Seven: Chapters 32-33 :: By Alice Childs

Journal Entry Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Our growing group gathered at the girls’ house on Sunday, January 5th to watch the signing of the covenant that was going to be televised around the world from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. As he had done on Christmas Day, Will canceled the Sunday morning service so everyone could watch the signing at home. He reminded everyone to be sure and be at the Wednesday meeting where we could all discuss the signing and what will come next according to the scriptures. At the girls’ house, our number kept growing. Besides we six, there was Mike, Clyde, Vinnie, Will, Carter, Eva, Izzy, Chief Little-John Redfern, Grant Owen, and Rod Weaver. There was a dusting of snow on the ground, so Mrs. Christine opted to stay home since she was nursing a slight head cold. She said a little snow wouldn’t stop her; but her cold, coupled with her ‘rhumatiz’ as she called it, was ‘painin’ her today so she said she was going to stay home and sit by the fire in her new rocking chair.

We invited Dewey Upshaw but he and Norm Baker were on patrol this morning. I was glad Eva was here. It worried all of us to no end that Eva still wasn’t saved. She wasn’t hostile to the gospel, but she, like Dewey, Norm and others just kept putting it off. Both Clyde and Mike keep warning them that the longer one refuses to believe in Christ and their need of a Savior, the harder their hearts will become. Mike tells Eva often that life is more uncertain than ever now. Clyde often reminds Dewey and Norm about Paul Digger who had no idea that when he went on patrol that night, he’d never go home again. The worst part is that as far as anyone knew, Paul wasn’t a believer when he died. So far, nothing seems to move Eva and Dewey; Norm either. We just keep praying for them. What else can we do?

On the Temple Mount, the day was sunny with an unusually warm temperature of 58°F in Jerusalem. The Temple Mount had been cleared and cleaned. There was a large crowd of people gathered, along with representatives from nations around the world. I did not see the US president in the crowd. Not surprisingly, in light of all of our national tragedies, it was reported that he would not be in attendance. There was no deferential treatment given to any other former global dignitaries. How the mighty have fallen. There was going to be only one star of this show.

In the center stood an ornate table with scrolled legs. Two matching oxblood leather chairs were placed about five feet behind the table on either side. Flanking the table was an Israeli flag on the right and the flag of the new 10-kingdom conglomerate of Euro-Phoenicia on the left. Between the two leather chairs stood a giant floor-sized globe. The subliminal message of the entire arrangement was not lost on us.

The flag of Euro-Phoenicia was stunning. It had a deep, ruby-red background with 5 purple stars on each side curving inward in a semi-circle around the central image. The stars were all upside down, forming pentagrams, Will told us. In the center of the flag between the upside-down stars – five on each side sort of forming half circles – in vivid gold was the emblem of Euro-Phoenicia, the two-headed phoenix rising from the ashes of a smoldering ruins. The image of the rising phoenix dwarfed the image of the burning globe. In fact, the central image of the serpentine-esque phoenix was the dominant image of the flag. The effect was stunning.

Beneath the phoenix in gold script was the EP motto ‘E pluribus unum.’ Draken, when he entered but before the proceedings began, proudly unfurled the flag so every news agency could get a good shot of it.

At precisely 10:00 AM our time, 5:00 PM Israeli time, the Israeli Prime Minister, another man whose name we did not know, and Lucius Draken all entered the area. All three men shook hands as the two Israelis took the seats in the two chairs further back from the table. Draken, dressed in a tailored black three-piece suit, white shirt, and a deep, rich-purple tie, stood behind the table and faced the cameras. Waiting for silence, he began to speak.



“Fellow citizens of the world. Today is an auspicious day, not only for the people of Israel, but for the entire world. Today, at the beginning of a new year, we stand poised upon a new beginning for all of humanity.

I do not come in the name of any other government, nor do I come in the name of any religion. I come to you in my own name. If I may, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Lucius Apollo bar Draken. My father was a Greek and a Jew.” This he said looking back at the Israeli Prime Minister, smiling.

“My father’s ancestors hark back to Alexander the Great of the noble Greek and later the mighty Roman Empire. And as you can see,” Draken said, smiling, “in addition to my Greek heritage, I have at least a partial Jewish ethnicity. My mother was a beautiful daughter of Lebanon. Her heritage hails from the ancient empire of Assyria. Her ancestors were among the great seafaring people of Phoenicia. As Euro-Phoenicia is a blending of the western and eastern parts of the ancient Roman Empire, so too am I the physical embodiment of the west and the east.

