8 Apr 2019

Pray for Concerning Days Ahead

Prayer Request: I’m sure you are all familiar with Ronda Lane’s writings for Rapture Ready. What most don’t know is that she’s been ill for a long time. She’s had primary progressive MS, spinal cord disease (syringomyelia) and myriad other health issues for over a decade, and now she has stage four cancer. She’s not asking for prayers for healing but for God’s will to be done. She’s asking for prayer for pain relief and continual relief of pain, and that you’d pray for the Lord’s comfort for her family and dearest friends.

Extreme Weather

In the central US, long-term flooding remains a concern as rivers continue to rise. This week the Southern US saw several more inches of rain pour down, and more is still to come. At least a million acres of US farmland have been flooded by the “bomb cyclone.”

In the Midwest US, flooded towns along the Missouri River may not have drinking water for weeks to come. Disaster aid does not cover “stored” crops destroyed by the Midwest floods. At the rate that crops are being destroyed from drought or floods around the world (not to mention the massive livestock deaths), it’s not hard to see how food prices are going to be so high during the Tribulation that it will take a whole day’s wages just to feed one person (Revelation 5:5-6).

Iran was hit by unprecedented flooding for the third time in two weeks with yet more rain and flooding this weekend. The death toll is now 70 with hundreds injured and tens of thousands displaced. Extreme flooding and heavy rainfall at times equaled over half of the annual average within 24 hours. Rescue operations are still underway as of this writing. Women and children are being evacuated while the men are asked to stay and help with the rescue operation. There are warnings that dams could overflow, causing yet more devastation. Many people are in urgent need of food, water, blankets and tents.

Afghanistan is still dealing with the devastation from flooding that caused destruction and death in its worst storm in 20 years. The latest floods claimed the lives of over 80 people and injured over 200 others in the affected regions. Over 163,000 people have now been affected by floods, including those in the past week. A total of more than 42,000 people have been displaced since the beginning of the year.

Storms in Saudi Arabia on March 31 saw flash floods and accumulations of hailstones in several areas.

There was a huge hailstorm in Constantine, Algeria.

Spring Snow

In the mountains of Passo Tonale, Italy, 94cm (over 3 feet) of snow fell between Wednesday and Friday.

In Göschenen, Switzerland, on Thursday, 80 cm of snow (over 2 ½ feet) fell in 10 hours.

Chamonix, France, got over a foot of snow.

In Israel, seven years of drought that brought the Sea of Galilee to a dangerously low level gave way to a longer than usual winter with heavy rains, raising the water level by 2.80 meters (9.1 feet). Early this week, it rose 11 centimeters (4 inches) in just 24 hours as unseasonably cold and wet weather continued. There were flood warnings for some areas of the country. Bogus global warming hawkers (such as the liberal-left Haaretz) are still saying they’re pessimistic on it reaching fullness. God is in control of (so-called) climate change, and 7 is a significant number in the Bible.

Great Earthquakes in Diverse Places

6.0 off the coast of Port Mathurin, Mauritius on April 1.

6.4 off the coast of Alaska on April 2.

6.5 off the coast of the Falkland Islands April 5.

6.3 off the coast of the Southeast Asian nation of Timor-Leste.

There were 6 quakes over 5.0 in various places this week.


In the US, a multistate outbreak of E. coli has raised alarms and questions: As of Thursday, 72 people in five states have become ill, yet the cause of their infection remains unknown.

The number of US measles cases is at its second highest since the disease was eliminated in 2000. Measles cases through the first three months of this year have surpassed the count for all of 2018. There have been 387 cases through March. There were 372 cases in 2018. The 2019 tally is already the most since 2014, when 667 were reported. Incidentally, 2014 was the year the US experienced a huge immigration crisis.

Acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, is a rare, mysterious and sometimes deadly paralyzing illness that seems to ebb and flow on an every-other-year cycle. Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said it’s unlikely AFM will become as bad as polio, but “don’t assume it’s going to stay at a couple of hundred cases every other year.” While other countries have reported cases, including Canada, France, Britain and Norway, the size and pattern of US outbreaks have been more pronounced. Over 550 Americans have been struck this decade. The oldest was 32, and over 90% were children, most around 4, 5 or 6 years old.

In the Congo, Ebola is spreading at its fastest rate yet, eight months after this latest outbreak was first detected. Each of the past two weeks has registered a record number of new cases, marking a sharp setback for efforts to respond to the second biggest outbreak ever, as militia violence and community resistance have impeded access to affected areas.

Hatred of the Jews/Israel

Twitter allowed a Muslim news editor’s account to remain after his vile tweet calling for the death of all Israelis. Hassan Soleimani, editor-in-chief of Mashregh News website (close to Iran’s Intelligence Ministry) boasted that Twitter said he didn’t violate the company’s rules. Yet, we know that if someone were to speak in this way against Islam, their Twitter account would be removed.

Hatred of Christianity

The Christian-owned Chick-fil-A has been banned from operating as a food vendor in the Buffalo Niagara International Airport after a Democrat New York assemblyman tweeted that the restaurant supports “anti-LGBTQ organizations.”

In France, there has been a rise in vandalism at churches, everything from fires to human excrement to satanic symbols.

Lawlessness Abounds

In Georgia, a pregnant woman and her teenage son are dead after a day-long hostage standoff. The hostage taker also shot and wounded two police officers before killing himself.

Phoenix, Arizona police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a 10-year-old girl as she sat with her family in a car in their driveway in an apparent road rage incident. The driver of the other vehicle followed the family home and opened fire.

In Chicago, someone fired into a car, critically injuring a 1-year-old boy on Thursday.

In California, a ten-year-old boy was seriously injured while in a parked car with four other people. A driver pulled up next to them and opened fire.

Days of Lot Returned

Another child sex offender has been uncovered who does drag queen story time for children.

In an attempt to confuse teenagers (and pre-teens who also read this trash) about the naturally-occurring biological differences between men and women, Teen Vogue released a video titled, “5 Common Misconceptions About Sex and Gender.” The video features various speakers insisting that gender is a fluid construct and “binary (male and female) is bulls***.” Additional comments also mock the fact that if a boy has a penis, he’s a boy, and if a girl has a vagina, she’s a girl.

Government-funded research now allows testosterone to be given to girls as young as 8, claiming they’re transgender. Teen girls as young as 13 are having their breasts removed, and 17-year-old boys have the penises of 9-year-old’s or are losing sexual sensation altogether due to hormone blockers.

An NBC poll claims 70% of Americans are OK with a homosexual presidential candidate. NBC is liberal left, so we should expect nothing less of them; they don’t represent everyone. Nevertheless, it’s amazing how many people today, even ones that call themselves Christian, support the LBGT agenda and have fallen for Satan’s lie that people are born that way despite what God’s Word says.

“A depraved sadomasochist (BDSM) orgy is set to take place in Cleveland, Ohio the last weekend in April. The ‘Cleveland Annual Leather Weekend’ (CLAW) has been taking over upscale hotels for years now with no interference. Hotels booked this year by CLAW are the downtown Cleveland Westin, Marriott, Hampton Inn, and Aloft. CLAW features private workshops teaching the most depraved human activities imaginable.” These are hotels that families stay at. Imagine the filth left behind from this orgy that isn’t seen by the naked eye. You can click on this link to sign the petition to stop this outrage.

In Miami, massive crowds of revelers, jammed-pack together like sardines, drank and danced to techno music and did who knows what else as they moved from one portal to another in their yearly 24-hour rave titled “Get Lost Miami,” the ending to Miami Music Week. It was New Age paganism on display.

Traitorous Times

When news broke that Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded there was no evidence President Trump colluded with Russia to win the White House, some in politics and the media suggested the “Deep State” officials who colluded to bring down his presidency deserve to be investigated for their misdeeds. Yes, they should.

