OAC says Where’s Mitch? How About Where’s RBG? :: By Vanessa P.

Mainstream and Social media alike fell in love with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC as the media has labeled her) “Where’s Mitch” stunt. Turns out, AOC wasn’t even in the right building. She’s made a lot of errors since being inaugurated…I mean sworn in. She even decided to question President Trump’s funding of ICE agents, forgetting she voted to fund ICE.

The bigger question people should be asking? How about “Where’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg?” Like AOC’s own hip nickname given by the media, they call Ruth RBG. The last we heard, she went in for lung cancer removal surgery, and all we’ve been told is she’s recuperating. This is a woman who does not miss work. She had never missed oral arguments prior to this last surgery.

Shortly after the procedure, RBG cast the deciding vote on President Trump’s asylum restrictions for certain countries. She did this from her hospital bed while recovering, but missed the vote on transgendered men and women being allowed to serve in the military?  Something doesn’t sound right, and RBG doesn’t sound healthy enough to vote.

If you think the Kavanaugh hearings were a witch hunt against a Christian man, mainly for his beliefs, you haven’t seen anything yet. The left is terrified of a third SCOTUS pick. This will shift the court further right, cementing it for years to come. This is another indication of God’s work over America and Israel. Had Hillary Clinton won the presidency, we would have the most leftist SCOTUS in U.S. history, and the foundation of this country would have been radically changed.

With the freshman congress that was sworn in, there are several new members that are openly anti-Israel. Under Hillary Clinton, we would have further removed God and paved the way for globalization of the U.S.

The U.S. is about to experience the greatest wave of Antichrist spirit that we’ve ever experienced. The left is so intent on ruining the president that they have taken their hatred to a whole new level, and now have reduced themselves to destroying minor high school kids.

The Covington Catholic High School boys were waiting for their bus after the recent Pro-life event. They were approached by a group of grown men that are part of the Black Hebrew Israelite hate group. These grown men, whom we know to be racist, hurled gay slurs, racial slurs, threats, and used intimidation against fifteen-year-olds. Then, a Native American “Vietnam veteran,” who turned out not to be a vet at all, walked through the group of high schoolers, beating a drum. Nathan Phillips, the man with the drum, then stood mere inches from Nick Sandmann, one of the students.

Sandmann stood his ground and didn’t back away, but he did so RESPECTFULLY. The high schoolers, who were threatened with physical harm by the black Israelites, didn’t know what to make of Phillips or what he was doing; they weren’t even aware that he was with the black Israelites. So, many of the boys danced and laughed and performed school chants. What these students didn’t know was they were being set up by Phillips.

Just moments before approaching the students, he entered a Catholic Church during mass and began beating his drum, disrupting their service, before eventually being thrown out along with his co-conspirators. It was after this that Phillips decided to harass the Christian teenagers. He then appeared on the news, wiping tears away, claiming the Christian teens were chanting “BUILD THE WALL.” Only this never happened. Full video emerged showing what really happened, and the Christian teens did nothing wrong. If anything, their parents should be PROUD.

What a difference of policy and standard the MSM has suddenly adopted! Before the MAGA kid, we had David Hogg, the teen titan super hero of the left. As for David Hogg and his fellow socialist dictator friends? They were off limits. The media criticized anyone who questioned their motives. As for the Covington kids? It’s open season on all of them. That awful, horrible hat; it gives nightmares and has turned America back one hundred years—according to the left. Thank God I’m not so sensitive, or crazy.

Apostasy has taken hold of this country. God is now the enemy. Good is now evil, and evil is good. Right is wrong and wrong is right. The Godless left has slowly taken over the Democrat Party; and now even establishment Dems like Pelosi don’t know what to do. They are protesting HER. The establishment Dems supported these leftists for office, and now they have to deal with the pushback. It’s not going to be the Republicans that will be the Democrats’ big thorn; it’s going to be people like AOC.

The next two years will be more witch hunts and accusations against President Trump. More tax dollars spent on a hoax, while the real perpetrators like Hillary are sitting at home laughing.

People like to reminisce about the past, hoping civility and kindness returns. While it’s nice to reminisce, there is no going back! We have come too far to ever return to a gentler and kinder time. The great falling away truly began in the sixties. While Israel was being attacked physically, the U.S. was being attacked spiritually.

The spirit of Antichrist and the rise of Molech and Babylonian worship have turned people cold. Women are screaming, red faced and angry, “My uterus, my right,” or “My body, my decision.” The left celebrated Cuomo this week as he signed a horrific law into effect that makes it a human right to murder a baby in the womb up until birth. Even the Catholic Church has talked of excommunicating him. His reply? Pro-lifers are not welcome in New York. I wonder what the pro-life New Yorkers who pay an enormous amount in taxes think about that.

In the mind of a leftist woman, it’s ok and makes perfect sense for a ten-year-old boy to dress as a woman while then posing with a naked man. On the other hand, the “Maga kid” is offensive and deserves to be punched in the face. “Desmond the amazing” is a ten-year-old boy who dresses in drag. He and “Lactacia” in Canada have become the recent images of the trans community. These are little boys being abused, while “MAGA kid” was demonstrating his constitutional first amendment right. Not to mention standing up for the millions of babies that have been murdered.

