Deadly Invasive Burmese Pythons in the American Church… :: By Jim Pearl

Deadly Invasive Burmese Pythons in the American Church & Other Christian Ministries?

Diamonds to Dinosaurs and Atoms to Zircons–It’s a Young Solar System

Now I have asked Our LORD JESUS CHRIST to approach You. There is little chance that most of you will ever know me on Earth—I am just one in millions of unknown Christians at this time on Earth.

Born in 1942, I soon will have to answer the LORD in the Judgment of Believers. There is huge accountability to those who teach. Fortunately, I rarely get to speak to more than 50 people at a time in almost 60 years of teaching.

I was not born-again in the American Church. JESUS CHRIST appeared to me directly in January 1976 at Home. What a Great GOD! I was seeking truth, not the TRUTH, when HE appeared! But as a non- believer, I knew the 12 tribes of Israel in correct chronological order by 3rd grade.

Why would I allude to the invasive (invasion) Florida Burmese Python? First, as a field geologist, I had to often share rock outcrops with snakes. Most were rattlesnakes, and half the time the rattlesnake gave a warning “rattle”—though not when they are cold, or think you do not see them.

Are there “Burmese Pythons” in our ministry? Opinions with a few adult friends may be fine? What problem is there with a pet 1-1/2-foot python, or even a 3-foot python? But at 8-to 12-to 18-feet long, your opinions may “crush” or confuse others—maybe your teenage analytical grandchild?

I was motivated to approach You for at least three reasons:

1) We attended another memorial for a Christian who committed suicide. Christians who committed suicide were in their teens to fifties.

2) I just received some magazines {“California” and “Department of Earth & Planetary Science”} from one of my alma maters, the University of California at Berkeley. So many times I get secular dogma, and even philosophical propaganda. I first doubted Evolution (1859) in the Fall of 1964, after coming out of an Invertebrate Paleontology class. Uniformitarianism (1795) was doubted later – “The present is the key to the past”(An attempt to discount a Global Biblical Catastrophe).

3) We can have individual opinions regarding “science.” But we should be careful what our ministry teaches to big audiences as authoritative—but is armchair theorizing? I am saddened sometimes over what some of you tell even your Children or Grandchildren.

Your ministries may even “put-down” those Christian geologists who labor hard walking the creeks; floating the streams; working on the oceans; climbing mountains in the rain and snow; torn up by devil’s club (plant); poison oak; flies; mosquitos; bears; or injury in field jeep, helicopter, and marine vessel accidents. The ones some of you might “look-down-on” are what you call “Young-Earth Creation geologists,” but actually these Christian Earth scientists are better called Catastrophic/Creation geologists. Much of the Earth’s and the other rocky Planets’ surfaces exhibit massive catastrophic events and disruptions imprinted on an original Creation. Earth is a baseline for understanding the Universe. If you cannot figure it out on Earth, you will never understand the Stars!

For example: If you only read your friend’s published astronomy books, and he is a polished speaker, and you support his Old-Age concepts of the universe—beware. Ask him how to explain what space and the firmament (Bible) is, and whether it is a vacuum or actually a substance/medium that alters the speed of light through time (red-shifted light)? Light passes through the atmosphere differently than water or a diamond. Has the speed of light been faster at the beginning of Creation? The Universe is decaying {2nd Law of Thermodynamics). I also majored in physics.

The LORD has been working on Earth and Planetary History in my life since 1949 (about 70 years), when my Dad had volcanic and pumice quarries on our ranch in the California Coast Ranges. First above all else, you are deceived if you believe in an Old Earth. I worked in the U.S. Geological Survey’s Radiometric Age-Dating Lab. My lab got 110,000 years for the Mount Lassen, California, eruption of 1915! Mount St. Helens lava (1980-1987) were dated at 340,000 years to 2.8 million years (Geochron Labs, MA, 1992)!