From the time mankind was seeded upon the earth, there has always been conflict and warfare. Genuine and lasting peace has continually eluded this planet. Particularly over the past century, ever since World War I, this world has been passing through increasing tensions and global upheavals.

Humanity has always been faced with choices between peace and continued bloodshed. As a species, we have always chosen poorly. Still, in the past, our choices did not threaten to destroy the entire planet. Now, however, because of our great advancements in the art and instruments of war and bloodshed, we now find ourselves poised at a terminal crossroads of what will be either the total annihilation of this planet, or its rebirth into a peaceful, more glorious future. We stand upon the cusp of a global decision with only two choices open to us. Either we remain warmongering, religiously divided, politically fractured homo sapiens who continue to repeat the same atrocities of the old order and thus continue our reign of bloodshed onward into oblivion, or we choose to make the evolutionary leap into a higher plane of consciousness; rising from the barbarity of homo sapiens into becoming homo noeticus – a spiritually advanced, clearer-minded, fully united peaceful species. As a world, these are our only choices.

All throughout human history, empires and religions, economies and ideologies have risen and fallen. Myriad great kingdoms and empires have come and gone throughout mankind’s history; empires such as ancient Babel on the plains of Shinar where mighty Nimrod reigned; the robust empires of indomitable Assyria and mystic Egypt; the magnificent magisterial kingdom of Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar, or powerful Persia under King Cyrus; the swift and stalwart Grecian Empire of Alexander the Great; and the fierce, omnipotent, dominance of the vast empire that was Rome which ruled with tenacity, supremacy, and dominion over almost all of the known world of its day.

All over the globe, these and other once mighty empires have risen and fallen, but it is always to the very cradle of civilization, the birthplace of mankind that we return, to the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia where the race of humanity was seeded.

From man’s beginning, nothing has changed. Mankind has always been a vicious, warmongering race, building empires and destroying others. As we have witnessed over the past month, the once commanding empire of Russia has been destroyed. We also watched in awe as the colossus of the modern world – the great United States of America, has herself been reduced to rubble and ashes; her fall and ruination so complete that she no longer even casts a shadow upon the world. These two most recent fallen empires lie in smoldering heaps among the rubble of history just as the former empires of the Inca, the Aztec, and the Maya empires of Mezzo-America lie fallen – their leaders immobilized or dead just as Sennacherib, the indomitable ruler of the ancient Assyrian Empire, or the great Alexander of the Greek empire also lie in the ancient dust of history.

Today, it is time for a new empire to arise – a truly global empire that will span the globe from east to west. As our motto states, from the ashes of the old rises a new world order, one new and glorious empire; a true brotherhood of man.

Many kingdoms, empires and nations have tried to bring about the unification of the world, but all have failed. The time was not yet right. Today, it is. Never since the days of the great and mighty Nimrod has the world been ready or able to bring about a truly global unity. Many empires have tried and failed to reunite all the people of the world with a common language, a common economy, a common religion, and a common government. All have failed – until now.

At this point in human evolution, mankind has finally arrived at the place where certain esoteric truths can now be revealed. Hidden and occult truths that have been heretofore only glimpsed by certain sages and adepts throughout the ages can now be revealed to all. The repository of the wisdom of the universe has, up until now, been deliberately kept occluded; hidden and well-guarded until the earth was prepared to receive true illumination.

There is an Indian fable which tells the tale of six blind men who each encountered an elephant. Because they were blind, none could see the elephant as it was. Each based his beliefs and created his own reality from the limited part of the elephant’s body he blindly explored. Each formed his own opinions based solely on what he could perceive. As a result, there developed great animosity and bitterness among the men as to the shape, identity, size, and nature of the elephant each man encountered, each believing his belief and experience had given him the truth as he perceived it to be. None of them could understand or grasp the totality of the whole.

My brethren of this new dawn, we are now at the place where we can all see the elephant, at the place where all of mankind can become illuminated. This illumination will bring us into that glorious brotherhood for which man has longed but which has, until now, eluded him.

The new world order upon which we embark today will finally become a brotherhood of man which will embrace the illumination of that which has in the past only been known by the few who were chosen to be keepers of the sacred hidden knowledge. The new world order we inaugurate today will have one economy; one defense; one government; one religion and one voice!”

The Temple Mount rang with applause and cheers. After giving the crowd a moment to allow their praise and adulation to swell, Draken raised his arms. The crowd immediately fell silent. He continued.

