Peace in Spite of The Times :: By Edwin Tan

A famous but quite forgotten phrase from the long gone 1960s and part of the decade that followed immediately is all about peace. ‘Give peace a chance’ was the then catchword, largely popularized by the Beatles and adherents of the then hippie culture. Almost a half century has lapsed since that heyday; so the kids, teenagers and young adults of that era are aghast at the present-day realities. Peace as they knew it then seemingly appears to be diminishing as disruptions are clear and present if not looming treacherously.

Fifty, sixty and seventy-year olds have but a fleeting sniff of nostalgia as a fast-evolving world rears its not so benign aspect. This is enough to cause unease and a sense of alienation as the familiar fades into oblivion and the cold unfamiliar pervades everyday life.

All the above is enough to cause strife, thereby creating an atmosphere where peace is perceived to be lacking. This sense of being is further aggravated by the daily comings and goings which bring zero cheer.

Of late there has been an almost exponential growth in seismic activity; the same could be said about never-seen-before extremities in the weather – like the unprecedented prevalence of tornadoes and super-violent storms. Then there’s not just the headlines speaking of traditional conflicts in the military sense, but more so the much-talked-about trade wars. On this note, it is not just the oldies that perceive declining peace; but almost every man, woman and child on the planet is affected by such a sense of being.

Small wonder why individuals with mental disorders are skyrocketing around the globe when the perception that peace is fast dwindling and becoming extinct dominates many psyches. The psychological inadvertently affects the physiological, thereby giving rise to a myriad of bodily dysfunctions. This perfectly fits what our Lord said about the times we now live in:

“People fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world. For the powers of the heavens will be shaken” (Luke 21:26).

Notice the use of the future tense in the above passage of scripture. Also, there is mention of what is coming and not what is already here. So, peace appears to be fading fast because many feel that way. Not really about the true peace that actually exists in the planet – this unhealthy perception is none other than the artwork of the Lawless One!

The good news is this: there is one sure and certain way to get around the above malaise – by so doing, you are assured of peace. The Blessed Hope is the ultimate game changer! With the Blessed Hope, we are cognizant of a sure glory beyond our wildest dreams. The beauty of it is that, with all the not-so- pleasant stuff exploding before our eyes, it is a clear-cut indication of the nearness of the moment of everlasting glory, as Luke 21:28 clearly states.

When we hold fast to the Blessed Hope, our Heavenly Father gives all who believe a concise yet concrete roadmap of what is to come. With that in the thought process, peace of mind is guaranteed – especially when we are more than able to make sense of the prevailing confusion. Ignorance is never bliss; and as is said in the closing portion of Hosea 4:6 – “people are destroyed due to a lack of knowledge.”

The Blessed Hope promises us total relief from an unrelenting chain of horrific events. So why worry about that tomorrow which will never cross our paths at all?

So we have to fully rest our eternal destiny on this truth that is in the inerrant Word of God, if we were to continually savor the peace He gives us until that twinkling-of-an-eye moment.

“And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7).

There are countless numbers if we talk about people all over the world that are beset with the problems of living in this current age. The Blessed Hope affords these individuals the opportunity to savor the sweetness of the peace which is largely beyond the comprehension of humanity. Whether it is the case of backsliding brothers and sisters in Christ or total non-believers, the Blessed Hope is a fundamental tool of the times in adding on to the tally that makes up the Bride of the Lamb. With this, peace is not only guaranteed for the times we live in, but more so forever.

Waiting for the Prince of peace