How Does This End? – As It Began! :: By Mark Shirley

The Antichrist

There is much speculation from both the world and the church as to how the near future will unfold, and where it will end.

Let me focus your attention on that single eternally deciding moment in our near future when a free-will is presented with the choice to receive or reject that mark/chip in their right-hand spoken of in Revelation 14:9-11.

“If any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of His indignation, and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever and ever, and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and WHOSOEVER receiveth the mark of his name.”

God/Jesus has PROMISED in writing that the Antichrist DOES arrive and he DOES enforce, upon threat of death, his mark into EVERY right hand he and his minions can catch and force into his chipping stations. But first he arrives as an angel of light, a saviour offering complete debt-forgiveness – if EVERYONE will take his chip in their hand. This way we can ALL start over with a clean-slate and just love each other; right? Riiiight.

So, that future chipping event being an unchangeable FACT, what do we see today that tells us how far this roiling world is away from that eternally decisive moment for EVERY free-will in it today, who is still alive when that moment of decision arrives?

Do I reach out and take what Satan is offering/commanding so I can eat for another day? Or do I believe God’s written Word that, if I take that mark/chip in my hand, God WILL throw me into hell-fire to be tormented FOREVER?

As it began in the Garden of Eden created in sinless perfection, one single choice – to eat or not to eat – decided the WHOLE future of the world of man to come.

Sin came into man and his earth by one single prohibited bite by the legally accountable man charged by God face to face NOT to eat – before the woman was drawn from that first Adam’s side in blood – and this world went to hell in the whole 6,000 years of it, unfolding into this very day.

ONE SINGLE BITE turns paradise into a battleground, where there are only two kinds of people in the fight: those who go to heaven, and those who go to hell; and both are FOREVER!

Are you taking notice of the reports coming out of Sweden and several other ‘developed’ nations? Multiplied thousands, if not millions, have willingly taken a chip in their hand by which they buy and sell and access places by their personal ID authentication chip in their hand.

Have you noticed the war on cash gaining majority ground? This is happening in not only China and India, the most populous nations on earth. Indeed, all over the world, cash is fast disappearing even as the global blockchain is claiming more of the total transacting being done, by the greatest financial powerhouses down to the individuals who have the tech skills to get into this all-digital trading space.

The sheer volume of activity by the world’s top financial institutions on the blockchain is not something being trumpeted by the MSM to the masses at this time. And so the masses are not yet cognizant of just how advanced this progression by them into the blockchain is.

There is a very small percentage of the total masses who have invested in crypto-coins and tokens. But these few have generated a great amount of passion amongst themselves, as the early investors made ‘tulip-crazy gains’ from cents to $20,000 before Wall Street captured Bitcoin to THEIR futures-trading ponzi-scam. With THEIR large Bitcoin holdings, THEY have been able to manipulate and smash the price back down to 3 to $4,000, where it bobs around today with an elite foot on its neck, like THEY have done to gold and silver for many years now.

But the main goal was accomplished. The globalists built THEIR all-digital blockchain using the willing enthusiasm and investment of the “little-people.” The “little people” were originally sold the idea that the blockchain was decentralized and open-source, enabling anonymity and freedom for the masses in their buying and selling choices, from the present control of the Elite-Banksters under THEIR present fiat-debt system.

Even if it were true that the blockchain does provide a measure of privacy for those who trade on it, that blasted mark/chip in the right hand IS NOT freedom.

That mark/chip is THEIR on/off switch THEY control on THEIR global AI-controlled internet of “things.” And that blockchain is NOT separated from that total-control grid.

Two days ago, Google decided they didn’t like my comments I wrote under the videos I subscribed to on YouTube, and they cut me off from my Google account for the next 90 days.

How much more can the Beast make you a non-person for raging against the machine when you have his chip in your right hand? But the real terminal and eternal danger behind taking that chip in your hand is not that the Antichrist will make you a non-person. It is that, by taking his chip/mark, you have made yourself unredeemable by God, and He will give your will over into never being able to resist the Antichrist. So you will run all the way into destruction filling up the full measure of one’s rebellious choice to take that chip, when God has so clearly commanded one not to.

Although we can see the beginning of multitudes taking a chip in their hand already, as with those relative few buying into the crypto-coin space, the vast masses know just about nothing of crypto-coins, let alone that another group of people all over the world have taken a chip in their hand.