“No longer will the politics of differing factions be allowed to split and divide the people of the earth. Today, we reveal the elephant and come together as one in purpose, prosperity, and peace. This is no longer merely a dream. Today the dream becomes reality.

There has, however, always been one factor that has caused more division than any other; caused more animosity, more bloodshed in all of human history. That one thing has been religion. Blinded, jaded, dogged fanatical devotion to the parts of spirituality and religion has done more damage to mankind than all others. Each religion has had a part of the truth that is the whole, but none has seen the whole. Now is the time to illuminate the truth so that we are united in a true universal religion where each sect is seen in its true place as part of the entire whole of what is universal spirituality.

Today, as we prepare to sign a strengthened covenant of peace between myself, the conglomerate kingdoms of Euro-Phoenicia and the people of Israel, what we are doing here goes far beyond merely the nation of Israel. What I and Euro-Phoenicia are guaranteeing Israel today is the protection of Israel as a nation to live peaceably in her own land; the right for her religious traditions to be resumed as part of this greater, universal religious spirituality. Israel has the right to rebuild her Temple on this ground that is sacred to her. I will guarantee her that right and protection.

Every religious faction that is part of the whole is free to practice their religion as they see fit, realizing that all are parts of the greater sum of what is a greater universal truth.

The truth that must be understood by all today is this: there is a universal deity; and as such, this deity is to be respected and venerated. Multiple religions call this deity by many names: some call him Yahweh as Judaism calls him. The followers of Islam call him Allah. In Hindu he is Brahman. Some worship the multiplicity of aspects of this universal deity and call it pantheism which is really nothing more than the worship of this same deity in the many aspects and facets of its character. ALL of these differing religions are in essence worshipping the same deity. What we need to see today is the entire picture so that these religious divisions can be seen as all being multiple facets of the same whole.

All world religions can and will come under the authority of the seven universal laws that make up a universal religion. The basis for this universal religion is what has already been laid out in seven Noahide Laws that almost all the countries of the world have already adopted. These universal laws which are in truth a meta-religion, will govern all religions. These will be the basis for peace and unity. Under these seven laws, all of humanity’s religions can and will unite.

There is one faction, however, about which I must gravely warn you that can damage the brotherhood we are building. This brand of religious zealots will never join us in the brotherhood of man united under a single universal but multifaceted deity that is the god of this world. This rabid and contrarian sect has always rejected and defamed the Overlord of Illumination. In fact, this sect has vilified, maligned, distorted, and caused great harm, hindering the uniting of mankind under one illumined religion. I, of course, am speaking of the fundamentalist sect who call themselves believers or followers of Jesus Christ; those who believe that Jesus, instead of merely being the great illumined prophet he was, believe that Jesus was himself God.

These followers of a flawed and misinterpreted text they call the Bible will, in fact, oppose us as they always have with their hatred, separatism, and bigotry. They are the true idolaters! They are the very ones who will reject the universal Noahide Laws that bind us all together. These ‘trinitarians’ who believe that Jesus Christ and the entity they call the ‘holy spirit,’ and a patriarchal ‘father god’ are all part of what the bible believers call the ‘godhead’ – these fanatics are the real danger to the brotherhood of man!

Their ‘god’ demands that he, their ‘three-in-one God, is the only god who claims to be a trinity. Their narrow, restrictive god who rants about sin and Hell and judgment has no place in a world that is tired of warfare and division. This christian deity has no place in a world that is ready to unite as one in peace and unity; a world ready to unite under a benevolent universal deity who offers love, peace, prosperity, and enlightenment for all mankind; who offers to mankind the chance to achieve his own divinity! This threat to mankind’s golden dawn of universal peace cannot be tolerated and must be stopped. This sect and all who follow it must be rooted out and destroyed before their cancer can re-infect and poison our brave new world. I am happy to inform you that the ridding of the world of the religious cancer has already begun! 

My fellow brethren of the world, I have been groomed and prepared to lead this world through her time of change into our glorious future. I am prepared to sign this covenant today which will usher in a new world era of peace by finally bringing peace to the most embattled area on the planet. I am also prepared to give you the answers that no one else has been able to supply. I will both tell and show you what has happened to those who have vanished. I will also present to you proof of what our future holds.

These are bold and audacious claims to make, I know, but I am prepared to demonstrate to the world why the turmoil the earth is passing through is necessary. It is because the earth and her inhabitants are being reborn, moving from the confines and false constructs of a dying earth into a new and glorious new order – a new golden dawn of human evolution.

