High Time the Blasted Hope Got Blasted! :: By Edwin Tan

In such times as we live in, Luke 21:28 can be a comfort to many. “When you see these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.” But of late, the contrary seemingly takes center stage. Many who rant and rave about these words of encouragement will lambast with a cynical tirade that goes something like this:

“Forty years have whizzed by since the Late Great Planet Earth and HE is still not here.” Perhaps some might echo the lyrics of “So Far Away (from me)” by Dire Straits as a gloomy future is being contemplated.

When one ponders what the next few years would usher while subscribing to the Blessed Hope being mere hogwash, there are probably three scenarios that could come to pass:

Firstly, there is that overwhelming state of hopelessness; it usually serves as a propellant to carry out the most unthinkable from a list of negative options. We will not elaborate on this any further as the path taken is obvious and dead-easy to understand.

The next avenue is simply centered around escapism. There is no shortage of so-called escape routes so craftily designed by the Father of Lies.

It could be merely hitting the bottle; but for the increasingly skeptical, it might be the intricate realm of virtual reality. As the cynicism deepens, rejecting the Gospel of Christ might be the unfortunate case; small wonder there are numerous “ex-Christians” toting other beliefs in the quest to make sense of the current world.

Then there are those vociferous, half-baked people who emphasize the apocalyptic aspect of the Bible but vehemently deny the imminent nature of the Blessed Hope – as good as telling the Comforter of our souls to take the back seat. Neither do they believe in the infallible truth that is in the Living Word. This explains why they devote more time to the likes of Colt, Ruger and Browning alongside drums of edibles with lengthy expiration dates!

There is indeed a common denominator that unifies the above-said choices. It is all about being drawn away from God, turning one’s back from the Power that is in His Word, aside from denying the infinite riches and glory so meant for our benefit. Sadly speaking, there are those so blind to the reality that they are up against in the unseen spiritual realm – the powers and principalities associated with darkness.

When you do not have the Armour of God, it is not a problem arriving at a foregone conclusion. In short, sheepishly falling for the notion of the blasted hope is as good as waving a white flag at our adversary: throwing away our helmet of salvation; substituting the genuine breastplate of righteousness with a phony, hole-ridden one that tolerates lawlessness; mothballing the shield of faith as fear sets in; sticking the sword of the Spirit in the sand as unbelief gathers pace; replacing the truth that girds the loins with a flimsy garland made of lies; and finally, unshodding the peace on both feet in the place of violence oftentimes laced with brutality.

All of the above only makes the devil have a good laugh at the expense of our eternal destiny!

In any event, one would think that a lifetime is one whale of a lengthy period. Take a good look at our early Church fathers and their adherents; they never even lived to see the day that Israel became a nation, yet they held onto the Blessed Hope even as they breathed their last. Where are they now? A place we all long for where Rest is assured!

Fast forward to the past few years; Tim La Haye and Chuck Missler recently went home to be with the Lord; both gentlemen clung onto the Blessed Hope while bearing bountiful fruit for His Kingdom. I am sure they are enjoying a great reward from the King of kings. Then there is Hal Lindsey – circling ninety but still a solid stalwart of the Blessed Hope. I personally enjoy his weekly program; it has strengthened my faith by no small measure. That wonderful man also teaches us a lot of Scriptural truths. Here is an excellent example of a soldier for the Cross; the cornerstone of his faith surely emanates from the Blessed Hope!

All of us ought to emulate these men of faith as we find what we cherish and hold being put to the test. Even we ourselves who have substantial maturity in Christ should not dismiss ourselves as so-so’s. The little we can do does make a difference for many weaker ones with daily challenges.

Bear this in mind: the gist of the Blessed Hope is all about encouraging one another. We need more individuals like Todd and Terry, also the likes of the many that contribute to Rapture Ready – very much like an aggregation of lights which drives darkness away.

Here are words of comfort for those holding fast to the Blessed Hope. It is found in Lamentations 3:22-23: “Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

There you have it; because of God’s grace and mercy, every day of our lives is kept away from worst-case scenarios. Every daily blessing is likened to the freshness of the morning’s blossom! All this is part of the package that comes with believing in the Blessed Hope. This Blessed Hope is open to everyone who believes regardless of culture, language and socioeconomic backgrounds!

We witness the developments in the Middle East as well as the terrifying future prospect of Artificial Intelligence – not to be shaken by all this, but spurred on in our journey of faith as we see the day of our joyous redemption drawing ever so close.

We should be paying serious regard to Luke 12:35: “Let your waist be girded, and your lamps burning.”

It is all about occupying until He calls us to be with Him forevermore when the true, good blast sounds!

Let not the Blessed Hope be on life support, but we should support it with our lives dedicated to His Kingdom and Glory!