We Must All Be Changed at a Subatomic Level :: By Randy Denton

We must go back to a state of innocence where the knowledge of good and evil is a thing wholly forgotten. This seems impossible, I know, but it must happen or we will never be happy, safe, or without tears, or fear, or hate, or doubt, or pain, or regret, or memories of our past and present.

If there is no knowledge of good and evil left in our memory, then we cannot be ashamed, regret, or even remember those things we did in the flesh. These memories must be erased all except the work on the cross which must be remembered, but remembered without remorse, and only brought to mind with the amazing wonder of the power and grace and mercy and glory of God.

We must go back to a state of immortality or we will always fear death, pain, decay, and loss.

We must go back to the love of God or we will be forever in search of peace.

We must go back to God or we will never have free access to know all there is to know or see all there is to see.

We must all be healed of all sickness, all deafness, all blindness, and all diseases must be shed off like a dog shaking off water or you will never be comfortable in your own skin.

We must be lifted up and given a new life or we will die in this corruptible body.

This is the true Christian hope, and these are the words and promises from God that we need to use to comfort one another.

I’ve often wondered how God might change all of us at our death or at the rapture, his church I mean, which he calls his body of which he is the head. The Bible tells us we will be changed in an instant in the twinkling of an eye in the air to become like Jesus after his resurrection from the tomb.

We are told Jesus was seen many times after his death and he was in human form, able to eat, speak, laugh, pass through walls, and appear from thin air.  Many people touched and talked to him and witnessed his ability to come and go in seconds.  It was reported that Jesus was able to travel great distances instantaneously; so if we are to be like him, we’ll be able to do the same things.

Time will not be necessary, gravity will not be a hindrance, space will not be vast, but love will still be love, only more pure and accessible and present. Love will penetrate everything like light penetrates darkness. Love will have a real physical presence, and love will be telepathic, instantly knowing and sharing all things.

We must not be allowed hidden agendas or feelings against our fellow believers, and all former transgressions between us will melt away and forever be forgotten; as far as the east is from the west they will be forgotten.

We must harbor trust, faith, fidelity, honesty, and submission and do all these things through Christ. Just to be in the presence of God, these things must be required; and without them no one will stand in his presence.  We must put on the whole armor of God, dressed in holiness, clothed in Jesus’ garments given us by Him to be presented to God on the Throne. We receive all these things before the Marriage Supper, dressed in white and made pure as Jesus presents and introduces us to the Father God.

A wedding feast, we are told, will be held for the bride of Christ, and we will be the guests of honor along with Jesus the groom. As all present look on in amazement (including the angels), we’ll see God blanket the whole ceremony with his glory. And as with any wedding, singing and joy will fill the halls and burst the heavenly rafters, for the glory of God has been fulfilled and his will has been done just as he said it would be from the beginning.

We will be given crowns of glory and righteousness that then will be happily laid back at the foot of his throne because it was not our glory or power but his from the start.

You say you don’t know or you haven’t made up your mind and that these things are too complicated to consider real or unnecessary for the present time to worry about much. In other words, you don’t want to hear it, you’ve heard it all before, but still you want to wait for a better time to turn to God…you want to wait until you feel you need it or deserve it, or some supernatural event convinces you. That right time or event may never happen…but remember you yourself cannot barter one more second of breath or one more heartbeat in this life…but still many chose to wait.

You will never be prefect or a sinless person as you live this life. That is impossible; no one has ever done that except Jesus. For Jesus kept the whole of God’s law and was sinless…otherwise his death would mean nothing to anyone. There are two ways to look at it really: one is that Jesus was real and the Son of God, or he was neither of those things, neither real nor the Son of God.

And if Jesus was not the Son of God, then he was a lunatic and liar and fraud, or never even real, never lived, or people lied about him from the beginning. If Jesus was not God, then he was an evil man, diluted and possibly insane; and if this is true, Christians follow an insane, impossible lie. But if he is true, and we Bible believers know he is, then…

In the future we must become incorruptible (body, soul and spirit); and that means being above the angels that sinned. We must all be changed from who we are now to who we will become, and be like the angels that kept their first estate, meaning those angels that did not follow Satan into rebellion.