We don’t have a problem with toxic masculinity; we have a problem with toxic femininity.

His real crime was he’s a white male. His double crime is he’s a Christian white male. White men are increasingly coming under attack as being toxic. It’s these toxic men that are ruining everything; it’s ALL THE MAN’S FAULT…but is it?

In the black home, for instance, the single-mother rate is over 70%, meaning there is no man involved. Just a woman. So where’s the toxic masculinity?

There’s been a huge increase in female teachers having sex with their male students. Is that toxic masculinity? No, it’s toxic femininity.

The MeToo movement turned into a joke. Innocent men are now being accused of assault for merely looking at a woman allegedly in the wrong way. And now we have “facecrimes.” In the George Orwell book, 1984, Nick Sandmann would have been guilty of the offense called “Facecrime.”

George Orwell gave us what seems to be a prophetic warning about the dangers of government and state control. He warned of totalitarian enslavement. The book 1984 describes a world where everyone is afraid to speak their opinion or beliefs out of fear. It’s a world where the people who think for themselves are severely punished. Those that behave are robotic, all thinking and believing the same way. If you dissent, you are attacked or killed; and the media is complicit. Sound familiar?

From the book: “It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within range of a telescreen. The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself—anything that carried with it the suggestion of abnormality, of having something to hide. In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face (to look incredulous when a victory was announced, for example) was itself a punishable offense. There was even a word for it in Newspeak: FACECRIME, it was called.”

The Covington incident reveals that our society has become exactly what Orwell predicted. The wrong expression on your face where the all-seeing eye of big brother, and of course the SJW culture police, leads to attacks, assaults and possibly death. Yeah, this sounds real familiar.

The Covington boys have received calls of death by a DISNEY PRODUCER. Jack Morrisey, most widely known for Beauty and the Beast, tweeted a picture of a bloody wood chipper with the Covington kids having been thrown in. Of course, he is profusely apologizing now. Kathy Griffin demanded names and ordered her fan base to Dox these minor kids.

The Covington incident is just another example of hatred that the left has for Christians and apparently white people. We have white leftist men berating other white men for being white! That’s insanity. It’s a sickness that only Christ can heal. There’s something wrong with these people, and the absence of Christ is evident. Facecrime is simply following the thought police we’ve lived under for so long.

I have a hard time believing RBG will make it back to the bench. She is 85 years old, she broke her ribs recently, she’s had cancer a couple of times, and she’s still recovering with no recent updates.

The American people have a right to know how the health of one of our top lawmakers is doing – the person that decides major cases, like Roe V Wade.

The U.S. is about to be rocked by another vacated seat for the president to fill. He has reshaped this country in two short years.

The Covington boys were a symbol of all that the left hates. They were young, Christian, white males who happened to be defending life. They were told to go back to Europe; this tells me it’s the western values of Judeo-Christians that were under attack.  So many were, and still are, willing to believe the lie before they even knew what happened, including those we should trust most, our media. Except our media has been the main propaganda machine.

As we patiently wait for news on RBG, AOC has been causing havoc within her own party. She recently claimed she does not care what the Democrats have to say. I think she forgot which Party she is supposed to be working with. She also demanded answers from Trump on ICE funding, completely unaware she voted to fund ICE just days before. She has protested in Pelosi’s office with other college students, forgetting she was an incoming senator. She, along with the other far leftists voted in, will be a thorn to all of us.

The socialism movement sweeping the Democrat Party must be met with resistance, not acceptance. Do not accept an attack on your sons by the left.

It’s ok to be a male, it’s ok to be white, and it’s ok to be a Christian.

Grab your popcorn and start practicing your facecrime smirk. With a third pick in two years almost guaranteed, the left is about to really lose it. We haven’t seen anything yet.

Jesus is coming back as the Lion of Judah to judge the nations. He’s not a baby in a manger now; He’s at the right hand of God. HE DECIDES IF YOU LIVE OR DIE, paradise or hellfire. You may not believe, but he’s still there, and you will still answer. Many will be rejected, and they will say “wait, but I did this or that in your name.” But you never really knew Him, meaning He will not know you.

Jesus didn’t come to unite this world; He came to divide it. Psalms chapter two tells us Jesus feels wrath. Why? When He’s rejected! The secular world has only portrayed Christ as all loving and all forgiving, no matter who you are, no matter what you believe. Pope Francis has also claimed this. This is false doctrine that will lead you astray.

“Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, And you perish in the way, When His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him” (Psalm 2:12).

There is one way—through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

President Trump’s much anticipated peace plan has been placed on hold until after the Israeli elections. In the meantime, watch Syria. Gog is on the move, and Israel has no idea what’s coming. War brings cries of peace, and the West is headed to war in the Middle East. Spiritually and physically.

Pray for President Trump and Israel. Most of all, don’t just wait for His return – spread His word!

Vanessa P