A Licentious Nation of Pretend Christians :: By Rob Pue

Once upon a time, not so long ago, JUNE was known as “Dairy Month” here in Wisconsin. I suppose other states had similar celebrations related to what their states were known for. But in Wisconsin, Dairy Month was celebrated with parades, festivals, Dairy Breakfasts, Farm Tours and other things to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our state’s farm families. While, officially, the month of June IS STILL “Dairy Month” here (I THINK), one would be hard pressed to know that, because NOW the month of June marks the official “kickoff” of sodomite “ pride ” festivities all across the world. And in Wisconsin, SODOMY gets FAR MORE publicity than the dairy industry ever did.

Now, these celebrations actually start well before the month of June and last well into the late fall — and in some places, they never end. The “pride” of sodomy, with its rainbow-colored flags, debaucherous parades and so-called “family-friendly” festivals seems to never end. And make no mistake: this is not just some passing “fad” acknowledged by a small handful of people on the fringe of society. Today, America — and the WORLD — is fully immersed, 24/7, 365 days a year — so enamored we are with the act of sodomite sexual activity. It seems this world cannot get enough.

The LGBT movement began adding new letters to their alphabet some time ago, to include the “Q” for “queer,” whatever THAT means. And now, though some will not admit it, the FULL acronym (at least for now) is actually “LGBTQP+” — the “P” standing for “pedophilia” and the “plus” meaning — well… “whatever one would like to add, that’s just fine.” “Love is love,” they tell us. “Love wins,” they say. But LOVE has NOTHING to do with it!

While this movement is cloaked in the illusion that this is all about who (or WHAT) a person chooses to “love,” and that those involved in the LGBTQP+ agenda are all about “love and acceptance, diversity and inclusion,” the truth of the matter is, this stuff is nothing less than demonic delusion, the deliberate twisting and indoctrination of young hearts and minds, licentiousness and evil…as the devil seeks to steal the souls of our children and grandchildren. And he’s making pretty good progress. Once again — while the modern American so-called “church” sleeps.

I’ve just returned from Columbus, Ohio, where about 100 Christians from 21 states gathered to minister on the streets at the 2nd largest “pride” parade in the country, with a half million participants. You heard me right, a HALF MILLION.

During this time, SODOMY takes over the entire city. Open (and PROUD) nudity is commonplace, right out on the city streets. Rainbow flags and regalia are everywhere you look. Not just in the parade — even on banners on downtown city streetlight poles…. PROUDLY DISPLAYED by the city of Columbus.  Yes, the entire CITY celebrates the sodomite lifestyle… or better stated, “death-style,” as we all KNOW the end result of this perverted sexual activity.

But while Columbus, Ohio, boasts the 2nd largest of such parades in the nation, these events are taking place in nearly EVERY city and town across the country. If YOUR city doesn’t yet have one, just give it time; it won’t be long… it’s coming to your backyard… soon. How will YOU respond?

Let me tell you what happens at one of these events:

First, there’s the parade itself. IN the parade, you will see many so-called “Christian churches” with floats adorned in rainbow colors, near-naked men dancing and gyrating on top of the floats, sometimes simulating sodomite sex, while others walk alongside, holding signs APOLOGIZING for the way “Christians” have treated sodomites. There will also be signs such as “LGBT families for Jesus,” “God thinks you’re fabulous,” “OUR church LOVES you!” “We embrace diversity.” And of course, “Love over hate.” These churches promise they are “open and affirming” of the sodomite death-style, and “ALL are welcome.”

Of course, in their world, “ALL” never means “all.” When REAL Christians bring the message of forgiveness of God through humble repentance (the opposite of perverted PRIDE), these church-goers have no problem whatsoever showing us their middle finger and screaming vulgarities.

Then there are the businesses and corporations — nearly EVERY company you can think of, from Noodles restaurants to Target stores to UPS. TRULY, too many to mention.

Most appalling and sad are the thousands upon thousands of CHILDREN at the parade — and IN the parade: babies pushed in strollers, toddlers riding on the shoulders of near-naked men – walking as couples, stopping every so often to grope one another and give each other a passionate kiss in front of the thousands of cheering onlookers. Older kids walking in the parade… their faces full of sadness and confusion as they dutifully wave small rainbow flags, as instructed by their so-called “parents.” And then there are the thousands of kids TAKEN to the parade by THEIR so-called “parents” to watch all of this hedonism. Some in the parade hand out candy to the young children — candy shaped like sexual organs. Others in the parade hand out condoms to the teens.

