Don’t Get the Wrong Idea :: By Edwin Tan

Pre-Tribulation Rapture

In his last prophecy update for the month of May 2019, Pastor J. D. Farag alluded to the cold fact that the scoffing and mockery of the pre-tribulation rapture had gained increasing momentum in very recent times. He candidly pointed out 2 Peter 3-4, saying that those who continued with the vigorous disregard for the coming moment of glory were fulfilling Bible prophecy!

Yes, the prevailing onslaught on the Blessed Hope is indeed a gross misinterpretation of the Truth. Average Joes and Janes could find end-times’ topics unwieldy yet oftentimes frightening – no thanks to the unqualified presenters. Such people claim to be in the full know but craftily deviate from the real McCoy. Then there are those elements that claim, if not profess, to follow prophetic events. Somehow, they appear to be strange folks: biased in opinion, odd in social interactions, highly judgmental, and occasionally arrogant.

The Author of Confusion has cleverly utilized the abovementioned to give Bible prophecy a very bad label. To the ill-advised, the study of the end times becomes a turn-off, so the same would apply to people who hold onto the certain hope that is drawing nigh. Not a problem visualizing caricatures made up by these critics; perhaps a watered-down version of the Nutty professor looking dazed and confused with an unsteady gait!

These people certainly got the wrong picture that is based on more hearsay versus plain reality. The heart of the matter is that not one of the scoffers’ arguments is based on Scriptural truism. To begin with, Matthew 7:14 best describes what the genuine situation is. There is little doubt that the path chosen by the faithful that defy the persistent mocking is tough – so much for the numbers that add up to only a few. Nevertheless, these few soldier on – fully cognizant of the sure glory that is guaranteed at the very conclusion of their arduous journey of faith.

It could be said from a simpleton’s point of view that those with no faint heart would undertake the above option. Not far from it, people of faith have a lion’s heart! Romans 8:18 is the driving force behind this courageous stance.

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”

The problem is this: few people believe in the efficacy and value of the above piece of Scripture. Everybody wants to party, preferring the immediate good life over a pie in the sky that is to them like a futuristic fairytale. Not many people can fathom what eternity is all about, practicing Christians included.

Hang on a minute! Don’t many notice that, of late, the carnival is winding down? Not so great moments have waltzed their way in, like the never-been-seen before weather. This is only the beginning, and there is a whole lot more to come. Go on, boys and girls; party on like it is business as usual as the storm gathers. Keep mocking and scoffing whilst in a state of denial.

Herein is the difference between us and them. While they partied and poked fun at us, we were walking hard and being prepared for the times – much like the people of Issachar so talked about in 1 Chronicles 12:32. We are aware of what lies ahead when we connect with our Dear Lord every day, and at the same time are fully aware of what is going on. Not just being spirituality prepared but our psyche is being fine-tuned with respect to soaking up the pressures that go with impending happenings. The toughening process makes us unlike the individuals mentioned in 1 Thess 5:7: “For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, get drunk at night.”

So we should encourage one another amongst the like-minded who are not in darkness but in the light of day. Things could get kind of heavy before the trumpet sounds, but our unique lifestyle which is governed by hope versus despair will see us through as we continue to draw nigh to Christ.

What exactly are the ones that believe in the split-second snatch all about? Hardly anything to say if a comparison is made to earlier-said presumptions. Herein is a joyous throng, beaming with confidence besides exuding an exemplary level of calmness laced with courage. They make sense out of the nonsense that is endemic in this ever-confusing world simply because of the hope that is in the Living Word.

The few so mentioned only know how to fear God and nothing else, not even death; it is as good as missing the Rapture the other way ‘round! Our days are indeed numbered, and we know not the time. But we sure know where we land, one way or the other. Cannot imagine a teary send off for a dearly departed who believed in the Blessed Hope at the last breath!

Your kind attention please, all ye who are swashbuckling, quick to pass judgement on us of a somewhat less attractive few! The times are a’changing, except this is not fifty years ago. Question is, can you handle the very thought of what is coming, if not what is knocking at your front door? For the “us” of that minority who are the basis of your champagne breakfast jokes, we can handle it because of our belief in the Truth.

There is no case for anybody having a last laugh – so why don’t you have a really good look at our way of living. You are certainly most welcome on board!

Split-second snatch for sure