Fact or Friction :: By Steve Schmutzer

“That’s BULL—-!” my friend yelled.

She smacked her desk with both hands and half stood as she glared at me. If looks could kill….

She tried to say something else, but she was trembling with rage. She started again, then stopped once more. She shook her head, sat back down, and stared away.

Conversation over.

Will Rogers once said, “Never miss a good chance to shut up.” I didn’t need a sage cowboy to tell me something I already knew.

But – I was bewildered to say the least. I hadn’t said anything. I mean, I had – but nothing that deserved that kind of reaction!

I’d only mentioned that I’d read an article that morning that documented how thousands of birds were being killed by wind turbines. That’s all I’d said. I hadn’t gotten any further than that.

My friend is a die-hard liberal, fierce animal rights advocate, and zealous green energy devotee. I was naturally curious to know how she was processing this environmental dilemma. I wasn’t looking for a fight, and I was unprepared for her reaction.

I’ve pondered my friend’s explosive retort, and I confess I’m no closer to understanding her posture now than I was then. On one hand, she is a rabid proponent of wind energy. On the other hand, she’d defy a bulldozer to save a gopher. If I’d been her, I would’ve at least acknowledged the obvious quandary.

But given how she responded, it’s plain to see the facts don’t matter. Nor does she have any desire to discuss them. Apparently, the multitudes of little feathered carcasses around wind turbines – including many federally protected raptors – is coincidence. It’s just where birds of all sorts choose to go to die. Ignore the mounds of smashed bodies and severed wings – “There’s nothing to see here.”

This is just a little example, but it illustrates a big point. Hostility to the facts is a systemic problem within the ranks of the left. Call them what you will – progressives, democrats, liberals, socialists, globalists, or whatever. Their behaviors are the same across all the labels. They vigorously deny the truth that’s right under their noses, and they conjure up endless “smoke and mirror” exercises so the facts are suppressed.

Here are some cases in point:

In March 2016, Joe Biden bragged that he’d strong-armed Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was conducting a corruption probe into a company that employed his son. Biden’s public statements were recorded and his “quid pro quo” terms were plain as day. But the donkeys deny Biden ever said what he did say, even as they insist President Trump said things official transcripts prove he didn’t.

Here’s another instance. Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination process was little more than a gauntlet of thinly supported allegations advanced by thickly partisan ambitions. Christine “Ballsy Farce” and other fishy women whined about spiked punch and sordid hallway antics during Kavanaugh’s high school days while high-profile democrat politicians and lawyers coached them on what to say and how to act.

The whole thing was planned, and the “MeToo” movement gladly pushed a false narrative about these baseless accusations. But when credible evidence subsequently showed Democratic Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax had engaged in real sexual criminal misconduct, the liberal ranks – who just months before were loudly demanding that victims must be believed – went silent.

Here’s a third event to consider. Teenager and MAGA-hat-wearing Nick Sandman calmly endured the in-his-face banging and chanting of Native American activist, Nathan Philips, while attending a January 2019 March For Life event in Washington DC. Nathan came right up to Nick – close enough to need a breath mint – but the 16-year old kept his composure and smiled.

The press howled in primordial fury. Not-so-funnyman, Bill Maher, called Nick “….a little pr–k.” How dare this smug, racist, white supremist accost and threaten this upstanding indigenous Vietnam war hero!

The problem here was the facts. Nobody had swarmed Nathan or taunted him, and the videos prove this. Furthermore, Nathan Philips was not deployed; he was a reservist. He went AWOL a couple of times, but he never went overseas. He is more notable for being a refrigerator repairman with a sizeable rap sheet: instigating racially charged confrontations, escape from jail, assault charges, negligent driving, and the list goes on.

An avalanche of events like these over the past several years have proven the left will damn the facts when the truth doesn’t align with their political preferences. President Trump endures this ridiculous situation more than anyone. The democrats have a blind hatred for him, and so “Russia! Russia! Russia!” morphed into “Stormy! Stormy! Stormy!” Neither strategy worked, so “Collusion! Collusion! Collusion!” became the dupe-du-jour, followed by “Obstruction! Obstruction! Obstruction!” Both of those efforts struck out too. All that’s happened here is Plan A gave way to Plan B, then to Plan C and D, and so on. The left is convinced the President is a criminal, and so they’re obsessed with trying to find a crime.

