Prophecy Update & 7 Encouraging Keys … :: By Todd Hampson

Prophecy Update & 7 Encouraging Keys for Watching Believers 

Breakneck Speed

I’ve been hesitant to write a prophecy update lately because things are happening at such a rapid pace that it is difficult to keep up with everything happening. Yet, this is exactly what Jesus said would happen at the time of the end. He said over and over again that he would come at a time when the signs were occurring in rapid fire.

He used the Greek word tachu (think tachometer) and various forms of the term. He wasn’t saying he was coming “soon” as some translations render it, but that he was coming “swiftly” at a time with things were revved up—at the top end of the end-time tachometer, so to speak. We seem to be there now. I suppose things could rev up even more—but at some point, the tachometer is going to redline. Jesus also referred to these as birth pains. Most prophecy experts agree that the birth pains began with the rebirth of Israel and have steadily increased since that all-important prophetic event. At some point the baby must be born. Things are truly happening at breakneck speed—right now.

Snapshot of the Current Perplexity and Lawlessness

In the Olivet Discourse Jesus said the nations would have perplexing problems in the last days—problems they didn’t even know how to fix. In the context of the aforementioned birth pains, he also taught that these (and other signs) would increase in frequency and intensity the closer we got to his return. In addition to Jesus’s teaching about the last days, Paul taught (in 2 Timothy 3) that there would be terrible (dangerous, violently brutal) times in the last days characterized by selfishness, greed, pride, lawlessness, slander, immorality, and “spirituality” but not godliness.

Because of the wall-to-wall coverage of the ongoing KGB-like political coup taking place in Washington, most Americans don’t even realize the incredible rise of division and social uprising around the world. In addition to the deepening division occurring right now in America (with the impeachment), in Israel (possibly heading toward an unprecedented 3rd election, and with the official charges leveled on Netanyahu), in Great Britain (with the ongoing Brexit break-up perplexities), here is a snapshot of actual, ongoing, often-violent, and widespread civil uprisings around the globe:

France, Hong Kong, Iran (where the internet was shut down and over 100 protesters were killed in 21 cities), Turkey, Venezuela, Lebanon, Chile, Spain, Haiti, Iraq, Sudan, Russia, Egypt, Uganda, Indonesia, Ukraine, Peru, Zimbabwe, Columbia, the Netherlands, Ethiopia, Brazil, Algeria, Ecuador, and other places.

Circling back to the division in America—it truly seems our country is too far gone. I’m an optimist by nature, but as I study scripture and survey the landscape and recent history of our country, I don’t see how it can be healed. Scripture tells us that a nation divided cannot stand. It is a spiritual law, so to speak. I do believe, however, that God is delaying this supernova explosion until the rapture has occurred.

The rapture will likely be the trigger that causes the concussive collapse. All systems are poised for this future trigger event. Such a collapse would have global repercussions that would perfectly set the stage for the rise of the Antichrist and the ensuing events of Revelation.

I believe Jesus taught in the Olivet Discourse (through his mention of the end times being like the days of Noah) that the world would be characterized by lawlessness, violence, widespread immorality, and business-as-usual commerce—right up to the moment the end-time ark closes (i.e. The rapture). Right now we’re on all systems go—and I believe it will stay that way (and worsen) as time goes on.

The End-Time Fire-Pot

Zechariah 12 says Israel will be like a “firepot in a woodpile” in the last days. Even though this tiny country could fit into Lake Michigan (with room to spare) and merely wants to exist in peace—hundreds of rockets can be fired into her civilian areas without any real condemnation from the UN, EU, or any major country except the US. Last week Israel was attacked daily (and rightfully defended herself) as rockets were fired into civilian areas—and this barely made the news in America.

Then we have the matter of Iran’s proxies and specialized Quds Force preparing daily (and openly stating this fact) for a near-future attack on Israel. By the way, did you realize that Quds means Jerusalem? In other words, Iran has a specialized elite unit within their Revolutionary Guards that literally means Jerusalem Force. Let that sink in. End-Time Bible prophecy centers on the tightening concentric circles of Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount.

As a matter of fact, we discover that every Old Testament prophet (except Jonah) predicted that Israel would become a nation again after a long period of worldwide dispersion (and mistreatment) of the Jewish people.

For example, Ezekiel 36-39 very clearly predicted the detailed chronological milestones that we have witnessed in modern history—much of it in just the past couple of years. These milestones include:

  • The scattered bones of a nearly annihilated Jewish race (Ezekiel 36/WWII)
  • Being brought back to their homeland again
  • Leading to the rebirth of their ancient nation
  • Followed by the threat of an unlikely alliance of 3 nations
  • These ancient nations cited being modern-day Russia, Turkey, and Iran
  • Having other nations in tow (Sudan, Libya, etc.)
  • With the storm forming from Israel’s northern border
  • But without the involvement of Syria (a traditional/consistent Biblical enemy of Israel)
  • And with Russia being the main “guard” of the other nations involved
  • For the purpose of taking valuable resources from Israel at the opportune time

The stage for this near-future attack is being set before our eyes—in real time. Prophecy is leaping off the page onto our newsfeed. These prophecies of Scripture could not more clearly be coming to pass than they are right now—except for the moment when this future attack begins and God intervenes. Even the US pull-out from northern Syria lines up with this prophecy. It’s as if someone were reading Ezekiel 38 like a movie script and directing the players how to act!

Some Encouraging Marching Orders

I want to end this weighty article on a positive and encouraging note. Aside from the fact that God is in control and we win in the end—we can be encouraged as people who are watching the end-time signs in a few other ways.

As a prophecy student and end-time watchman myself, I’ve had to wrestle with the tension between the worsening conditions of the world and the blessed hope event horizon we call the rapture. Here are a few conclusions I’ve come to in terms of how to navigate through these turbulent waters with our hope and joy still intact. I pray that these are an encouragement to others who have eyes to see the prophetic events taking place before our eyes, as so many seem to be asleep to these amazingly prophetic events. The foundation to all of these is trust.

1.) Don’t second-guess your calling.

Tether your obedience to a specific moment in time when you know God called you.

2.) Stay in your lane.

Focus on what you are called to impact, not on the 1,000+ other things you can’t control.

3.) Look up!

Fix your attention on eternal things. Trust that God is in control.

4.) Obey, one step at a time.

God knows exactly where he needs to position you on the end-time battlefield. When events are coming fast and furious, we must seek the Lord and obey one single step at a time. This is less overwhelming.

5.) Embrace the season.

We are in the end-times. Embrace this fact and understand its implications.

6.) Fellowship with like-minded believers.

Intentionally seek out other watchers—even if you have to fellowship from afar. Technology can help.

7.) Bloom where you are planted.

Prayerfully consider how to be a blessing to your church—even if many don’t recognize the relevance, importance, or urgency of the signs that you see. Perhaps the Lord is positioning you as a “go-to” source whom other believers can call on at the right time. As conditions worsen, perhaps more believers will see what you see—or at least be more curious about them. You’ll be uniquely positioned to answer their questions. Be patient and loving in the meantime.

By: Todd Hampson |