“With a fraudulent Russian collusion claim no longer in their hip pocket, Democrats are still plotting  how to recapture the White House and the US Senate in 2020. But they’re tired of competing. To ensure the desired outcome, they’ve proposed steps that would finish off the national, two-party system for all intents and purposes. First, they oppose any efforts to strengthen the border and reduce illegal immigration. They want to ensure a massive flow of undocumented Democrats and recruits for the Free Stuff Army. Next, they propose doing away with the Electoral College. Why? Because the Electoral College considers the whole nation, not just packed urban areas where it’s ridiculously easy to stuff ballot boxes and bid the dead to rise and vote.”

Border Disorder

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said human traffickers are using “child recycling” rings to smuggle migrants into the country. Smugglers kidnap a child, give it to an adult to cross the border, and present themselves as a family. Once they get in (we can only hold families for 20 days), they send the child back and bring the child back again with another adult. Nielsen called the border situation a Category 5 immigration crisis. “We have to stop the drugs. We have to stop the smuggling and trafficking gangs…,” she said.

US Customs and Border Protection agent Chris Cabrera defended President Trump’s threat to close the U.S.-Mexico border amid rising illegal immigration, conceding, “It’s so far out of hand, you guys wouldn’t believe it if you saw it.”

US Customs and Border Protection agents have arrested 16 previously deported foreign nationals convicted of heinous crimes, after they again illegally entered the US in March. The illegal aliens, all Mexican or Hondurans, were in groups of migrants attempting to enter the country. Records checks indicate most of the offenses occurred throughout California and Arizona. The majority of convictions were sex crimes committed against minors. The individuals had all been deported after their convictions. “Were it not for the efforts of our agents, these criminal aliens could have victimized additional U.S. citizens.”

Due to Santa Clara, California’s so-called sanctuary policy, officials ignored no less than nine US Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer requests for a self-professed gang member Carlos Carranza, who ended up stalking and killing 59-year-old Bambi Larson after breaking into her home. His lengthy rap sheet goes back to 2013 when he was arrested for crossing into the US at the southern border. He was deported back to Mexico but returned only to be arrested another 10 times with at least three convictions prior to this murder.

“CBS News posted a rather unusual story that seems to mollycoddle and glorify a group of individuals of a rather unique “profession”: Human smugglers. ‘Among liberal activists and their allies in the mainstream media, there’s a reluctance to acknowledge the darker side of the migrant crisis—or even admit that it’s a crisis at all,’ said John Daniel Davidson of The Federalist. ‘Hence CBS’s portrayal of two migrant smugglers as humanitarians.’”

The Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel operates in Humboldt County, CA and controls much of the marijuana trafficking from the Emerald Triangle region. They engage in illegal water diversion to irrigate their crops courtesy of Nancy and Paul Pelosi. They have trouble with small animals eating through the PVC piping, so they spread an extreme toxin on the perimeter of their property to kill them. This poses a threat to both the drinking water for millions of Californians as well as the dramatic effect this can have on the food chain.

In Greece, clashes between police and hundreds of migrants have been going on for three days.

Islamization of the Nations

Pennsylvania’s first female Muslim lawmaker in the General Assembly accused a Republican colleague of Islamophobia after she opened a legislative session with a prayer that invoked the name of Jesus Christ.

African child brides as young as ten are reportedly being advertised on Facebook, with parents selling their children via connections made on the social media giant in exchange for food or livestock or cash, or to settle debts – in some cases bartering their child’s freedom with men old enough to be their grandfather. According to a tribal chief, “The practice is meant to boost the status of the men in Becheve community. The more brides you have, the more respect you gain in the community.”