So the question today concerning the absolute guarantee from God that this Antichrist fella IS coming with his mark/chip for every hand, how are the masses today to be moved and steered into taking that mark/chip in their hand as willingly as those who already have?


The whole world is a stage, and we are ALL being played on it.

In the beginning, God created the earth and placed a man in the midst of a garden He planted especially for His purposes, where He also planted two trees. There was the tree of LIFE and the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil. Then God stepped back and allowed Satan to descend from outside heaven, where he accuses God day and night, to possess the body of a lowly subtle snake, who then did a number on that sinless guileless man using his wife.

Is God good? And that right there is the question to be answered by this battleground for the love and loyalty of free-wills.

My question is: today, how will Satan move the masses into a place where they willingly reach out and take that mark/chip of the Antichrist into their right hand?

This last go-round of Satan’s history of scheming and plotting and murdering his way into the last giant takeover of humanity out from the hand of God, IS going to end at that chipping moment.

In Satan’s last lunge for total control, he wants to get his mark/chip into EVERY right hand on earth. If he succeeds in doing this, he thinks he will make God a liar and a failure.

God promised Abraham and King David that He would seat the Son of man from Abraham’s seed, of the line of David and Judah, on His throne in the city of Jerusalem to rule the whole world in righteousness for 1,000 years. This 1,000 year reign will start after He has put down ALL His enemies in the soon-coming 7-year Tribulation. During this time, the earth will come under the brutal rule of the Antichrist. Satan will indwell him just as he did in that lowly subtle snake in the beginning, when he came softly and smoothly sliding in to offer that clueless woman independence from her husband, and to be like God, independent from His Headship.

She did not understand ALL Satan was offering her then; but history has played out in her daughters the fullness of all Satan offered her, which she foolishly bit into way back then. And global feminism in this end is being deceived and used to complete the capture of all mankind.

Back then she was deceived, but her fool husband chose to take the bait out of her hand, knowing full well he was blatantly disobeying the face-to-face command of God that he MUST NOT eat.

So I ask again, how will Satan move the masses to willingly take his chip into their hands?

There would not be many in the world who have not heard of the Illuminati and the mark of the beast.

I spent six years in some of the remotest parts of Papua, New-Guinea, and even they know about 666.

I watched a video about an old spinster living in the remotest parts of the Russian Targia, whom some geologists discovered recently on their first fly-in exploration probe of that untouched, uninhabited area. This old woman had a Bible, and from that she knew of this 666 mark in the hand to come. Because of this, she refused any goods the geologist offered her that still had a bar-code label on it. The geologists had to remove the bar-code before she would accept the flour, or whatever the item.

This plan of Satan for his last attempt at total control, ending with that mark/chip in your hand, has been 6,000 years in the practice of cycle after cycle of failures, as God has moved and counter-moved with His own desire to save for Himself all those who would be saved.

(Predestination to be debated scripturally elsewhere.)

The focus of God’s plan to redeem all those who would be, has from the beginning been centered in that “Seed of the woman” God promised Adam and Eve would come, with His own blood/death to pay the penalty God demanded of Adam for his sin, and all of us who are born with sin-nature.

And God killed an innocent animal, shedding its blood; and He covered Adam and Eve’s nakedness with the skins of that animal. Were those covering skins still bloody?

“And the Lord DROVE the man out of the garden.” Driving into that man’s sin-fogged nature was the sense of God’s displeasure and rejection of him as being no longer of any use in the redemption he now needed so hellish-bad. But by the grace of God, the blood of that animal would suffice to cover that man’s sin-debt UNTIL the ‘Seed of the woman’ would arrive to pay in full.

The path to God – bringing the ‘Seed of the woman’/Jesus – has been the blood-red lineage threading its way through individuals, grown into a single nation, chosen and connected by God to achieve that very singular and eternally expedient goal to bring that ‘Seed of the woman’ – or man CANNOT be saved from his judgment to hell in Adam by God.

Cain failed to bring the proscribed blood-sacrifice, which his brother Abel did. Cain, overcome by the power of sin, murdered his brother in a fit of jealousy that God should accept and affirm his brother, but not him. There is the full force of the sense of rejection Cain inherited from his father Adam which Satan, using a woman, knows how to manipulate for his/her own ends so well. And EVERY man is born enslaved to that vulnerability.

God gave another son, Seth, to Adam and Eve to replace Godly Abel whom Cain murdered.

