who think that I, along with my brother/sister commentators on R/R, are dangerous, mentally deranged fanatics whose only desire is to frighten a world of basically ‘good’ people who (in themselves) are more than capable of setting this world ‘straight’?

Friends, to the best of our prayerful pleas for God’s guidance, we write only from Scripture, using accurate, literal translation.

We carry forward the message that the disciples themselves spoke following the death of their Master and Savior and our redeemer God. We do not add or subtract from Scripture. Whatever we write must stand upon the merit of the written text. And our message must always endorse Christ crucified, risen, ascended, redeemer-God.

We are not alone. Our message is written in perfect harmony with other true-to-Scripture websites wherein the same message of redemption is taught without allegory or replacement.

If you still deny the literacy of God’s Word, I say in the spirit of love that it is ‘you’ and not ‘we’ who are deluded.

Ask yourself why you came to this site? What did you expect to find?

Most come to further their walk with Jesus. A few to sneer and deride.

That’s okay. This is the world, and we expect that this type of adversity will fall upon us. We stand in the excellent company of our Lord and master. His personal ministry was spied on, spat upon and, indeed, derided by clerics and officials at every turn.

Jesus never deviated from the literacy of Scripture as written in the Torah and the rest of the Old Testament. And neither will we.

We claim no moral ‘high ground.’ We bring only the good news of the Saving Grace offered through Jesus. There are Millions of us who still revere Him. We adore Him as the Christ King, Son of the Living God, And born incarnate of the Father Creator of this Earth and mankind who (as He categorically stated before the Sanhedrin) was His Father.

The Beginning, KJV

(Genesis 1:1-2) as quoted (John 1:1-5)

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

John 17:24 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

Father, I desire that those also, whom you have given me, may be with me where I am, to see my glory, which you have given me because you loved me before the foundation of the world.

Along with His Holy Spirit, we have a God who, of Himself, is three persons in one total entity of persona; Father, Son and His Spirit, known as the Counsellor.

We present you the teaching that all signs are now convergent. Shortly, the chosen flock of God, given Him through the Grace offered by His Son, will be removed and preserved from the wrath shortly to come. This is the promise as prophesied and taught, particularly by Paul. Rapture Ready provides many commentaries and relevant scriptural references to support the claim that this event will happen and that it will be soon rather than later. Read the referred material. Get a Bible and check the accuracy of any and all quotes made.


The Day that brings Australia to a standstill is the Melbourne Cup. Even those who wouldn’t even buy a lottery ticket or otherwise gamble tend to have the proverbial ‘flutter’ on Cup Day.

You can presently (aided by the wonders of the digital age) place your bet on your favourite nag until a few moments before the bell sounds, the gates fly open, and these magnificent beasts fly toward the distant winning post.

However, at one moment, all betting ceases; and unless your bet was placed, even if ‘your’ horse was first past the post, you win nothing. You did not place your bet for whatever reason known only to you; and thus, you earn no gain.

Maybe a poor analogy. I mean no offense to holy writ and the gospel of Christ. Yet surely, even the most casual punter attempts to ensure two things:

  1. He has placed his bet.
  2. He has made it an ‘each-way’ bet to optimize chances of a ‘win.’

(Fifty percent on his horse being first past the post and/or fifty percent on it gaining a place.)

Should you deny the Grace of God, granted through and only through Jesus, you place no bet. If you place this bet (within the brokenness of a penitent heart, begging Jesus to wash you clean in His precious blood), you offer before God your belief that Jesus sacrificed His earthly life on a cruel cross as a perfect, sinless, unblemished, lamb of sacrifice. That He did so that ‘you’ might be redeemed from sin to eternal life.

And not just you, but any man, woman or child who willingly makes similar commitment.

Long ago, God decreed to the emerging Hebrew nation that redemption could only achieved through the acceptable sacrifice of an unblemished animal. Such sacrifices were offered by the spilling of blood.  Blood is the carrier of life, and God chose it for the Hebrews as the symbol by which His angel would ‘pass over’ their homes, thereby protecting their firstborn sons from the punishment He would wreak upon Pharaoh and the Egyptian nation.

However, following their departure from Egypt, Moses was given much more explicit and involved instructions as to the means of expiating sin through animal sacrifice. Such offerings had to be continuously sacrificed and were circumscribed to cover different varieties of sin.