Remember, the angels have seen God in all his glory, so what do they have to believe? What is faith to them? They follow the glory of God…but Christians, we have not seen God, other than in the face of Jesus or in his image, but yet we believe and have faith; are we not then above the angels?

Do we not, beyond all reason, keep the faith in the works, glory, mercy, and love of Christ? Our God accounts salvation unto righteousness through Jesus and what he gave to us on the cross for those that have faith. See Hebrews, all of Chapter 11 concerning the power of faith.

Every person is three-dimensional in nature – having body, soul, and spirit. Our body is corruptible; it has a beginning and end. Our soul starts out as a clean slate, and the soul has a beginning but no end. Our spirit (or mind and heart) is the language written by us onto the soul. Like chalk on a blackboard, it represents the present that also incorporates the past and future all together. Our lives are written down as history by our spirit (mind and heart); and as we live our lives, all feelings and events and results create a three-dimensional vision of the essence of you on the soul platform – an image as real as the three-dimensional world we believe to exist presently.

So our soul and spirit are two completely different things. The spirit is housed written down on the surface of the soul; and the soul is housed inside the body. When someone dies, the body is led into corruption in the grave or into the reality of death. Death is a location in time.

The soul and spirit still live on after death. As Jesus tells us through the story of the rich man in hell (Luke 16:19-31), the soul and spirit live even after death; and they see, feel, hear, and live with memories of the past as they continue to exist in their present.

Among those of the dead, some spirits and souls are with Jesus in paradise, and some are still in hell; but all remember the lives they led. However, those in paradise (in heaven) are comforted by being in the presence of the love and the glory of God where their sins have been forgiven.

Those that are not in the presence of God still do not repent of the things done in the flesh, but do regret the place they are in called hell by Jesus himself, where they desire everything and are willing to settle for even just one drop of water to cool their thirst, but cannot get it.

In the spiritual world (God is spirit), the spirit has its own presence – meaning it has the perception of being, having shape and life. Even today, scientists tell us that we humans live in a digital world where, in essence, we do not really have location but exist everywhere, meaning we live in a subatomic environment of quantum physics that has been proven to be in all places at once, in essence, a spiritual world.

They tell us our present physical world is more filled with empty space than solid matter. This would indicate we are part of the spiritual world after all, and that the three-dimensional world we see is really more a two-dimensional hologram made of 99.9% empty space than mass.

The Bible tells us the universe and everything in it is made up of things not seen. So spiritual things are unseen, but their movements are seen in everything observable in life and documented in experiments with quantum physics, where it is said every subatomic particle can communicate instantaneously with every other subatomic particle no matter the distance between them. And even more strange is that these subatomic particles know they are being observed, and they change their nature and position and outcome based on their knowledge of being observed; and that requires an unknowable intelligence.

What does that mean to us?

It tells us the spiritual world is real, observable, held together by something unseen; able to change its reality as it is being observed; two-dimensional or digital in nature; able to communicate with its whole self instantaneously; showing an intelligence beyond our understanding; wholly separate but connected to our reality at the subatomic level; making up our reality and in control of our past, present and future existence and everyday lives.

What or who does that sound like?

If an artist paints a beautiful picture on a flat surface – the most amazing picture ever – and

  • we observe that picture and come to love that picture,
  • and as we look at the image, we feel part of it and connected to it on a subatomic, spiritual level,
  • and we even come to worship the image and believe it has healing power of life,
  • and we hate anyone else that does not believe in that picture and its power over us as the representation of God…what have we done?

We have worshiped the picture, the object that was created, and not the one that created it, and do not realize that the picture and the one that created it are not the same thing. We worship the picture (the earth, universe or ourselves) and forget the creator, and we do not realize one came from the other and that the creator has many more pictures to make.

The picture (the earth, the universe, and mankind-our self) are not God, but they all come from God and should be seen as a blessing from God. We are not God, and neither is the earth nor the universe nor anything in it.

We must all somehow be changed, but how can that happen?