It is important to note here that all of Cain’s line was noted for their industry, and it was in the line of Cain that metal-smelting and working was first discovered.

Cain and his line were farmers, and Lamech warred and killed a youth. Did metal farming tools and weapons give the advantage in their life and death battle? Did God give the secret knowledge to Cain’s line to smelt and work metal for war and industrial advantage?

Who gave the knowledge to those today who have built CERN and all manner of weapons on land and in space? God? Hardly! Look at the occult involvement of those at the highest levels of so many secret technology inventions. Look at Hitler’s occult involvement and what he turned his secret advantage to achieve. And it is all turned to the satanic desire to gain total control over the whole world.

Seth’s Godly line is described by their genealogy, going all the way to Noah – the only righteous man left in the sight of God by the time God was grieved in His heart that He had ever made man on the earth.

Keep in mind that the unchanging focus of God with man is to bring His ‘Seed of the woman’ Redeemer for them, which He signed His promise to do in the blood of that first innocent animal He slaughtered.

Seth’s Godly line was chosen to be separate from Cain’s line so that God could bring His promised Redeemer. But what happened to Seth’s line for them to be taken out, leaving ONLY Noah to carry on with God’s promised Redeemer plan?

“And the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose” (Genesis 6:2). So what’s new? Like father like son! Adam chose his own carnal pleasure newly discovered in his wife in the consummation of their marriage union, before choosing obedience to God’s express command FIRST.

The mandate of God for the line of Seth was that they should keep themselves separate from the godless, carnal line of Cain, so they could remain living in righteousness untainted by any compromise with the carnal.

This is why God commanded Abraham, “EVERY son from you and all their sons, MUST be circumcised. What did Adam choose? Where was his carnal-capture centered? If EVERY man in the ‘chosen-people’ was not circumcised, he would be cut off – cut off the flesh of your heart’s carnal-capture and walk in the Spirit, or you are no ‘son of God.’

But those ‘sons of God’ of Seth’s line in Genesis 6:2 failed to obey God, and they were lured in by those ‘fair-maidens’ to compromise their calling to hold to righteousness; and Satan conscripted them into his giant takeover of mankind to bully all under his control.

(The fossil record shows EVERYTHING was big in a new world with its full genetic potential intact before Noah’s flood, which produced the fossil-record.)

But God kept for Himself just one man, Noah, to carry on His promise to bring His Redeemer. Jesus.

Buying into Satan’s deception that those ‘sons of God’ in Genesis 6:2 & 4 were fallen-angels, the church today has opened a door of great error for itself and the world, enabling Satan to set up his last great deception to cover the real pre-tribulation rapture of the true church with his fake alien invasion snatch.

But that is another issue too great to weave into this question about how this world is to be moved en masse into accepting Antichrist’s mark in their right hand. But AFTER the rapture – and Satan’s deception using the technology he has given to those who obey him for power and significance (Satan said to Jesus ‘the whole world is mine to give to whom I please,’ and Jesus did not refute that) – Antichrist Is coming with his mark.

Since the 9/11 stunt bringing down those buildings in the most blatant display of demonic despotism by a collective, better known now as a conspiracy, this Western world particularly has been subjected for the last 18 years to an endless and increasingly socialist and Politically-Correct parade of nation leaders. They defy credibility with their blatantly insane governing, which has blown the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western society apart.

They’re using a collective, coordinated Western government-financed and protected Muslim refugee invasion, in conjunction with their ‘my-rights’ attack on the moral righteousness God commanded to cover EVERY human relationship – starting with marriage between one man and one woman, which is the foundation of any society. Satan has used government-backed feminism to strip men of their authority to govern the family, and this has wrecked marriage. Now he is going after the very identity of the individual which God centered in our designated gender as EITHER male or female.

This progression by the ‘progressives’ has brought Canada, for example, to the place where an absolute PC-fool now leads them into destruction on every front.

In France, Macron who was going to rule like a Greek God, has overplayed his hand, demanding increasing taxation from an already financially stressed populace. And is that his mother or teacher or wife?

All of Europe is labouring under the consequences of their respective leaders’ lunacy, practiced in plain-sight, which no one can stop now except with their own blood in a national violent uprising, UNLESS!?

I have a question here. Do the global elite, after planning so carefully for so long, now have THEIR total-control plan in danger of being overrun, with THEM being taken to the guillotines by an angry horde wearing Yellow-Vests?

