The Encroaching Darkness :: By Ronda Lane

As I was perusing an article about yet another atrocity upon children, I couldn’t help but think of all the wickedness in this world growing darker every moment.

Each week… No. Each day…, no… each MOMENT that goes by, the evil grows more horrific exponentially. Were it not for the truth that Jesus has promised to deliver believers from the wrath to come, I don’t think any of us could bear another moment.

And it’s not just myself I’m concerned about. I am soon to leave this cesspool (and had hoped to already have been gone by now, but the Lord’s timing and His will is perfect, even when I don’t understand). But it’s all fellow believers and ESPECIALLY the children and babies I am most concerned about should the Lord tarry even a short time.

I used to get angry at those who just read the headlines. But now? Who can bear to read much more than that? The wickedness (especially crimes done against children and babies) is truly more than we can bear to witness. My heart hurts for them all… MOST of all for those who don’t even KNOW they NEED to be prayed over and for!

Children can’t choose to whom they are born (of course). And so many tiny dear ones are stuck with lunatic parents who dress them up in the opposite gender’s clothing and parade them around for attention, to get some kind of pat on the back from their fellow reprobate adult “friends” and “progressive” (evilly regressive) buddies. They USE their children as political fodder. Even Kate Hudson (Goldie Hawn’s daughter) claims she will “let her daughter CHOOSE which gender she wants to be.” We can expect it from Holly-weird, but those poor children!

God will recompense those wicked “parents” worse than a millstone tied about their necks…. And for those who actually take their little ones to get PERMANENTLY and surgically altered? WOE to them in the worst way!

Oh, it’s ALL too much to bear witness to! I can truly understand why Lot was grieved and vexed in his soul (2 Pet. 2:7-8), DAY TO DAY witnessing and hearing of the wicked deeds of the evil ones in his day. But did Lot witness THIS level of lunacy towards children? These “sex-change” operations performed on children? The hormones foisted upon them? Their parents USING them that way? Bad enough the Sodomites and wickedness of Lot’s day is here all over again, and the wickedness of every vile thing that both Noah and Lot saw.

But the children? The babies? As horrific as it must have been to witness them sacrifice their babies to Molech back then, is it not worse to witness them sacrifice their babies today for mere CONVENIENCE? For mere SELFISH reasons? Because they willfully CHOSE to have unprotected sex, and now they think to wear a BADGE of PRIDE for willfully KILLING their own babies in their own wombs!!! Then light up their cities and CELEBRATE the blood to come when they extended abortion up to the due date and infanticide beyond? Their “shout out your abortion” campaigns? Such wickedness is unprecedented.

Yes, it hurts me to type, but it hurts my heart and soul even more to remain silent as this wickedness rages on.

Lord, PLEASE come take us up soon! The children, the babies, all believers. We are crying out and PLEADING now. PLEASE, Lord.

I know God’s will is perfect. I know His timing is perfect. Yet I cry out, and can’t help but cry out, “Oh Lord, How long?”

Nevertheless, we know we must trust in the Lord’s timing. And as hard as it is to witness these things, let’s not shirk our duty to faithfully serve the Lord until He takes us home! Even though we are indeed grieved and vexed in our own souls witnessing this wicked world, we need to serve Him and warn others right up to our last moments.

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord” (1 Cor. 15:58).