The sacrifice made by Jesus in abeyance to the will and entity of His father could only be made because he was devoid of sin. Though his body suffered great indignity and cruelty through his trial and scourging, God still accepted the ‘perfection’ of his unblemished, sinless offering.

Jesus could only make this offering because He was not born into the world of man as ‘fallen’ flesh. He was not gestated by and from the DNA of Joseph. He was created incarnate of God Himself through the direct intervention of the Holy Spirit.  In this, His very essence, His DNA was pure and unblemished. Until his execution, by act of will, He remained sinless, living until thirty-three years of age in sinlessness. No other being carried by woman can ever claim this status of divinity.

In offering his own body and blood as a sacrifice (from the Crown of thorns thrust upon His head, and subsequently through to the beatings, through to the opening of his side by the spear), you can see that your each-way wager is made in complete commitment to the opening of your heart to the spirit of the utmost repentance. And everything done to Jesus fulfilled prophesy.

Do you understand that your every sin, whether in thought or deed, has been made known to Jesus through the prayerful brokenness of your repentant heart? Indeed, as God, He already knew what you would confess.

Thereby, you understand and acknowledge your belief that our Father Creator cannot see the sin in us.  His Son has taken it upon Himself. Though Jesus died once for every soul that comes to Him, His blood remains a perpetual sacrifice in lieu of your sins. However, it must be an act of acceptance by you personally. No one else can do this for you. Certainly, no priest of Rome or any other cleric claiming such competency.

Jesus remains as complete intercession before the throne of His Father. His blood intercedes for you that your sin/s are forgiven: not seen or counted against you because you sought, of your own volition, this act of spiritual healing that leads to instant forgiveness.

This is what was achieved by the spilling of His blood (once and once only), ending in his own earthly death. Through this selfless act of unimaginable charity and love, the sacrificial death of Jesus (on your behalf) protects you eternally from the sting of death. This is and must remain your choice; now and in the future.

Death came upon man as the punishment for his disobedience in the Garden. He fell from the Grace of his Creator, and his mortality went from infinite as a son of God, made in God’s own image, to become frail flesh with a limited ‘life’ span.

We are promised (through the act of Grace made on our behalf as we give ourselves in repentance to Jesus) that we will be restored to the state originally bestowed upon Adam. Thus, the sting of finite mortality called Death is removed forever; we become immortal, reborn in spirit and at call, restored replete in the splendour of a body that will never age or suffer death. Top that, 2020 world of flesh!

Though each day we continue to breathe the breath of the life God has granted us, our battle with sin, leading to earthly death (with no future because we have rejected Grace) continues within our fallen nature.

Because, as yet, we await splendid restoration and final reconciliation as eternal beings, each day spent on Earth is an ongoing battle with Satan.

We can, by act of will, choose to ‘fall away’ from the Grace we won through Jesus. You are forgiven your sins but you must desire to remain in this state. And you must work at it. This is what Jesus meant when He said, “take up your Cross and follow me!”

Frail, fallen flesh is inherently weak. This is our present spiritual DNA. Satan knows that. He panders to our every weakness and deepest foul desire of the flesh. Temptation is real. Jesus had to suffer it, and so do we in this present state we inhabit. Jesus could withstand it because both His nature and DNA were not born as frail, fallen, flesh. We, of course, are frail, we are flesh, and we can fall away from and deny our Grace. Tantamount perhaps to shooting the horse immediately before it passes the winning post.

And Satan is alive and well. Aided in this generation with many followers (who have, by their own free will, committed themselves to his own doomed cause), they will do anything possible to urge you to forgo you own ‘winnings’ earned at the foot of the Cross. Your fall is their delight. It will elicit howls of satanic joy as you join your life to their cause.

What does Satan desire most? Scripture is perfectly clear. He desires the death of every man, woman and child, even in our fallen state. He desires restitution to his previously held princely position before God’s throne. Our creation deprived him of that honour. He has hated us with a vengeance ever since. Man must be destroyed. Satan does not desire a kingdom of men. He wants to see a literal end to our race; his every action focused to that purpose.

If you haven’t already worked it out, this is what actually lies behind the act of abortion, non-productive acts of human sexual intercourse through contraception, male to male/female to female copulation which cannot, of the act itself, facilitate new life.