I find it ironic that children under 13 cannot go to a theater to watch a PG-13 movie. Yet they are encouraged and TAKEN to these events BY THEIR PARENTS to view some of the most outrageous and debaucherous activities you could imagine. And the more outrageous and offensive the better — the crowds love it; the filthier it is, the better.

Then, there are the public school buses in the parade, decked out in rainbow colors and flags, boasting “City Schools Celebrate Pride” — and the teachers’ unions marching in the parade, touting once again “Diversity makes us stronger,” and “Public School Teachers LOVE kids.” (Yeah, I BET they do).

Everywhere you look, it’s nothing but sodomite sex, nudity, “drag queens” greeting young children — and young children frightened out of their minds as they are forced to view these demons — more frightening to a kid than an evil circus clown. I could go on, but I won’t.

Then there are the handful of Christians. Our group, as I said, consisted of about 100 people from all over the United States. We are all part of the Salt and Light Brigade, and we gather for important opportunities to witness for Christ wherever we have the chance to stand up for God’s natural order and design, and God’s TRUTH. We are peaceful. We are KIND. We are NOT the “Westboro Baptist Church” types.

The local police hate us. The Columbus police chief is an open lesbian; and of course, the city police department also participates in the parade, so you know whose side the cops are on. They rope us off, ostensibly for our “protection.” But it has nothing to do with our protection. They rope us off and surround us to make sure that WE do not cause any problems — AND, dare I say, to make us an easy target for those “loving” sodomites to abuse — like shooting fish in a barrel. As we seek to share the Word of God and witness to those watching the parade around us, we are attacked on all sides — to the great AMUSEMENT of the police. You see, since the sodomites have NO valid argument for their lifestyle choices, all they can do is drown us out with noise, so that our message cannot go forth.

On more than one occasion, the signs we hold have been stolen and destroyed. We have been pushed, shoved, spit upon, our personal property destroyed, we’ve been punched, and the foul-mouthed swearing never ends. People blow whistles loudly non-stop. They use air-horns, blasted inches from our ears, STEADILY. They bang on drums and cowbells and blow trumpets to drown out any Godly message we might try to speak. They cover our signs with rainbow flags. They call us every foul name in the book and SCREAM at us through megaphones — again, inches from our ears. ALL of this, mind you, while the police are right there, inches in front of us, smirking and smiling in delight to see us there in our makeshift “cage,” enduring the abuse for more than three hours straight.

They try to provoke us to violence. But we do not act in the ‘flesh’; rather, we take their abuse and continue our mission. Make no mistake: if WE were to so much as “bump into” one of our abusers, the police would be right there to wrestle us to the ground, handcuff us and haul us off to jail.

There is virtually NO opportunity, in an atmosphere like this, to speak one-on-one with anyone — oh they DO talk to us — but only to call us filthy, foul names, cast aspersions on OUR sexuality, our mothers, ANYTHING to elicit violence from us. And again, while we are being violently attacked by the sodomites, the police offer NO protection or equal rights or free speech for US. It’s “open season” on Christians.

This was just one such parade. In Louisville, Kentucky, another group of Christians went to witness at that parade. There, one minister had a bag of dog feces dumped on his head and rubbed in his face. In another instance, in Oklahoma City, four Christians were arrested by parade security officers, one man tazed. The charge? “Trespassing!” Trespassing on a public street at a public event — because he was preaching from the Bible.

Several times at these events, I HAVE had an opportunity to speak directly, one-on-one with people. As I compassionately shared our reason for being there, and explained how these young adults had been lied to and deceived by our culture and their schools, I WAS able to have an impact. On one occasion, a young lesbian couple came to attack us; but by God’s grace, the situation turned around, and I was able to take them aside to a quieter spot and have a wonderful conversation with them. And in the end, tears began to well up in their eyes, and one said, “I think I have some things to think about now.”  And then this couple and their five friends LEFT the parade. With some things to think about.

But things have changed drastically over just a few years. No longer is there any chance of civil conversation. Now, as I said, all they can do is drown out our message with noise. They WILL NOT listen.  They WILL NOT hear. Apparently, they have been trained to respond this way, because this is how they act now at every such event. It’s called “jamming” — drowning out our message with horns, megaphones, whistles, cowbells, drums, you name it. ANYTHING to keep people from hearing what we have to say.

