Choice :: By Dr. Thomas J. Miranda

Ever since 1910 when the Federal Reserve Plot was being hatched on Jekyll Island, this country has been on the road to the dust bin of History. The Federal Reserve has worked for a hundred years using creeping incrementalism to strip us of our freedom, and was able to close the trap door on the ignorant with the election of Barack Obama in 2008! The Federal Reserve is not Federal and has no Reserves. The Fed is a private bank that controls our money. The original constitution placed the control of money in the hands of Congress, but the Fed had an amendment passed to give control to the Fed.

One of the major tools used to drive this bus over the cliff is the lie. We have been lied to in so many areas: social security, pornography as a protected form of speech, and abortion when Roe v Wade was passed and approved by the Supreme Court. To sell this abominable procedure, the elitists had to lie using words like choice to describe the murder of the unborn. Other arguments include the Health of the Mother that overrides the rights of the unborn.

To facilitate the lie, we also use words like ’Women’s Health Rights’ or send emissaries about to proclaim that choice is acceptable, while hiding the true meaning of abortion…murder. A good example was when Notre Dame University invited Mario the Pius (Gov. Mario Cuomo) to speak at the Stephan Center. He loudly proclaimed that Capital Punishment is murder, but abortion is choice. The student body leaped to their feet to applaud this monstrosity spoken by Mario the Pius.

So much for Notre Dame’s Catholic legacy!

Today Governor Cuomo is back in the headlines where he signed a new abortion law that is being criticized by those who are concerned for the life of the unborn. This would be a good occasion for the Catholic Church to stand up to Gov. Cuomo and challenge his status as a practicing Catholic. But, we can expect the Church to respond with enthusiastic silence, hoping the matter will be soon forgotten.

A problem with abortion is the Catholic Church’s stand on birth control.

Using the “Sin of Onan” as a base (Gen. 38:8-10), the Church condemns all forms of birth control regardless of the ability of the parents to support large families. One value of large families is the growth of the Catholic Church membership (a tactic used by Muslims) to overcome a society with their own kind. The same goes for the Catholic Church’s support of illegal immigration! In the case of abortion, the act is murder (despite Mario the Pius – Gov. Mario Cuomo) since a living soul is killed, while contraception has no living entity involved. The Church stand is that each sexual encounter is for procreation is nonsense! Could this explain why so many Catholics disobey the Church and practice contraception?

Until the Church comes to grips with the issue of contraception/abortion in a common sense approach, we shall continue on our path to destruction as a nation. We cannot go on killing millions in the womb and not expect God to notice. And, where is the Church when Catholic politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo pollute the Catholic Faith with impunity?