The alleged ability to trans-gender by surgical/chemical intervention falls into an almost identical situation. A woman may ‘transition’ to what she claims ‘recreates’ her as a male. However, unless her ovaries are removed along with her womb, conceivably she could still conceive and give birth. The same does not hold for an identifiably male person who thinks he can transition. Removal of his penis and even construction of some sort of artificial vagina cannot obviate the fact that ‘he/she’ does not come to the surgical table with ovaries and womb.

Feel great compassion for such souls. The rate of suicide amongst those attempting transition is going through the roof, and some are coming out to tearfully and brokenly speak to the erroneously bad decision they chose to make. They realize that it is almost impossible to undo the damage done to both their flesh and psychological state.

Euthanasia falls into the same basket (no matter how desperately you may wish to give up your flesh to oblivion).

With the latter, note how some countries that have legally countenanced such individual complicity in the assisted act of your own suicide are now moving to give doctors the ‘right’ to make such a wicked decision on your behalf if they think you have become either too sick or lost your ‘marbles’ and cannot makes the decision freely.

Got an aged, rich relative and you’re a major beneficiary to their legal estate? The mind boggles at the evil possibilities.

Where does it end? Remember that old adage, ‘give a man an inch and he’ll take a mile!’ Are you aware that there is a group of socialists who favour eugenics? In a nutshell, this is mass slaughter by the State to control population excess.

Really; is this the world we want to live in? Satan endorses world government! The Bible says it is yet to come for a short while with accompanying acts of human slaughter. The Earth is yet to endure a holocaust of gigantic proportions.

These are the reasons that the Bible gives us within the Scriptures to understand why God has put a time limit on the insane activities and fleshly proclivities of this world. Jesus said that the gospel was to be carried to all parts of the world before the end time. He also informed us that the world would become, at this time, so wicked that God would once again cleanse the Earth as was done in the age of Noah.

May the Grace of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, hold you in thrall. He is your sovereign God. He is righteous, true. No other way to God exists. Take it. Win the wager of eternal life. Conversely, believe that this world can create for itself ‘another way,’ then all ‘bets’ are off.

There are millions of highly educated intellectuals, scientists and a great mass of ‘good’ people who think the world has a chance to rebuild itself. That we will build a new Eden through climate control, stop all wars if we give over to world government, and this inherent ‘goodness’ of our nature will eventually even overcome crime. Of course, one of their answers appears to result in the decriminalization of many felonious crimes. Along with this idea is the increasingly popular belief that there is no such thing as ‘sin.’

The rules of the game of Monopoly stop players in their tracks with ‘Go to jail, Go directly to jail. Do NOT pass GO, do not collect $200.’ There is little doubt that the satanic intention of this passing world is to change the rules so that ‘all win.’

Come soon, O God!


There seems to be this silence?
A waiting so extreme.
As if the Earth now holds her breath:
then, fills her lungs to scream?

And while she waits in silent dread,
man sees his gains depart.
And all he had created,
is unravelling from its start.


He thought he ruled all destinies,
with science at his call.
But its use is now perverted
and serves us wormwood gall.

Leaders rise: nations fall.
And hope becomes a byword.

Though tears are shed and many dread,
mankind sets forth his wisdom.

“Fear not!” their pundits cry,
“Your faith in us prevents thy doom.
Indeed, we’ve found the answers!”
And falsehood rose with dreadful lies,
to sweep aside such deathly gloom.

“You see,” (they taught),
“We must renew the Earth.
’twas us with what we burnt,
and animals we herded.
So wipe your tears, beset your fears,
World Government provides solution!”

“We’ll ban all mines
and cattle kind,
along with many peoples!”

“For less of us
rids all this fuss,
in haste… give us the power!”

Mendacity has replaced the truth,
as God perceives our blindness.
For few are found who understand,
the hand of Him is manifest,
in prophesy wherein he gifts
all knowledge of His kindness.

It long foretold our mind-set
cemented in denial.

In breaking all Commandments,
man placates himself as God instead.
And so, his soul before the Judgment Throne
can never be accepted.

With false oblation to such Baals,
our ‘goodness’ is as worthless trash.
Though currency set as treasured value,
in dust it lies; depraved mishmash.



