Hitler~ The Boiling Pot :: By Sally Law

This is part two of, “How Hitler Almost Won.” I highly recommend you read chapter one for the history and context of this continuing commentary.

~A pot had begun to boil in Germany, and few dared to say, “It’s boiling!”

“Operation Valkyrie” had come close to succeeding, almost snatching the pot off the fire. But, the sixth attempt to assassinate Hitler in the “July Plot” of 1944 had failed. The sulfurous cauldron overflowed and scalded millions, adding greatly to the death toll in the final year of the war from 1944 through 1945.

“Historians generally agree 1945 saw the highest monthly averages of dead (excludes wounded, POWs etc). * See Source.

Many successes were laden with failures, compounding the enormous strain of the war. Germany was broke. It had advanced too far and fast to fund itself. War is a costly endeavor, but, so was the mass murder of human beings. His greed for more and more Jews to be put to death sent his military straining their resources. Boots were wearing out; uniforms were repaired and refashioned over and over by those sentenced to die in concentration camps. Nothing could afford to be wasted in the new order of world takeover. Germany had turned into the worst bandits and murderers the world had ever seen. They had become Thénardier, and Europe— Cosette; robbing, exploiting and preying upon the weak and vulnerable.

God spoke. He answered with bad weather and armed resistance. In 1944 as the tide of war had turned, the unpredictable weather continued despite Germany’s weather stations posted near the Arctic Circle. The Nazis’ vain attempts to stay ahead of the weather did not bring the results they had hoped for.

Hitler had also tasted the likes of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, someone who dared to say the pot was boiling long before others would even look at the stove. The prime minister of Great Britain from 1940-1945 did an outstanding job, and in my humble opinion, saved his nation and Europe. He was a conservative, and often spoke out against Hitler and the Nazis in speeches, and in the public arena. The liberals hated him. He said things that were offensive, and was known to be brash and given to drink.

Our current president, Donald J. Trump, reminds me of Mr. Churchill in many ways. He calls out evil, focusing attention to the pot that is coming to a full boil once again. He is standing alone in his fight to hold on to our country’s sovereignty, religious freedoms and guarantees of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He sees threats that have already made themselves known, within and without our nation.

Propaganda and lies have once again lulled a nation into a trancelike state. Truth has been removed from us and a lie has been erected in its place. It is fed every day by the mainstream media. It has grown exponentially—a Goliath in size and strength.

Truth in journalism is a standard, or was…but not anymore, dear citizen. It’s looking like the days of Charles Darnay, falsely accused of crimes committed by the Evremondes. Our courts…a mockery of justice.

Abortion until the baby is full term is now legal in New York State. Other states are hopping on board this evil plan and moving to follow suit.

Hitler is right here, right now in the United States of America. He is resident in those who would do such a thing, vote for such a thing, or stand up and shout it! It is Adolf Hitler all over again. Can you not see it? The pot is boiling…it is about to overflow.

Crime is pouring across our porous borders. The same liberal progressives who want more murders of children want you and me to think they even care for the little ones.

These caravans of people with children demanding entry at our borders are driven like dogs by their families across Latin America and Mexico for months, and then die while we are trying to process them? Give me a break. This is staged theatre at its finest. If they don’t care about an unborn child, why all of a sudden do they care for any child? They don’t care. The liberal progressives elected to seats in our House of Representatives and Senate are riding on the backs of human misery for a vote.

These progressives want to destroy lives, our borders, our country, and our sitting president. They want the freedom to kill innocent babies, but God forbid you should carry a pistol to protect yourself.

They want everyone to shut up that doesn’t vote like them – calling you out as they dress you down in public if they don’t like your MAGA hat or your political stance. It’s okay if they speak, though. These are bullies of the worst kind. The “Brownshirts” of Nazi Germany have been resurrected; their tactics are extolled by Hollywood and the liberal elites.

The pot is boiling and Hitler is here. The mainstream media feed their lies every day, accessory to their crimes.

If you vote, please do not vote for those who promote:

~Abortion and the sale of fetal body parts

~Human trafficking

~Open borders

~Lax Immigration

~Assaults on religious freedoms and the right to say no

~Destroyers of our Constitution and Bill of Rights

~Calling for the public harassment of those who voted for President Trump

~Elected officials who are party to criminals being released back onto the streets

~Elected officials who care more about the protections of non-citizens than citizens.

~Elected officials who propose and sign legislation to use our tax dollars on funding illegal immigration

~Elected officials who are not doing their job, obstructing every move and decision of the president; grossly wasting taxpayer dollars.

~Elected officials, including governorships, who promote and call for the law to terminate life in the womb up until birth

We have newly elected lawmakers that seek to overcome and rewrite laws that protect the unborn. It is the new Holocaust of our present day.

We have laws in place that are upheld by some conservative states that value the life and rights of the unborn.

The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-212) is a United States law which recognizes an embryo or fetus in utero as a legal victim, if they are injured or killed during the commission of any of over 60 listed federal crimes of violence. The law defines “child in utero” as “a member of the species Homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb.” **Source.

What to do when evil is in power is an age-old question. To do nothing and look the other way is evil in itself.

A world war should teach us valuable lessons we should never forget. It all started with a lie… Hitler and Joseph Goebbels said Jews were not human beings…and Germany believed them.

If we live a life that honors and protects all life, then we learned a valuable lesson from wars’ mistakes. If we choose not to recall those things, we deny the truth resident within them.

Learn from the sad history of Germany and WWII. It is screaming at us. It says, “Don’t let anyone tell you to forget the truth, dear citizen!”

This article is dedicated to all those who uphold truth and life, both in and outside the womb. ……………………………………..

*Source: What was the worst (deadliest) year of the World War 2?

**Source: Unborn Victims of Violence Act