One girl named Monica told how she and her sister were sold without their consent because their father wanted to settle debts. And because he had a smartphone. “My father knew nothing about Facebook until my elder brother bought him a smartphone and convinced him to join Facebook and post our photographs whenever he likes.” A Facebook spokesperson didn’t respond to Fox News but did respond to the liberal-left Daily Beast, saying, “We remove such content whenever we identify it.” Perhaps Facebook security should work a little harder on such things instead of busying themselves targeting conservative sites and voices.

Sweden seized a Russian Christian’s children from him because his wife fell ill and he had not found full employment. They then placed the children with a Muslim family where they were for a year, with the father only allowed to see them for six hours a week. This went on for a year until the father managed to flee to Poland with the children where they have been given refuge.

New Zealand has removed references to Jesus from the parliamentary prayer in order to make the prayer ‘more inclusive.’ When the Prime Minister of New Zealand dons a hijab in public, New Zealand is being betrayed to the gods of diversity, but Christianity will not be part of the equation.”

Migrant men are attacking vulnerable Europeans, young and old. In Germany recently, a Chechen teen is in police custody following a series of violent robberies and assaults on nine German pensioners including Ilse K., 88, who passed away shortly after he attacked her.


UK: A four-year investigation has revealed that a UK Muslim gang stole $10.5 billion from taxpayers in fraud schemes to fund jihad terror over a period of 20 years, including funding Osama Bin Laden.

In Israel, a Jewish father saved his daughter from a terrorist stabbing with help from another motorist. (Mainstream medianite minions don’t bother to report these things, unless it was a “Palestinian” who was injured or killed). While driving his daughter to school in heavy traffic, a “Palestinian” terrorist, Mohammed Al-Fatah, tried to open the passenger door to stab the girl. He was shot dead by the father and another motorist. There has been a spate of terrorist attacks along the same stretch of road in recent months.

The Marxist/Socialist/Communist Agenda of Dumbing Down Our Youth

Canadian academic Jordan Peterson warns that socialism is so appealing to young people because they are “unbelievably ignorant” about the history of the 20th century. “What young people know about 20th-century history is nonexistent, especially about the history of the radical left. They are never taught about it.” Peterson also blamed the “unholy marriage of the postmodern nihilism (rejection of moral and religious principles) with this Marxist utopian notion” for the breakdown in social and family unity, a process which has produced an “absolute catastrophe.”

Globalists’ Depopulation Agenda

Britain’s version of ‘Medicare for All’ is struggling with long waits for care. Nearly a quarter of a million patients have been waiting over six months to receive planned medical treatment from the National Health Service. Over 36,000 have been waiting for nine months or more.

The Boulder, Colorado, Abortion Clinic is one of six abortion facilities in the US that openly conduct abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy.  Warren Hern, 81, has conducted abortions there continuously since 1975. Operation Rescue has obtained 911 records that revealed shocking details of a medical emergency that took place during the abortion of a 33-week gestation baby this week.

(In the abortion process: the first three days involves ending the life of the baby with a toxic injection, which can take more than a day while the baby suffers, followed by several rounds of dilators to widen the cervix in preparation for delivery. Labor is induced and the baby is dismembered and removed, or may be born intact). During the procedure, the teen developed pre-eclampsia which can be life-threatening, but instead of calling 9-1-1, the clinic chose the non-public way and contacted the ambulance service directly. This takes more time. The ambulance was directed to go to the back of the building upon arrival.

Actress Alyssa Milano has been leading the charge in opposing pro-life legislation seeking to protect unborn babies with beating hearts from slaughter by abortion in Georgia. Milano penned a letter signed by 50 Hollywood heavyweights calling for a boycott of the state if H.B. 481, also known as the “heartbeat bill,” passes. Milano quoted a Bible verse that she actually claims supports abortion. She and others are so deceived by the father of lies.

The attempt to kill box-office returns for Unplanned, the film that details a Planned Parenthood clinic director’s change of heart, has failed. Despite the refusal of networks to broadcast advertisements and a last-minute attack from Twitter, the film doubled its anticipated take of $3 million, and took fifth place among its competitors on opening weekend.