More recently, the House Democrats are dangerously upping the ante. They are stone-walling the constitutional rights of due process so they can plot in secret over a whistleblower that doesn’t legally exist. They are engaging in Soviet-style rules in their partisan effort to tear down America’s virtues and the will of the people. Meantime, Maxine “Mad Max” Waters, like a pull-string doll in a rumpled James Brown wig, is cheering on the whole charade, “…’PEACH FOHTE FIGH! ‘PEACH FOHTE FIGH!”

This pandemic rejection of the plain facts has infected every element of our society. It is the fundamental reason why trans-athletes are breaking records in women’s sports. It’s why the garish spectacle of Drag Queen Story Hour is praised in the media, why it’s legal to kill babies up to birth, and why Alexandria “Occasional-Cortex” believes gassy cows and airplanes have doomed our planet in twelve years.

Hostility to truth has motivated the left to push for open borders, to support socialism, to berate law enforcement, to attack peaceful demonstrators, to exterminate free speech, and to call slain ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a “respected religious leader.” There are so many examples which prove the liberal posture is one that snubs the facts and twists the truth in order to achieve its own agenda.

The bottom line is our nation is sharply divided over common sense. On one side you still have folks who will call a spade a spade. For them, the facts are facts – and whatever the facts may be, they need to be properly dealt with. On the other side, you have a bunch of unhinged lunatics who are intellectually dishonest about everything. For them, the facts are friction.

There is a deeper dynamic going on here. All around us are multiple and mounting signs that the left has rejected God. In 1973, Roe vs. Wade became a tragic stain on this nation’s history. Liberals now insist that abortion is not only a “constitutional right,” but some of them are arguing that killing babies should be permitted post-birth! Their unlawful tactics don’t stop there. Liberals also want to pack the Supreme Court, outlaw private insurance, promote a two-tiered justice system, spend billions on slavery reparations, make illegal immigration legal, and take away your guns.

And let’s not forget how the left is seeking to make their godless perversions the brand of our culture. It was a liberal Supreme Court that legalized same sex marriage in 2015. The left’s premier icon, Barak Hussein Obama, booted God from the military, gave us same-sex bathrooms, promoted judges who would penalize anyone that stood for traditional family values, and lit The White House in the colors of the gay rainbow.

If you are a Christian, and if you believe in the wonderful news of the Gospel, the liberals really despise you! The left has been the driving force behind taking Bibles out of hotel rooms, stopping prayer in schools, eliminating “In God We Trust” from our currency, barring Christian groups from college campuses, and removing Christian-themed displays from public property. Their anti-God posture even made it to live TV during the 2012 Democratic National Convention where a motion was made to omit God and any reference to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from the democratic platform.

The left has so utterly rejected God that they are now void of basic discernment just as Romans 1:18-32 stated their consequence would be. Liberals believe they are wise when they are blithering fools instead. Their applause of carnal practices and their support of all forms of wickedness qualifies as confirmation of the veracity of Scripture.

Speaking from their side, I think most liberals would try to argue that there is some sense to their choices. I’ve had enough talks with them to know this is the case. They want to believe people are basically good and there are no differences between men and women. These are their default positions since they have rejected God and how He created us. And because liberals refuse to admit we are born into sin, because they reject God’s design of two distinctly-different genders (Gen. 1:26-28), and because they cannot accept that human nature is deeply flawed and we need a Savior – they resist all standards which clarify right from wrong, up from down, good from bad, and so on.

Their situation is fundamentally senseless, and the result is the left is populated by intolerant and angry people. Their consciences are constantly accusing them, and their own thought patterns cannot rise to the challenge of justifying their choices (Romans 2:15). They know they are in the wrong.