Continuing on with conflicting radiometric-age dates is Catastrophic Geology of the Northern Rocky Mountains and Related Events in the Solar System (Pearl, J., 2004, 291p.). My manuscript includes at least 237 studied evolutionary/uniformitarianism publications and maps. Most people do not understand the complexity, let alone geologic jargon presented in these evolutionary publications and geologic maps going back to 1893, and over 127 years! But more than this “library” research, and also laboratory research, a team of assistants and myself did outdoor field studies of an area of approximately 78,000 square miles (202,000 square kilometers); or the size of the State of Minnesota. This included onsite visits to outcrops (formations) in Washington, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia, Canada, and England/Scotland (rocks of similar geologic signature).

These rocks are called the Belt and Purcell Supergroup formations (Belt in U.S./Purcell in Canada).  These rocks have had their ages of sedimentary deposition changed at least 9 times! But you will not know this, unless you read the literature. This evolutionary literature gives repeatedly changed ages:

From somewhat less than 1-billion years for deposition, to 700-million years, to 600-million years, to 530+ million years, to 400-million years, to 250-million years, to 200-million years, to 100-million years, and lastly, to only 70-million years for the predominantly mudstones and fine-grained sandstones to deposit.

Please notice that 70-million years is less than 10% of the oldest ages. These ages are so scattered – yes, “Old Earth” – that they are meaningless in age! Glacier National Park, Montana, rocks also belong to the Belt-Purcell formations. The same volcanic unit (called a basalt sill) injected into the sediments was dated at 1.1-billion years, 717-million years, and 605-million years. A huge discrepancy. For example, 605-million years is only 55% of 1.1-billion years.

Now, the geologists know there is a problem with their old-age evolutionary model, because much geologic evidence indicates a catastrophic model of deposition of these mudstones (90% of the rocks). These mostly monotonous muds were deposited so rapidly that evolutionary geologists differ on where to place contacts between formations. Liquefaction from rapid over-loading of thousands of feet of then wet sediments is common. Remember, if you cannot get the age dates right on Earth, you certainly will not get the age of the Universe right.

In 2003 we attended a meeting of evolutionary geologists in Salmon, Idaho. It was called “Belt IV Symposium.” A famous expert on these Belt-Purcell rocks said, “How many have a handle on Belt stratigraphy!” He had worked on these rocks for over 40 years. And this comment of puzzlement(?) was made after over 110 years of mapping and studies had begun on the Belt-Purcell Supergroup formations, including the studies by hundreds of geologists and specialists since 1893. This former University of Montana Professor had the Belt IV Symposium named after him. The problem was an evolutionary/uniformitarianism model and “Old-Age” thinking.

Conflicting radiometric-age dates for rocks is a universal problem. The U. S. Geological Survey, where I worked, gave the age of some Apollo Moon rocks at 20-billion years (not 4.56-billion years). This is too old even for evolution! “Wrong” dates are often discarded with some justification—not “fresh” enough, contamination, clay alteration, some degree of metamorphism, or simply the “wrong number”/age. The same volcanic rock dated under different schemes had ages of 67-million years, 92-million years, and 144-million years.

Soft tissues, elastic blood vessels, red blood cells, and collagen are found in some dinosaur fossils. Biochemical decay rates show that these soft tissues should be dust, even under freezing conditions, in a maximum of thousands of years. They are not millions of years old. One land dinosaur fossil was found in the Millennium Mine, Alberta in marine rocks. The Nodosaur looked like it “might have been walking around a couple of weeks ago.” Ichthyosaurs (large marine reptiles) have been found with skin still bearing folds and ripples, as well as cells that held some of the reptile’s pigmentation, chemical traces of blubber, and perhaps, vestiges of their original proteins. Both marine and land animals – creatures that do not have the same environments in life – are repeatedly found together, worldwide, in death. This supports a Catastrophic Model.

Some catastrophically crushed arthropod and trilobite fossils (Burgess Shales of Canada and found worldwide), thought to be 570-million years old (“Cambrian” evolutionary age), have a wide variety of amino acids and residues of original proteins. Biochemical decay rates, even at freezing temperatures, show these very sensitive organic compounds cannot survive more than a few thousand years.

