No Time for Snoozing :: By Jonathan Brentner

Caleb could scarcely believe his eyes; the Egyptian army was advancing slowly but surely toward his city. From his vantage point high on the wall, he identified the nation’s flag in the distant horizon just as the sun rose in the sky. They would be at the city walls by sunset!

Several other watchmen refused to believe Caleb’s warning or even to look in the direction of the advancing army. “The warning message we received months ago from the Egyptians was written as an allegory,” they said. “It was symbolism meant to encourage us, the Egyptians are not here.”

Another skeptical watchman proclaimed, “No, no, no, I read their message of warning, and it tells of a previous attack. It’s clearly not a warning for us; it is history with no relevance for today!” With that he turned away and dismissed Caleb’s report as mere nonsense.

Other watchmen saw the danger and joined Caleb in sounding the alarm, but so few responded. Even those who saw the threat as real did little to get ready for it.

The city officials could not be bothered with the report of the advancing army. “Yes, we believe the warning message that the Egyptians sent to us,” they replied, “but it’s too soon. We must concentrate on current matters, not those of the distant future.” So they dismissed Caleb’s warnings and rejoined their workshops geared to finding joy in city life.

Today, many see the numerous signs of the approaching day of the Lord, the time that the Lord warned his church about in the book of Revelation (chapters 6-16). Like Caleb in the story above, they recognize its rapid approach and warn others, but so few heed the call to readiness for Jesus’ soon return.

Many of those who should also be alerting the saints to the nearness of Jesus’ return also ignore the signs. Instead, they remain focused on matters pertaining to this life. They concentrate on the joy we can have now from our walk with the Lord. While they make fleeting references to eternal life, only a few really hear them.

So many believers do hear the loud ringing of their alarm clocks, but repeatedly hit the snooze button. Sadly, they persist in their slumber, seemingly unaware their current life could end at any moment, in the twinkling of an eye (see 1 Cor. 15:50-55). They know Scripture, but chose to emphasize the here and now versus eternity.

I know from experience just how easy it is to hit that snooze button and imagine my life will continue the way it is for the foreseeable future. I have to frequently remind myself that such is not the case. The time of Jesus’ appearing is rapidly approaching when everything will change for me, as well as for everyone left behind on the earth.

We cannot know the timing of our Lord’s return, of course, but we can recognize the season; and, this is it. The convergence of signs pointing to the coming tribulation overwhelms those willing to look, but so few do. It’s as if the prophets of old, Jesus, and His apostles were reading the news reports of today when they told us about the signs of the end of the age and the time of the second coming.

I recently read that, last year (2018), abortionists throughout the world murdered forty-two million innocent children. Do you really believe the Lord will allow such reckless bloodshed and unimaginable horror to continue much longer? I do not!

Yet, the news media works incessantly to condition us to accept this barbaric murder of innocent children as a matter of choice, even though it exceeds the horrors of Nazi Germany. Have we lost our minds?

Furthermore, in recent weeks Democrats in Congress have repeatedly blocked legislation to protect the lives of babies born alive. Where are we as a nation when our Congress cannot even pass a bill to stop outright murder of children? How can such a nation that sanctions the killing of babies after birth expect to escape the wrath of the Lord?

In speaking about this day of the Lord, Paul said this, “While people are saying, ‘There is peace and security,’ then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains upon a pregnant woman and they will not escape.” I believe the time for the fulfillment of these words is rapidly approaching.

This is no time for snoozing; it’s time to wake up. It’s time to tell other believers to look up and warn those who do not love our Jesus and His Word that their remaining time in this current world is exceedingly short. Their opportunity to turn to the Savior is rapidly evaporating.

We will likely look like fools to the world and possibly to other believers as well. Those dear to us will be totally repulsed by what we believe about Jesus as well as about His return for us. I know.

Still, this is not a time to crawl back into our beds and sleep; it’s no time for snoozing.

Jonathan Brentner

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