Oh, and I might also mention that WE are forbidden by police from using any form of amplification so that OUR message might be heard. Yet THEY are freely able to blast these vulgarities inches from our ears through megaphones turned up on “high.”

You might wonder WHY we do this. We do this because we are grieved, because we have compassion, because we have the TRUTH of the deception and lies that millions today are embracing. If WE do not go and stand up for God’s Word and Truth, WHO, I ask you, will? Local Bible-believing and preaching churches WILL NOT go. The apostate churches are IN the parade. And for us to even get a hundred people to get involved, it took dedicated men and women of God from 21 different states to come… and all we could gather (after MONTHS of begging other Christians to help us) was a hundred… out of the ENTIRE United States.

Meanwhile, the sodomite agenda rages forward, full force. In cities across the nation now, we have crosswalks painted in the rainbow flag colors. Multiple state governors are celebrating too — raising the rainbow flag above the state capitol buildings. Even in the small city where I live, the local Department of Motor Vehicles now proudly flies the rainbow flag. When this happened, there were only THREE people that cared enough to oppose this publicly. Of course, these three courageous speakers were, afterwards, treated with extreme disdain, called “haters,” “bigots,” “homophobes,” and worse. Much worse.

Need I mention how our public schools and libraries are now ALSO being taken over by the sodomite agenda?

You’ve no doubt heard of “Drag Queen Story Time,” where a man comes dressed as a woman — not just as a “woman” but as an outrageously HIDEOUS woman — sometimes with a full beard, piercings, wearing jewelry with satanic symbols, brightly colored rainbow wigs, and a TON of makeup… and they read stories to little children about sodomite sex. And once again, when a few (a very FEW) Christians show up to these events to preach the truth and expose the lies, they are ALWAYS abused, and most often arrested for “trespassing” — again, at a public venue, open to the public, paid for with our tax dollars. I guess some people are more “equal” than others. Because today, the Christian message is not only excluded, but openly and unapologetically persecuted.

What has happened to America?  What sort of “inheritance” are we leaving to our children and grandchildren?

As I’ve said before, “as go the pulpits, so goes the nation.” Even so-called “good” Bible-believing, Bible-preaching pastors and churches avoid all this like the plague. They WILL NOT speak on it. They REFUSE to instruct their congregants on what the Word of God has to say about sexual perversion and abomination. And so the people in the pews are sheep without shepherds. As the pastors focus on “happy fun time” with milquetoast VBS weeks, filled with fun and games, summertime church-wide cookouts, and loud, raucous rock bands as the people raise their hands and sway back and forth in what can only be described as vain “worship-tainment,” the people remain blissfully oblivious and apathetic to the whole world around them.

I admit, I am beyond frustrated and discouraged by all this. CHRISTIANS — TRUE Christians have the very power of GOD within them. Scripture tells us “the righteous are as bold as lions and the wicked flee when no man pursues.” But in our world today, the wicked rule the day, and the so-called “righteous” are nowhere to be found. Probably because VERY FEW who attend church (yes, even YOUR church, no matter how “good” you think it is) are really TRUE Christ-followers.

Go ahead — just TRY to get some people from your “good” church to go out of those four walls to the streets — to the very gates of hell at one of these “pride” events, and stand up for Jesus… and SEE for yourself how many you will get to participate. I can tell you now, the pastor will NOT be in favor of your actions. He will not only NOT encourage your efforts; he will DISCOURAGE you and tell others to avoid you. You will quickly see you are surrounded by goats.

Perhaps professing Christians don’t care about the LGBTQP+ agenda steamrolling over God’s Word, twisting the minds of young children and fundamentally changing the mindset of millions of Americans. As these deviants become stronger and more bold, it gives THEM license to practice their OWN forms of sexual perversion, whatever that may be, and to not be ashamed or concerned, because the popular lie most churches preach now is: “God loves everybody, just the way they are.” No such thing as ‘sin’ anymore.

The Bible calls this “licentiousness.” We are a “licentious” nation of pretend Christians, and we should be ashamed of ourselves. Indeed, we have nothing to be proud of.


Audio versions and transcripts of this message are available when you call me at Wisconsin Christian News, (715) 486-8066. Or email Rob@WisconsinChristianNews.com. Ask for message number 259.