In South Carolina, state lawmakers passed to the House floor a bill that would ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. Democrats are vowing to fight it.

In Ohio, the Sixth Circuit ruled that “private organizations do not have a constitutional right to obtain governmental funding to support their activities. The state…has no obligation to pay for a woman’s abortion.” Now, Ohio has followed through with its original plan and has defunded Planned Parenthood and other abortion organizations in the state.

Many parents naturally wonder why it is considered so necessary to vaccinate their baby against Hepatitis B, a virus that is primarily transmitted sexually or through sharing of needles among injection drug users. The CDC’s recommendation to universally vaccinate newborns at birth puts the majority of children in the US at a completely unnecessary risk of neurodevelopmental harm from the hepatitis B vaccine, with incalculable costs to society.

New Zealand is on the slippery slope to euthanize the mentally ill and children without parental knowledge or consent. Interestingly, their Parliament building is modeled after the Tower of Babel like the European Union parliament building in Strasbourg, France.

One-World Government

The Strasbourg (Tower of Babel) parliament building also has a statue of a woman riding a beast in front of it. So does the European Union building in Brussels, Belgium. See video here. I would also mention Revelation 17 that speaks of this harlot woman. The false one-world religion and the one-world government will work together for a time…until the AC and False Prophet no longer need it for their purposes.

Pushing the One-World Religion

Pope Francis is continuing to push his one-world religion. Those lamb horns may deceive many, but those of us in Christ know that he speaks like a dragon. In his visit to Morocco, Pope Francis told Catholics not to attempt to convert Muslims to Christianity. That would be because the RCC does not follow true Christianity. Christians are called to spread the Gospel of Christ. Read these verses.

Francis said this week that coexistence between Christians and Muslims “is a beautiful flower that promises to bear fruit.” From Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch: “When has it ever borne fruit? Where and when in the 1,400-year history of jihad have Christian lands near Muslim lands ever been left alone by the Muslims? When, in that 1,400-year history, have Christians living in Muslim lands ever been granted equality of rights and been treated as full citizens? The Pope is guilt-tripping Christians into accepting mass Muslim migration into Europe while ignoring the history of Islam and denying the doctrines of Islam” (that demand world domination).

Francis visited the majority Muslim nation of Morocco this past week and its king, Mohammed VI. In a joint statement, the two leaders said Jerusalem was “common patrimony of humanity and especially the followers of the three monotheistic religions.” “The specific multi-religious character, the spiritual dimension and the particular cultural identity of Jerusalem… must be protected and promoted,” they said in the declaration released by the Vatican. What culture are they referring to? Certainly not Israel’s true culture since Francis has officially recognized a Muslim state of Palestine in Israel, which has never been in existence. And the Arabs and the UN claim the true culture of Jerusalem is Arab. God made a covenant with the Jews and gave them Israel, not the Arabs.

Surveillance Society

Just two weeks after admitting it stored hundreds of millions of its users’ own passwords insecurely, Facebook demanded new users fork over their email password. “To continue using Facebook, you’ll need to confirm your email,” the message demanded. “Since you signed up with [email address], you can do that automatically …” A form below the message asked for the users’ “email password.” But after a Twitter user shared a screenshot of Facebook asking them for the password to their email, the social media giant faced intense criticism from security professionals and halted the practice.

Rise of the Kings of the East

Dissident writer Liao Yiwu said his homeland of China is a “threat for the whole world” in his latest book, Bullets and Opium. Yiwu was jailed for writing a poem called “Massacre” about the Tiananmen Square protests.

Russia is implanting itself in the Western Hemisphere just like it tried to do decades ago (which caused the Cuban missile crisis). As it was then, this is a direct challenge to the US. Putin has done the same thing in Venezuela to support its socialist dictator Maduro that he did in Syria to allow Assad to remain as dictator. He’s after Venezuela’s oil just like he’s got his evil thoughts directed at the Israeli-controlled Golan next to Syria (Ezekiel 38:10-12). Not that the oil has helped Venezuela’s hungry people who are filtering through garbage for food and now don’t even have decent water to drink and are suffering through power blackouts. But Putin’s goal is to control all the world’s oil.

