Calling on Satan :: By Dr. Thomas J. Miranda

Recently there have been a number of public disclosures of famous people who have fallen short of public expectations and have brought shame upon themselves and those near them. The root cause of the problem is temptation.

Temptation goes back all the way to creation (Gen. 3:1-4). Satan used temptation to trick Eve into eating the apple, and civilization has suffered ever since. A more notable use of temptation was when Jesus emerged from His 40-day fast in the desert, and Satan offered Him 3 temptations. Jesus resisted using quotes from Scripture to overcome Satan in each case (Matt.4: 1-11).

Witness the sex scandals revealed about notables whose reputations are destroyed overnight by revelations of some wrongdoing. The famous owner of the New England Patriots is a good case in point. I can recall seeing him in his private booth rooting for his team. He projected an image of a successful man who is basking in the rewards of his efforts. When the sex scandal was revealed, that image of him was ruined, erasing all the good thoughts about this very successful man. Many other examples can be cited of notables like the Clintons whose rise to fame and power is shattered overnight.

The case against Bill Clinton is very damaging in that he destroyed the dignity of the Oval Office and exposed many young people to the knowledge of sinful acts that parents of young innocents had a difficult time explaining to these young minds.


I believe that many people fall into this trap by their relationship to Satan. People can, and many do this by consciously or unconsciously appealing to Satan for help; and he very willingly responds by showering that individual with fame and success.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’d give anything if I could only succeed in this endeavor?”

Well, guess who is listening to that statement?

There was a movie starring Ray Milland in which he invoked that statement. He, as a prosecuting attorney, was attempting to bring a powerful mobster to justice and said that in desperation. Immediately, a man appeared at the door offering assistance to accomplish the task. His name was Nicholas Beal, an agent who turned out to be the devil who helped him achieve his goal – but with a price tag… his soul! With the help of a priest friend, Milland was able to escape when Satan came to collect!

I believe many people fall into the trap of enlisting Satan’s help, but with a horrible payback. When Satan comes to collect, he does so dramatically. Tools of Satan include destroyed marriages, public humiliation, financial loss, job loss, suicide and many other negatives.