We are the accumulated memories of our past, present and future, but we have madness in our hearts and minds; however, this is who we are. We are the collection of memories written onto our souls. We have a history of sadness, pity, hate, regret, remorse, betrayal, greediness, covenanting, boasting, and lying. Not one of us is righteous, no not even one, and nothing we do is righteous.

If we remain the same, frozen in this corruption, what good are we to God?  Having faith or not, we are still double-minded in our ways and remain in our sin nature, so how does God get rid of the things our spirit (heart of mind) has done and still does?

See Hebrews 4:12, “For the word of God is quick , and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to  the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow,

and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Only God can divide the things of the spirit from the things of the soul, because he controls the subatomic quantum world where even the smallest of things can be divided and separated. If you believe in God, our Christian God, you must believe in the supernatural or spiritual world…a world that belongs to a string of different and higher dimensions – dimensions that cannot be seen by us unless God chooses them to be seen, one that as Jesus (after his death) was able to do: come and go at will, appearing and disappearing and traveling great distances instantly. That is the definition of the supernatural. And if Jesus and God are supernatural, then so are the angels and demons and any spirit alive in a body or not, such as ours.

If the world and we ourselves are made up of things not seen…and all things tells us that is true…the Bible and science and all of your experiences, then why be so afraid of them?  Why not realize as fact what everyone is telling you; and that is that you are made from things you cannot see, and, in fact, those things are more real than you are, because you are made whole by them, and in essence we are the shadow of their whole reality.

We are an image cast from things not seen, and we are held together by subatomic particles or the arrangement of particles we have no control over. In other words, we are created beings, held together by a supernatural God who has the ability to communicate with all things, hold together all things, be in control of all things, and who knows all things and is the creator of all things.

Hebrews 11:1, 3, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen… Through Faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

In other words, all things are made from invisible things. How did Paul know this back then at least two thousand years ago? Who told him this was true? Our best scientist did not even suspect this until the last half of the 20th century.

All things are made of things not seen… but until we explored the quantum mechanics experiments, we did not know for sure. But now we have proven all quantum particles are connected, that distance is not important to their communication, and that some kind of intelligence controls the whole thing.

So if all the faithful are to be redeemed back to God, they must be sanctified first. This requires all sin to be forgotten and removed and replaced by righteousness, and we are told that will happen in the twinkling of an eye; so how does this happen?

If God is the only one that can divide the spirit from soul and can discern the thoughts and intent of the heart, then only God can remove the parts that are corrupting the soul. I believe that it is easier for God to heal the sick of all diseases and ailments than it is to separate the intent of the heart.

The knowledge of good and evil was the beginning of death, so it is this knowledge that is the root of all sin and the beginning of pride and rebellion against God. So the heart (and mind) spirit takes this knowledge and uses it in the bondage of corruption; therefore, this knowledge must be cleansed to achieve full redemption.

We will need to be like Adam and Eve before the fall; this is our state of full redemption. Many believe that Adam and Eve were clothed in light, so they could not see they were naked. But after the fall, they knew they were naked; therefore, they felt shame and tried to cover themselves with foliage and hide from God in the Garden of Eden.

But God clothed them with an animal skin…many believed it was the skin of a baby male lamb (Ram).  That is why Jesus is called the Lamb of God; his death covers all sin.

At the moment of our redemption, we will again be clothed in light. The color of light is white; and in the light spectrum, when you shine all colors of light: red, blue, green, yellow and all the others onto one spot, blending them all together, you end up with white. So we shall be clothed by God in all colors, and it appears as if we are clothed in white raiment which is the glory of God.

So we must all be changed into the glory of God and the intent of the heart changed back.

Forget about your worries and fear.

Forget about your sorrows and shame.

And pick up your crown of glory and surrender it at the foot of his throne—

Where the old will be young and the sick will be well once again,

Where the blind will see everything and the deaf will hear his voice,

And the lame will jump for joy,

And all in heaven will sing out his praise Holy, Holy, Holy, forevermore.

We must all be changed at the subatomic level.

Randy Denton