If one were to have a look at that 2017 Economist Magazine with the tarot cards on the cover, one will see Trump sitting on the world holding a sceptre, and on another card a horde is rioting in Yellow-Vests.

Couple this to that Economist Magazine from 1988 which said on its cover, “Get ready for a new-world money in 2018.”

Many are saying that never happened in THEIR timing with us now in 2019, but I would argue that the blockchain has gone mainline and the top tier are fully invested in it before the end of 2018 arrived.

Under the Hegelian-Dialectic demanding ‘PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION, how does one turn a stable, secure society out of its comfort zone to the place where it will accept another paradigm to live in?

A stationary ship cannot easily be turned except by the direct force of powerful tugboats.

Can the masses be directly forced to turn by a brutal police or military arm? Well, yes, they could be by an all-out war, but – if the masses should organize through sharing the truth of their oppression on the global internet available to them today, as has been seen in various uprisings in the last decade – those rulers run the risk of being overrun by the masses, even if THEY manage to massacre multitudes. It only takes one bullet or one security guard to turn on THEM.

No, this last capture must be executed very carefully using the hand of the intended victim to capture themselves, as it was in that Garden in the beginning. The frog must not be frightened to leap out of this trap.

So, as I said, this world and particularly the West – though the rest of the nations have all suffered for two decades under despots and tyrants and PC lunatics – has its rational and moral sensibilities assaulted beyond credibility and endurance. And this recent Yellow-Vest uprising is evidence that the world is ripe and ready to be turned and steered into its last stage, leading to its own capture.

Did you see all those French rioters chanting for Trump? How about the many calls from ‘Truthers’ on YouTube videos and comments crying that they also need Trump in Britain and all over Europe.

Trump is carrying the torch and sceptre for the ‘free world’ to rise up and cry for nationalism to be restored to ‘we the people.’ But the people are so captured, they are needing a little help from ‘agent-provocateurs’ to raise the passion necessary for true change. Burn a car here; throw a rock at a cop there. Whatever it takes!

Do you recall Trump’s election appeal to the masses for their vote so that the power would be returned back to ‘the people’? And at his inauguration, he claimed his victory was the people’s victory, because “today the power has been returned back to YOU, the people for the people.” (Stirring stuff.)

However, the question remains: how to get THEIR mark/chip into the hands of EVERY free-will on earth?

The great ship of ‘we the people’ now has a captain of industry, who is the master of bankruptcy, coming out winning BIGLY from it all, with loans from the Rothschild’s no less. And Jared does deals with George Soros??

And here is America and the whole world captured and held to ransom under the globally intertwined debt of all those nasty, wicked Satan-worshipping Banksters, who torture and sacrifice and eat babies for the adreno-crome hit. And they pay big money to get regular blood transfusions of blood from young people so THEY can live on in the peak of health into THEIR 90’s.

But Halleluiah, the world has a saviour in Trump whose record is unimpeachable. And a ‘born-again’ experience under Paula White’s leading has taken care of those few embarrassing sins of passion from the past, which – if THEY had taken Kavanaugh out with – THEY could have clicked and dragged the timeline past back into Trump’s present, and taken him out as well.

Or was all that theater stalling for time while Trump, in cooperation with other world leaders, pushes hard for the global 5G rollout, SkyNet satellite web build, and that blockchain – without which that Antichrist fella CANNOT suddenly appear with his ‘mark/chip-in-the-right-hand salvation answer to a world taken to the brink 2008 GFC style, where THEY practiced for their final plan. They conditioned the expectation of the world back then for what is about to go down soon.

Have you taken note of the rumblings coming out of Trump about auditing or even taking out the FED?

The masses have taken this crumb of hope and are running with it, chanting in their Yellow-Vest rallies for the removal of the FED and a return to a gold-backed currency backing a reset of the debt.

Nice idea sheeple, but it isn’t going to happen. That Antichrist IS coming with his mark for your hand real soon.

That on/off switch THEY control on THEIR blockchain requires that this WHOLE fiat debt system be removed. The FED, IMF, and BIS are part and parcel of this many-faceted, interlocked debt system, and it MUST be completely removed so as not to compete with that mark in your hand. Because that mark is the moment of eternal capture, and NOTHING is to be left of the old order to compete with it in that soon-coming end.