Think hidden are secreted dead,
thrust nameless into haste-dug pits?
Your crimes unwitnessed to your sin?

Long made Earth your charnel house,
but she holds close in number,
foul tally of your victims.

Think you now they lie forgotten?
‘Collateral Damage’ indeed they are not.
Their souls in Sheol in God’s keeping,
for soon they rise adorned from sleeping.


‘There is no God! (the nations sneer).
Where lies alleged, this hand ‘eternal?’
And who now speak
of prophesy to come:
A jest that churches sponsored?


Soon, soon!
The Archangel goes before the Lord to sound,
a trumpet chorus to His chosen bound.

Rise at call,
our bodies to eternity transcended,
where waits impatient, our holy Lord.
Well met in clouds ascending,

Departs with us the last Restrainer.
Promises the many derided,
one-by-one will be decided:

In twofold concert are their cries.
Some of grief for loss of saving Grace.
The many with anger of our escape from the
tightening noose of their satanic hate.

For mercy was granted this precious dew.
Withdraw now His remnant;
the chosen few.

The Wedding Feast,
our called entitlement.
Served by the Bridegroom the betrothal libation,
clothed in white linen and freed from abasement.

In mansions promised will we reside,
until the warrior King shall ride.


Then moment comes.
Within the core rock of Earth’s deep bones,
a shearing plate is rent.
A tectonic tearing of grinding plates,
heralds at last her quest to vent.

She cries her grief.
A rippling wave of tumbling rock and turf.
It commences with a tremble:
from deep within her mighty girth.

emitted from her fiery bowels,
a projectile bile of pyloric vomit:
her maw so choked with innocents’ blood,
it spews forth like a comet.

Thrust out, her long-endured shame;
(unleashed her long-stored agony):
she howls aloud and screams the pain.
At last my God, your cleansing comes.
Rid now my depths this awful stain!

For watched she and trembled as Lot was saved.
Witness to foul Sodom’s and Gomorrah’s rot.
As fell,
midst fiery tumult,
when sank they shattered,
into the Dead Sea bog
of tar black stew and yellow sulphur
of her sundered mass.

Harbinger of that to come?
Or stark horror’s reams;
to terrorize small children
and haunt them in their dreams?


Many awake, dismay now obvious.
They seek to find the gift of Grace
amazed they were not chosen.

For taking for granted the treasured prize,
they failed to forsake the World’s foul lies.
As preached by reverenced, yet fallen leaders.
And many a cleric from within church pulpit,
who deny the Cross and Christ ascended.


And those still screaming their hate incandescent,
see mercy withdrawn from the non-elective.
They howl for blood and martyr the seekers,
Destroy them all, especially God’s chosen,
Led now by ‘one world’ earth-bound ruler.

Then mounts the Christ King,
his train resplendent.
We gird our loins,
and ride behind him.

A visaged army of deadly hue,
our armour covered in linen white.

Lead on mighty God and winnowing Judge.
Your sword in wrath to reap and rake.
And denial shorn in Majesty’s wake.

The living-dead removed as dross.
Are you of the remnant that lives and thrives?


A violent Father the unjust say.
Who could believe such a loveless day?

Is it recompense?

A just ‘reward’ for those who consistently,
have Faith disparaged?

Must now the Godless pay?

If so,
is then,
every moment of denial counted?
(Never to be recorded in the Book of Life).

This no personal vision rendered of things to come!
But well-heralded and numbered through ages past.
Set forth, inscrolled in divinity of Scripture,
by prophets all and then as Gospel, by the Christ himself.
(That a scornful and Godless world was proscribed
to pass away at last).


The chosen know that all
lies within the Master’s hand.
That same dear hand will then restore,
fallen Creation, once more adorned.

Replete in splendid new array,
the remnant live to see this day.
Led by his people, the nation of priests,
the nations approach to worship their King.

The River of Life flows from beneath the Temple;
South it flows and cleanses the City.
Freshens to taste the sea of salt,
replacing the stain of long-held pity.

And Earth fecund,
with freshness gleams.
New forests in the desert bloom
and men will plant in fruitful seams.

Sing then, O Earth, and man restored.
Psalm you the Lord with hymns of praise.

Rejoice, rejoice!
With joy
and love,
serve your Master.
The King has come.

He rules!
Rejoice, rejoice

Denis Bowden