Potassium-Argon, Rubidium-Strontium, Uranium-Lead, and other radiometric-age dating schemes are used by evolutionists to get old ages for the Earth. These have been calibrated against several meteorite falls, such as the Allende Meteorite Fall, Mexico (1969). Evolutionists had to adjust a huge scatter of 700-million years to 16.5-billion years to get the wanted age of the Earth and Solar System at about 4.56-billion years?

Carbon-14 dating is what many non-scientists mention, when they think of radiometric-age dating. Evolutionists do not date dinosaurs, trilobites, or the Earth by C-14. People are always making this mistake. Carbon-14 has a half-life of 5,730 years. Evolutionists say C-14, in a bone for example, is gone by 50,000 to 100,000 years. But there is also a problem with Carbon-14. C-14 should not be found in tens of millions of years in age coals or diamonds. But C-14 is! This also suggests that coals and diamonds were formed more recently.

Helium atoms, like carbon-14 atoms, reside where the atoms should no longer exist. Large amounts of helium atoms from the nuclear decay of Uranium-238 have been found in zircon crystals in granodiorite rocks that evolutionists say are 1.5-billion years old. This helium gas should have diffused out of the zircons, and out of the biotite containing the zircons, and out of the granodiorite rock containing those two minerals, and into the atmosphere long ago.

Now there are shatter cones from impactors (asteroid/comet fragments?) in the above-mentioned Belt-Purcell Supergroup formations. The catastrophe that was part of the formation of these sediments and also basalts in the bottom quarter of the rock section is global, and also involves the Solar System.

When Apollo Moon rocks were dated by 3 independent labs (early 1970s), the labs had to confer to adjust the age of the Moon (getting ages up to 20 billion years). Lab assistants were instructed to not record lab results till some resolution of the very old-age problem? (I was told by one assistant.)

Funny, if you believe in an old Earth, you may miss young Earth clues—even on the other planets. The first thing you notice on Mars lander photos is dust on their solar panels after several years, but little dust in the supposed 3-to 4-billion-year-old craters next to the landers. Even the crater rims of Venus, at over 8000F, have little sag after a supposed 3-to 4-billion years. There is much more evidence that the Solar System is much younger than evolutionists think.

Other [clues]:

1) Ice masses of Greenland and Antarctica [six downed WW II, P-38s and two B-17s found buried under 268 feet of snow in only fifty years (1942-2002)];

2) Not 30+ Ice Ages in 2.5-million years [Milankovitch radiation mechanism change extremely small to produce Ice Ages every 100,000 years];

3) Himalayas Mountains [still rising or seeking isostatic equilibrium, with marine fossils at top];

4) Huge flat erosion planation surfaces on all continents. [African Surface, including Serengeti Plain, 3,100 miles by 300 miles];

5) Impactors and fossils [Thorsburg limestone, Sweden has both meteorite and nautiloid fossils];

6) Limestone marine muds [White Cliffs of Dover actually global. Large marine and land fossils and cosmic dust within marine limestones];

7) Asteroid Belt [like “3-D Shotgun” went off. The largest craters are on the closest planets/ moons, near to the destroyed planet].

And if you do not know – how a Brunton (compass and clinometer) is used to do geologic mapping; if you do not know what an “attitude” is (strike and dip); what penecontemporaneous folding is; what clastic dikes are; what turbidite deposits are; even how a geologist uses various picks; do not know what rock-thin sections are; do not know how a polarizing microscope is used; never heard of polystrate fossils (generally trees, extending vertically through several layers of sedimentary rock); do not realize dinosaur fossils are sometimes found with “meat” –  you will not understand how the LORD has provided Christians with great physical tools to support the Bible and a Young Earth. The world of field geology is vastly different than astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics.

You may say Old Earth/Young Earth is not a salvation issue; we forget that many young people have analytical minds. They need to know Truth, not our opinions? They also need to know that their DNA has coding/information systems far greater than the combined information on thousands of PhD theses! Not only do most DNA sequences encrypt multiple codes—but incredibly, up to at least 12 codes!

We also do college evangelism.

Dr. Jim Pearl (land and marine geologist)