Yes, gold and silver still have a part to play to draw the people in with the old, old hope it carries still as real money. ‘God’s money!’ But in that chipping moment, that much-maligned Bible (KJV for me, thanks) says people will throw their gold and silver into the street as being useless. For, it will not save them from the wrath of God, worked by the hand of the Antichrist, to destroy the sinners from the face of the earth by fire in the likeness of the water sweeping-clean in the days of Noah.

Trump is leading the global movement of the masses to riot and call for nationalism and a return to sanity, away from the leftist PC-lunacy, in hope for a return to ‘peace and safety’ – out from under those awful Banksters’ usury leading to debt-servitude on THEIR tax-farm, where ‘we the people are held like free-range cattle. And what do you do to cattle? You slaughter and devour them.

How did ‘we the people’ ever get ourselves under so much debt? Well, as it was in the beginning, reaching out to take freedom and pleasure offered at no- or low-interest risk with the desire to achieve autonomy and living security. But that isn’t the greatest part of the debt the masses have trapped themselves under by their own hand. The major part of the global debt in the 300-trillion-dollar range is derivative bets by the Banksters. And laws have been signed by governments in the event of a crash 2008 GFC style, which was forestalled back then by Quantative-Easing = printing money/debt out of thin air to cover the derivative debt-repayment demand.

In this coming event, those derivative debts/bets MUST be satisfied FIRST before anything else. So where does that put the little people and their retirement savings and investments?

Investment houses are crashing and burning all around today, having put their clients’ retirements into this derivatives gambling-casino; and everyone knows the ‘House’ NEVER loses in the long-play.

So how will THEY deal with this tsunami of debt which is beginning to crest right NOW?

In this digital day, nearly everyone born has been assigned a birth number, which becomes a tax-file number when they enter the paid workforce on the tax-farm of those nasty Bankster Globalists.

The derivative gambling casino was enabled by signing laws, legally allowing those at the top ‘in the know’ to calculate the future production of every one of those sheeple assigned a number.

THEY calculated each person’s potential future productivity using a vast amount of information gathered on THEIR web. And they have betted amongst themselves on their future calculations which would return a profit to THEM as THEY manage THEIR herd for profit.

It would have been a great game if the world had continued to grow under THEIR debt-based system, which demands ever-increasing debt to continue to grow. But what if more money ISN’T the end-game goal?

What if THEY already own most of the real wealth in the world, and are now after total control? And so THEY begin to dry up the loans’ investment money THEY have been printing out of thin air and lending out to ‘we the sheeple,’ charging interest to us which we have to create as something real and tangible by our sweat-equity; this to repay THEIR fake loans printed out of thin-air on the promise of our and our children’s future production.

THEY print fake and charge us real to repay, and no risk to THEM at zero interest.

But as I said, what happens when THEY intentionally begin to dry up THEIR supply of fake, printed for us to use to invest and repay our loans back to THEM with interest?

Look around at the falling housing market worldwide, and all the shuttered businesses. Look at the families tenting on the streets.

But because of the sheer number of people, 7.6 billion, and the unpayable mountain of debt, these two monstrous masses must be dealt with simultaneously so that one cancels the other out.

If one of those assigned a birth and tax number – to whom an equal amount of the global debt has been assigned – were to be removed from the ledger, then their debt could be removed.

If one were to remove the vast majority of those to whom this collective debt has been assigned, then that kills two birds with the same stone, so to speak.

One would not have to fuss with the messy and laborious task of having to repay or settle one’s gambling debts if the one to whom the debt is owed, and the other who owes that debt, is taken out of play.

No need to take it personally; it is, after all, only business at the top. It’s just a numbers game in the end, yours that is.

But the really delicious part of all this is – if the sheeple had not reached out to invest in the gambling aspects of the stock market; and bought into the speculating housing market for easy gains at their fellow-man’s expense; and had they NOT bought into the crypto market, nor accepted the transfer of cash-transaction over to all-digital using chips in cards, then THEY could NOT have captured the world into THEIR debt-trap THEY are beginning to spring today.

So how will THEY herd the sheeple into accepting THEIR mark/chip in their right hand willingly? To even bleat and riot for it!

Did you hear Trump calling for America to have a national ID card with the chip in it so ‘we the people’ can outsmart all those awful, wicked, deranged, loony-PC-leftist-socialists in the next election in 2020?