Liberals therefore live with writhing personal struggles and a lack of corporate credibility. These tensions emerge from their belief that it’s not sin, but external influences — poverty, free speech, prejudice, unemployment, inadequate education, climate change, conservatism, economic disparity, etc. — that are responsible for the trials of life on earth.

None of what we’re seeing here is going to get any better, no matter who sleeps in Lincoln’s bed. This type of deception will continue to mount, and the left’s efforts to silence truth tomorrow will be greater than their efforts are today. These people cannot responsibly live in a world where facts are given their rightful place, and so this entire problem is going to get much worse.

That’s not just my view – it’s the Bible’s.

The waning years of human history just before Jesus Christ’s Second Coming are marked by a sobering assessment found in Daniel 8:25. This verse describes the antichrist who will rule the world at that time. The trauma of this future period will have no equal (Matt. 24:21), partly because Daniel 8:25 says that the antichrist will “….cause deceit to prosper.”

Let’s think about that. Something that “prospers” thrives. It succeeds and it grows strong. That’s a positive thing if we’re talking about our nation’s economy, one’s physical health, or your favorite football team. When something good “prospers,” it naturally rises above an alternative that is perceived as bad.

So, turning this around, we can also see when something bad “prospers,” it wins over something good. That’s a negative thing, and it reinforces that we’ve not yet hit the bottom. The events which are happening around us now are just the start of the downslope. There are still some forces in place which hold all these present deceptions accountable – albeit those forces do seem few – but a time is coming when even those few restraints will be absent, and deception will thrive.

Webster’s Bible Translation helps us to understand this future dynamic a bit more. Of Daniel 8:25, it says, “And through his policy also he shall cause craft (deceit) to prosper…”  Here’s a good clue. It will be through the antichrist’s policies – by his will and treachery – that deceit will prosper.

Simply put, the antichrist will set up rules, systems, and agencies which are strategically intended to squash the facts. Their purpose will be to promote lies. Corrupt schemes will be shaped in secret and carefully managed so that the antichrist will succeed in his ambitions. The larger idea here is not that deceit will prosper as a byproduct of the antichrist’s leadership, but rather that this lawlessness and deception is his original intention.

A few verses earlier in Daniel 8:12, we are also told the antichrist “….will throw truth to the ground.” This will be a deliberate action that goes hand in glove with deceit’s success, but how can we better understand this statement? If we consider our present times, it’s not hard to imagine how truth will be suppressed. Here are some of the ways that will happen:

SECRECY: Honesty and transparency are qualities of lawful governance. But these virtues will not help the antichrist achieve global dominance. He will be secretive about his real intentions (Dan. 9:27).

SUBSTITUTION: Because lies of all sorts keep truth in the dark, active pretense will also serve the antichrist’s deceptive personality. The world will think he’s someone he’s not (Matt. 24:4-5).

SLANDER: When a message is unwelcome, the message-bearer is attacked. Anyone who provides the facts will be slandered. The antichrist will destroy those who properly represent the truth (Rev. 11:7).

SUBJECTIVITY: Objective standards promoting fairness, virtue, and justice will be condemned. In their place, subjective interpretations will rule. What is wrong will be rebranded as right (Rom. 1:32).

SCORN: God’s laws and values will be openly ridiculed. The antichrist will lead the charge in blaspheming God, and in mocking traditional structures which bring security and stability into a society (Dan. 7:24-25).

SUBTRACT: A system which gives opportunity to all people will be taken away. Humanity will be forced into an economic scheme that replaces individual liberties with total government control (Rev. 13:16-17).

SENTENCE: Penalties will be harsh for anyone who resists the antichrist’s new world order. In particular, the saints who speak the truth of God’s Word will be targeted for genocide (Rev. 6:9; 12:11).

I am acutely aware that the methods by which the antichrist will ravage truth and exalt deception are much more of the same tactics we see surging within the left today. This should tell us something about the population which will most strongly support the antichrist when he debuts on the world stage.

Like the goal of liberals now, the antichrist’s agenda will be to do away with the established order of things. To achieve this, he must control the message and convince the masses of things that are not true.

Damn the facts.


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