Choices :: By Ronda Lane

I’ve recently had several conversations with hospice workers as well as numerous other fellow hospice patients as we are awaiting our physical deaths, and discussing the shortcomings of compassionate care in hospice “managed care,” and how socialized medicine has ALREADY crept into the medical profession, even hospice now here in the US.

Hospice was created (long ago) for those of us who wish to (physically) face death in our own homes, with our own home comforts. This can mean being with family members, pets, familiar surroundings, and keeping our own schedules (not forced to follow someone else’s schedules for “lights out”, etc), especially since most of us sleep when we can (when pain dictates whether or not we can sleep, which isn’t always in the nighttime, etc). There are many reasons that some of us terminal folks choose to stay at home rather than go to any institutionalized settings.

Hospice was created for those who desire NOT to die in an institutionalized setting (like a hospital, nursing home, or hospice “care center”). And they used to serve the patients well, with many hospice workers coming to help the patients IN their homes. But now? Socialized medicine has ruined much of that. Now, hospice wants to herd all the patients to their “care centers” instead. Why? Because in socialized medicine, we are no longer human beings but mere numbers and dollar signs to those who are making life and death decisions for us. No longer do compassionate doctors make those decisions; instead, those who employ them do.

Don’t think this is only about hospice patients. More and more hospitals are merging and being bought out by larger corporations, all forming a bigger “managed care” structure. As this happens, more and more people are being given sub-standard care, much less compassion.

Socialized medicine kills. Most folks are unaware of how bad it’s become already here in the US. They don’t realize that the most dangerous parts of socialized medicine have already infiltrated our medical field. So many hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice agencies have gone to a “managed care” theme, where costs are reduced, profits are maximized, and patients are treated like numbers and dollar signs instead of the human beings that we are, in need of compassion and loving care.

Their end goal? Euthanizing the elderly, the physically and mentally disabled and, of course, we terminal patients (like myself with stage 4 terminal diagnosis). They want us to die as quickly as possible, to cut costs! They use the cheapest medicine and supplies possible, even when it’s life threatening and causes much more unneeded pain, when cheaper prescription drugs are all that are offered, even when a patient may be allergic to those meds or have awful reactions to those cheaper drugs. The quicker we die, the more money can be saved. That’s the way they look at it.

It’s much akin to Hitler’s evil regime. And it’s already here in the US, with some states having passed legislation to make euthanizing us “legal.” They CLAIM it will only be on a voluntary basis, but the truth is they will drug people out of their minds, then claim the patient wanted to be euthanized, even though not true.

But the bigger picture here is that socialized medicine is only one small segment of globalized government. ALL parts of globalized government are already having the groundwork laid, paving the way for what is next to come.

The US is the LAST bastion of freedom on the planet. Once our national sovereignty is gone and our Constitution shredded and removed, there will be no freedom of speech, no freedom to keep and bear arms against tyrannical government, and no freedom of religion. ALL evil regimes of the past have started out that way, removing those freedoms and rights.

History shows time and time again how millions have died under Socialism and Communism. Folks, we are closer now than ever before to losing all of these things and falling to globalized government. The Bible foretells it, and it will be far worse than under Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and so many other evil dictators. It won’t be localized, but will encompass the entire world. ALL nations will fall to globalism under the antichrist.

Some won’t want to hear the things that I am going to say next, as scripture offends many people today. If you don’t want to hear what the Bible has to say about this, then you have the free will to choose to stop reading. But for the few who DO want to hear what the Bible says about this, please read on.

The bigger picture here is that this is a spiritual battle (Ephesians 6:10-18). Trust in Christ alone for salvation (John 3:15-18; 1 Cor. 15:1-4; Rom. 10:9-10). Salvation is eternal. We believers are sealed unto the day of redemption. But the Lord still desires we pray often and pray earnestly, even pray fervently for the Lord’s mercy in our lives with thankfulness in our hearts for all the blessings He has given us. Pray also for fellow believers, and pray that the unsaved come to Christ before they physically pass on.

Jesus is the only One who can and will fix this awful, wicked mess mankind has made. It’s truly sad that the majority of churches today no longer preach on (or even believe in) the second coming of Christ, even though scripture foretells this numerous times! They reject God’s word! They even mock Jesus’ return, as foretold they would (Jude 1:18; 2 Pet 3:3-4).

Jesus IS indeed returning, as scripture promises. He will then rule and reign in righteousness as King of kings and Lord of lords, as foretold He would (Rev.19:11-16). First, there will be a 7-year period of tribulation while God’s wrath is meted out on the God-hating and Christ-rejecting world. Revelation chapters 6-19 give an overview of what is soon to come.

But those who have trusted in Christ are promised that Jesus will deliver us from the wrath to come (1 Thes. 1:10; Rom. 5:9; 1 Thes. 5:1-9). God’s word tells us how Jesus will deliver us believers and keep us safe (1 Cor. 15:49-53; 1 Thes. 4:16-18). BELIEVE God’s word; it means what it says.

During that 7-year tribulation foretold in scripture, there will be a wicked antichrist global government. ALL nations will fall to global government, even the US. We are well on the way already with Socialism and Communism paving the way. We see already that some folks have bought into the Socialism lie; they are lured in with the false promises of “free” stuff. They are like mice who can’t understand why the tiny piece of cheese in the mouse trap is “free.” Socialism is very much like that mouse trap; it’s a death trap.

The bad news is that it’s going to get a lot worse during those 7 years of wrath. Those who haven’t yet come to Christ for salvation will soon enter those 7 years of tribulation foretold, which will be worse than any nightmare or Hollywood horror movie ever could portray. But the good news is that Jesus promises hope, comfort and deliverance to all who have believed on Him for salvation.

As I am already a week past the 5-month maximum life prognosis the oncologists gave me back on April 2nd (yet no one but the Lord truly knows our date of death) and am near to death now, one thing is MOST important above all other things. Salvation in Christ Jesus.

Healthy people will do just about anything NOT to think of their own physical mortality. We all die. But that is our bodies. Our souls live on forever. God gave us all free will to make all of our choices in life. But the most important decision of all is where will you, your soul, spend eternity? Heaven or hell??

God created heaven. His heaven; His rules. His word says that Jesus is the one and only way to heaven (John 14:6). We have the free will to choose to either believe and accept Christ OR to reject and deny Him (John 3:15-18). This will determine where each of us spends our eternity… heaven or hell.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely. Don’t put off that decision. None of us are promised tomorrow; we can physically die long before old age. Why not consider Jesus and heaven? What have you got to lose? You won’t regret trusting in Jesus!