God Means Business :: By Edwin Tan

Not many people would have come across Ezekiel 12:25. Written way before Christ was born, it has startling mirror of what is happening in these final days. “For I am the Lord: I speak, and the word which I speak will come to pass; it will no more be postponed: for in your days, O rebellious house, I will say the word and perform it,’ says the Lord God.”

Does not the present-day world look very much like a rebellious house? Wanton lawlessness is in the manner of a runaway train. About everything mentioned in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 is an inescapable yet cruel reality. It has come a long and vicious way since schools did away with prayer in the early 1960s. The courts have recently done away with mentioning God in oath-taking. On this sad note, it is very much a cue to many, especially the younger generation, that there is no such thing as a Loving Heavenly Father. They can derive their version of love from a highly portable man-made machine. So they laugh, scorn and belittle anyone who talks about God.

Even for those who profess in some degree a belief in God but in a cursory form, they also account for the numbers in the present-day rebellious household. There are the so-called Christians who concoct a brand of worship that marinates sections of Holy Writ with diabolical doctrines and questionable practices that appeal to fleshly lusts. Why are they seemed as part of a rebellion? Simply because these things are an abomination as far as our God is concerned.

How about the seemingly religious Sunday Christian folk that put up a show, but their heart is not where it ought to be? Trouble is, God still knows what is going on. Whether it is a case of telling their spiritually upright friends that heaven and, for that matter, the Blessed Hope can wait or the case of engaging in sexual immorality away from public eye – it still counts as a rebellion!

All the participants in the forms of rebellion against their Creator have this sanguine notion that nothing will happen. They assume that He is not bothered and the concept of eternal damnation in hell is a bit farfetched. They often tell their loving critics that a loving Heavenly Father would not do such punishment. So much so that many politically correct pastors just do not allude to anything about the Great White Throne judgment!

The whole problem with these people is that they are living dangerously with respect to their eternal destiny. Playing with the potential for a ceaseless fire when they test the Creator’s patience. Take this matter seriously; God has but so much space and time for all that belligerence. Why? Because He means what He says. There is no turning back on what He has decided. It is indeed explicitly crystal clear that He does not postpone any decision He has made.

But for those who wait upon His glorious appearing for the Bride, the earlier mentioned verse from the Old Testament will only serve as a wondrous assurance that the moment of redemption is pretty near. So, the tedious waiting amidst bouts of weariness would be nearing its end very shortly. May all of you who cherish the Blessed Hope be encouraged by this piece of Scripture.

Yours in holding on to the Blessed Hope,