The Tube :: By Grant Phillips

“The tube” used to be a referral to the television set. However, that will not work today since tubes are no longer used to manufacture television sets. We today are much more sophisticated. The invading beast has evolved and greatly expanded its territory.

I still hear it referred to as “the idiot box” though and most every home in America has at least one, and usually more. I suspect that many would rather do without toilet paper than the TV, although toilet paper is obviously more beneficial. One dispenses waste. The other cleans it up.

Also, most everyone living in this new age of electronics cannot remember a time without our beloved TV. I can remember, as a child, our getting our first television. It was a large square box with three snowy channels that provided us with the ABC, CBS and NBC networks.

Televisions today have more channels than anyone could ever keep up with, although I dare say that some do try. It has become the centerpiece of the home. Notice that all seating is positioned directly toward the television. It can be found in living rooms, dens, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, workshops and even the outdoor deck areas. Maybe someone has even installed one in a closet or hallway. You never know. The short of it is, the television has long ago moved in to the most private part of our lives; our homes. Has it become a god in our homes? Is it really the main attraction in our homes?

I have also noticed that it can also be found in nearly any public area we may visit. Maybe you have noticed that televisions have followed us to the doctor’s office, the hospital, restaurants, and many other locales. My wife and I have even seen them at a gas station. I kid you not. There was one at each pump, and yes, they were actually televisions with real broadcasts.

One of the most irritating things I can think of is sitting in a doctor’s office, or a hospital waiting room, or wherever and being force-fed the distraction of this annoying electronic gadget when I would much rather just sit and read. But who can read with the racket coming from the wall? Not only that, the TV is usually airing something I would never watch at home, although admittedly, my preferences are extremely few.

The television can be a useful tool when it is used with discretion, but most that come from the airwaves is not healthy for any of us. How many of us have ever considered the garbage that has been etched into our brains over the many years it has had to indoctrinate us? How many of us can still think for ourselves without turning on the “tube” to hear someone telling us what to believe?

Speaking of … don’t you love it when the “experts” take up our time to tell us what someone just said that we just heard speak with our own ears? I suppose they think we are all stupid, so they are going to tell us what the speaker really said. Are we stupid? Based on the number of corrupt politicians that have been elected, by us, I really can’t argue the fact.

The television can be, and sometimes is, a great tool to dispense information such as Biblically based religious programs (a rarity), weather (usually wrong unless it is after the fact), and truthful unbiased news (a greater rarity). However, it can and is being used, as a Satanic tool to indoctrinate the masses with any and everything that will please the ruler of this world; i.e. Satan.

We live in a society that prides itself on independent thinking and correct analysis, believing our way is the only way. However, when I read what God says in His Word, then consider our stance as a society toward His Word, society has some serious problems. We are weak, brainless, prideful, egocentric, and bound for judgment by a righteous and holy God. Much of our nonsensical thinking has come from being brainwashed from the regurgitation emitted from the television.

Another Trojan horse that is now consuming our lives is the Internet and the electronic devices we use for access. As I said of the television, I repeat concerning the Internet. The Internet and television are excellent tools for us to use when used wisely. The greatest problem I see with both television and Internet is that those in the control center who decide what will be available for our viewing are providing contaminated meals instead of healthy foods for our consumption. So far, it is easier to find enriched foods on the Internet than the television, but again, one has to search wisely.

Satan and his hordes of disciples are more than willing, even excited, to provide despicable viewing for our “pleasure.” This is why, especially today, we who follow Jesus Christ need to be more and more in the Word of the Bible and have a strong prayer life. The wild rabid dogs of hell have been unleashed upon us and there is no safe place but in the arms of the one and only true God. If we as Christians allow ourselves to be caught up in this mad frenzy, we will be caught up in the stampede of insanity that surrounds us each day. Our soul will always be secure in the hands of God, but our earthly lives will not provide much spiritual light to others who also need Jesus.

Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16) If all we feed ourselves upon is the garbage from the television and the dark alleys of the Internet, how can we possibly fulfill our Lord’s command to us as stated in the verse above? By the way, notice that it is a command. Jesus is not saying “Please.” He is saying, “Do this.”

Every person that claims Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord needs to make a concerted effort at obeying Jesus’ command. Jesus is the Light, and it is He that needs to be seen in our lives, instead of endless hours of media indoctrination.

I could go on and on, page after page, concerning so many different avenues about this subject, but the one simple point is this. Who do we serve, God or man? How much time do we spend with the Lord? Is our greatest concern our time with God or the upcoming ballgame to be broadcast? Do we need to adjust our thinking about supporting shows that support sinful lifestyles? If we watch them, we are supporting them. What does God think about that? Is the light showing in our life, or is it barely a flicker? God should be the center of our life. Is He?

Grant Phillips

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