NO leader has stepped forward with answers to what has occurred nor has any global leader given any direction for where we are headed or how we are to get there. This world and all who inhabit it are drifting; tossed to and fro like a rudderless ship that lies beam into a raging sea of change and conflict. No leader has come forward to pilot the ship. The ship of this earth needs a captain who is both ready and able to take the helm. I have been chosen and am prepared to be that leader. Euro-Phoenicia, the phoenix rising, is ready to be the final empire that unites east and west. Euro-Phoenicia will be the embodiment of the new world order that other entities have striven for but failed to achieve. Why? Because the time was not yet right. The time for our change is now!

Did the universe not send to us the greatest event in history as proof that earth’s cleansing has already begun? Everyone is looking for answers as to what has happened to over a billion people. No one has offered any answers because they do not know what has happened. My fellows, I do know. I am here to give you the answers to the questions you seek; to give you hope for a brighter, more glorious future.”

Here, Draken moved from behind the table and walked in front where everyone could see him. He raised his head as his voice rose in intensity. His countenance became – fierce. I don’t know how else to describe it – almost glowing with power. That’s not it, but it’s the best I can do. I simply don’t know how to describe what we saw. The authority he exuded was palpable. It emanated even across the airwaves. Those around him stood motionless as if mesmerized and under a spell – which, I guess, they were.

Draken continued, his voice slowing in cadence, deepening in timbre.

“The universe is vast and infinite. There are many more dimensions than the one in which we live. The truth you need to see and be made aware of today; that which is now time to be revealed is the truth that there are multitudes of other beings living in other dimensions, all of whom have evolved beyond the physical plane of existence. These esoteric entities have been glimpsed throughout human history. They have been misconstrued as being extraterrestrials or aliens from other planets or galaxies. In the past, they have manifested as chimeras – hybrids of man and animals or as the demi-gods of myth and legend. The great Overlord of the Universe has, in the past, encouraged and perpetuated this delusion because the whole of humanity was not yet ready to be illuminated and given insight into the esoteric mysteries of the macroverse. What many have believed to be extraterrestrials are, in reality, the ascended masters who are extra dimensional in nature.

These higher beings seeded earth millions of millennia ago and have watched over planet Earth for eons of time. At pivotal times in man’s history, they have stepped into our plane of existence and parsed the hidden knowledge of the universe to the adepts and sages through the ancient mystery religions and secret societies. They have given guidance to selected sages in esoteric orders to prepare and direct mankind in his journey to enlightenment. Now they have once again intervened to protect and aid mankind as earth makes its evolutionary leap into a new world order – into a higher plane of consciousness. The ascended Ancient Ones now believe a spiritual singularity, an event horizon, has been reached and mankind is now ready for their existence to be disclosed; for that which was once hidden to be revealed.

Just last month, the Ancient Ones, the Ascended Masters from different planes and dimensions, came once again to the defense of earth which was poised on the brink of total annihilation. It was they who removed from the earth those billion or so people whose allegiance to the old god of the bible – the very ones who have hindered man’s progress for millennia. The Ascended Masters, in their wisdom, knew that these old-order christians would never join with us. Their continued presence and negative vibrational fields were holding back the ascendency of this age into our next evolution – the transcendent spiritual evolution, the cusp upon which we now are poised.

Those who have been removed are still alive. They are merely on another world in another dimension where they will remain to be reintroduced to the truth. They must unlearn millennia-long falsehoods of the old and twisted christianity. Rest assured, they are in a comfortable place – a place of peace and happiness where their minds and spirits can be deprogrammed from the old misconceptions in which their spirits have been imprisoned. They are being re-educated, if you will, where, when they will have sufficiently matured, their souls can migrate on into higher dimensions on other worlds. Someday, perhaps some of them may return when their biases and distortions of the old ‘christian god’ will have been removed.

As you all are acutely aware, the world’s children were also taken. Do not be alarmed or concerned about this. The Ancient Ones, under the direction of the Illumined Overlord (the god of this world, if you will), have taken the human children to another world – a parallel of this one, where they are happy, safe, and where their understanding can be released from the deceptions by which they too have been influenced. They are being kept there also to protect them from the culmination of the birthing processes of the old-world order that is giving way to the new.

The Ancient Ones have given us a clean slate upon which to build our universal religion under the benevolent Noahide Laws. However, I must with much caution warn you: although the old order of christianity has been dealt a mortal blow, the seeds of it still remain entrenched within the psyche of this world. We must take all precautions and permanently eradicate the old christian beliefs wherever we find them. Those who continue to cling to these dangerous errors cannot be allowed to remain among us; for if we do not eradicate this threat once and for all, then everything that is at our fingertips will vanish, and this earth will not survive. Our golden dawn of peace is upon us. Let us take the path that will take us into our future.