Obama weakened our military capabilities dramatically, and despite Trump’s efforts we’re still not where we need to be. China and Russia forged ahead militarily during that time. As Hal Lindsey says in this week’s report: “President Trump has stated bluntly that, ‘Russia has to get out.’ When asked how he could accomplish that, he replied, ‘We’ll see. All options are open.’ Who will blink first?”  Click this link to view Hal’s report.

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Thousands of “Palestinians” demonstrated in five main spots along the Gaza border fence with Israel Friday afternoon as a tense calm has been holding in the South. 84 people were injured in clashes with IDF troops who were responding to the violent protests with riot dispersal means.

Israel has not ruled out the option of reoccupying Gaza, Prime Minister Netanyahu said on Thursday. “All the options are still on the table, including entering Gaza and occupying it, out of consideration of what is best for Israel. But that is the last option and not the first,” he said.

Isaiah 17 Moving Closer to Fulfillment

Syria is protesting the US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and vowing to recapture it from Israel ‘by all means.’ Syria will not shy away from using force to reconquer “every inch” of the Golan Heights, the country’s foreign minister Walid Muallem said at a press conference in Damascus.

Ezekiel 38-39 partner: Russia is opposing unilateral attempts to determine who is to blame in Libya where Islamist groups are trying to take over the current UN-backed government. (Libya is one of the countries that will also invade Israel’s Golan in the prophesied Russian-Arab invasion.)

Seven people have been killed and 28 injured in two days of fighting between Indian and Pakistani forces. The renewed clashes have taken place along the de-facto border that divides the Kashmir region in half. Both nations claim rightful ownership of the entire area, and they’ve fought three wars over it.

The Upcoming Israeli Election (April 9)

IF you trust opinion polls, Prime Minister Netanyahu has fallen behind his main challenger Benny Gantz.  However, “Netanyahu still has an easier path to form a government that would keep him in power. The outcome is unlikely to be decided on election day, when voters cast ballots for party lists. No party has ever won an outright majority in the 120-seat parliament, meaning days or weeks of coalition negotiations will lie ahead. And looming indictments against Netanyahu, who has denied any wrongdoing in alleged bribery and fraud, could cloud his political future and that of any government he might head, possibly leading to a new election.

“Israel’s President Rivlin will consult with leaders of every party represented in parliament and choose whoever he believes has the best chance of forming a coalition. The nominee has up to 42 days to form a government before the president asks another politician to try. Netanyahu cautioned his supporters against over-confidence: ‘It’s a close race between right and left,’ he said. Gantz appeared invigorated by the polling numbers on Friday, telling his backers they were ‘a few meters away from victory.’ ‘On Tuesday, everything you see here in this country will shift,’ Gantz said.”

May God’s will be done; that’s what we should pray for. Also pray that, no matter what happens with the election, the left will not be successful in their attempt to brand Netanyahu a criminal.

In these late hours, we know what’s soon to come – a covenant with death and hell will be “confirmed” between the coming European Antichrist and “many.” We don’t want Bibi to be a part of that signing. PM Yitsak Rabin founded the Oslo Accords, giving away land for peace (which made things worse—terror from Gaza). And he ended up assassinated. PM Ariel Sharon’s Roadmap for Peace gave away land for peace (which made things worse yet—more terror from Gaza). He had a massive stroke. He reportedly showed brain activity when family visited but couldn’t respond. Eight years he stayed that way till he died.

Let all that sink in. God punishes people and nations that divide Israel. Read the ultimate punishment in Joel 3 if you don’t believe that. God has told us the end from the beginning in His Word. All would be wise to study it.