But did you notice the practiced impotence over all the obvious election-rigging in these last mid-term elections,  which were fobbed-off, ‘faded to black’ and drowned under a deluge of political-theater to the point where the House has gone to the Demon-crats? But don’t worry, people; the Senate under the Republicans led by Trump is what matters. Just you wait until 2020; and until then, ‘Trust the plan’ Q.

Oops, I mean OK?

Here is my conclusion of this illusion manifesting in this global delusion:

Jesus said in Matthew 24 that there would be wars and rumours of wars, but the end is NOT yet.

Nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom (but the end is not yet).

And there will be an increasing amount of chaos from nature. And the base-nature of mankind will manifest as the controlling restraining structures God placed upon ALL relationship of sinful man are replaced by men and women led by Satan, being ripped off and shredded and stamped upon in the streets – as we are beginning to see all around today in a sea of angry, bobbing pink p—y hats and Yellow-Vests.

This progression will continue and accelerate in intensity towards destruction, UNTIL this masterfully manipulated collective of seething humanity is steered by this Trump-led nationalism into forming the publically understood and grasped hope of being able to throw down the old order – taking them off to military trials hidden away in GITMO in a gigantic game of ‘WHERE’S WALDO,’ – tucked safely away from the public who are right now baying for blood. LITERALLY. “String her up! String her up!”

I am sure those at the top, who take great delight in satanic rituals and deviant sexual monstrosities, will have no qualms about throwing a few lower-level ‘perps’, truly guilty of serious crimes, for the masses to feel something of justice being served. But seriously, 60,000 sealed indictments!? How long to wade through that ocean of legal faking and stalling before the top-feeders swing?

I want a DNA test done on Killary and O-Bummer as they stand on the gallows with ropes around their necks, and NO cover on the drop zone! (That is a quote from the masses on YouTube right now.)

Remember – whatever else Trump is, and whatever he does in America, the world, and Israel – that Antichrist fella DOES arrive, and he DOES enforce his chip for EVERY hand he can catch.

I believe Trump is the consummate Reality-Show Host who has been groomed from his youth for this time and position to lead the masses, ‘we the people’, into throwing down and throwing out the old order, but NOT in a Mad-Max total collapse which would endanger the elite, or cause THEM to lose control.

Think people! Israel has been brought back by God still in unbelief and rejection of Jesus as their Messiah and Saviour still. Like Seth’s line and the church gone apostate in the main today, Israel does NOT glorify God by being the witness of His righteousness found ONLY in Jesus, holding to the mandate He gave them in Abraham.

Revelation tells us that fully 2/3rds of the present Jewish population will be executed by the Antichrist.

Trump as Cyrus on the coin showing the 3rd temple!? Really?

People, think! Is that temple the Jews so badly want to build of and for God? NOoooo! That temple will be the very one the Antichrist will seat himself in and declare himself to be God Almighty come down.

Look at those in Trump’s ‘spiritual-advisory’ team. Kenneth Copeland. Really? Yep!

Wall to wall Catholics on the Supreme-Court, and Melania don’s the black veil and curtsies to the pope.

And as I said, look at EVERYTHING Trump is doing: rolling out 5G, SkyNet/Space-Force/blockchain, and the ridiculous voter-rigging theater he allowed in the mid-terms that the majority handed to him in a Red-Wave Win, which would have won him the House as well as the Senate. That majority to govern with power wouldn’t give him anywhere to hide and conduct this nauseating farcical political show the world is being subjected to right now if Trump had sorted the voter-rigging from his first election as president, now would it?!

As the Lord Jesus warned in Matthew, this farcical fake and stall ‘dog and pony-show’ deception will continue until this world is herded into the nationalist fold, out from under the lunacy of those we have been afflicted by these last two decades, to the place where – even though there will be groups and individuals falling by the wayside to camp on the streets of drug-induced escapism and murder and suicide – the ‘hopium’ of nationalism and freedom coming into view will have Trump and our other handlers dog-whistling us to start singing the ‘PEACE AND SAFETY’ song.

But in that day coming soon which will begin to look like ‘peace and safety’ at last (THEIR fake and stall to cover THEIR great deception), The Rapture WILL happen.

See 1 Thessalonians 5:1-4: “When THEY shall say ‘Peace and Safety,’ THEN sudden destruction shall come upon THEM, and THEY shall not escape.”

So what of the church if we be not THEY who will not escape?

We WILL escape!

So comfort yourselves with these words little flock, for a little longer. Just a little longer.