I have promised you proof of all I have said. I will give you that proof now. Today, the veil between our lower consciousness and the higher plane we reach toward will be lifted. BEHOLD!”

Draken lifted his arms into the air, and suddenly the sky went completely dark. The air all around became like a giant heavenly, how can I say it? television or movie screen. Suddenly, all we could see on television, everywhere the cameras panned, was the scene of a beautiful lush meadow surrounded by trees and running water. In a clearing of wildflowers, innumerable children of all races and nationalities could be seen playing, running, laughing, chasing butterflies, and picking flowers. Surrounding them were these glowing beings of light. The light beings seemed to be guarding or protecting the children. The vision or trick, or whatever it was, was absolutely convincing. It was also apparently universal.

We ran outside to see for ourselves. Those of us who were saved saw nothing; although, we could see the phenomenon on TV. But, apparently, those like Eva who were not saved could see the deception in the skies above us. Eva was weeping and pointing to the sky. Many people spoke later of what they were 100% convinced was a miracle from this man. Whether the vision – or I should say the deception, for that is precisely what it was – lasted for five minutes or fifty, I honestly can’t say. I looked over at Eva. Her attention was total, her expression rapt and ecstatic. But the feeling I and the other believers had and the expressions on all our faces was one of absolute horror and revulsion. We felt the presence of overwhelming, unadulterated evil the likes of which we had never felt before. All manner of signs and lying wonders kept running through my mind over and over and over.

As the vision slowly faded and the sky returned to normal, Draken continued.

There are your children. They are safe. They are happy. I have one more proof to show you and one more person to introduce to you, my global fellows, before the covenant is signed. Now I want to show you the proof that not all of earth’s children were removed.”

From seemingly everywhere came children of all ages. The crowds parted to let them through. They came and surrounded Draken and the entire area, encircling it four rows deep. Sweeping his arms in a wide arc, he gestured to the children and continued speaking.

“These are children of the New Dawn who remained here; they are more than mere humans. They are part of a new breed of humanity, the next step in human evolution. Their human DNA carries more than just human genetic material; they carry the genetic material of the Ancient Ones. Through genetic engineering which has been going on in secret for many decades now, these are the progeny of the future. Many like them including many adults have been genetically altered—enhanced. These children have been called ‘star children’ or ‘Indigo children.’ They and those like them are the first wave of what humanity will become.”

Draken faced the cameras and stared unblinking into the lens. “My brethren, I am one of their kind. I am the leader of their kind. This is why I have been chosen to lead humanity out of the old, failing order into a new and glorious future – into the new brotherhood of man that is the rising golden phoenix emerging from the ashes of the old. Do not fear me or the new children. They are here to help you as we move forward, as am I. This is why I can assure Israel that I am both willing and able to protect and champion her right to build her Temple. I now ask the two gentlemen seated behind me to step forward.”

Draken gestured to the Israeli Prime Minister and the man whose name we did not know, and they joined him at the desk.

“My fellows, in just a moment we will sign this great covenant that will guarantee Israel’s security and ensure genuine and lasting peace in the Middle East and across the world. This covenant with Israel is drafted for a seven-year period of time, after which there will be no need of further covenants. There is still a time of great travail through which we and this earth must pass as the old order dies and the new order rises from the burning funeral pyre of the old. The strengthening of this covenant signals the dawning of this new golden age.

Before we sign, I want to introduce to the world the man who will work closely alongside me. He will be the head of our global religious community and will work with the leaders of all the world’s religions, particularly the Pope, to bridge the gaps and meld all religions into one under the leadership of the Great Overlord of the Universe. He will oversee and implement these seven universal laws which will at last unite all the belief systems of the world while I will lead the nations into forming a truly benevolent united global government and economic system. Ladies and gentlemen of the New Dawn, I introduce to you the prophet Rabbi Jaakobah Gulden.”

After the applause died down, Draken turned to each man and said, “Gentlemen, let us make history.”

The three men gathered around the table; and within a minute’s time, it was done.

We all sat there quiet, completely overwhelmed. Now the Rubicon, so to speak, has been irrevocably crossed. The Tribulation has begun. The countdown has started. The span of our lives and of this world is now set. The number of years this world has left – seven.

“And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week….” (Daniel 9:27 KJV).

“And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time” (Daniel 7:25 KJV).

“Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved” (2 Thessalonians 2:9-10 KJV).