The Doorway That Beckons Me :: By David Hammacher

I walk through a doorway that beckons me with Truth. Deep inside I sense that things will be different, but I walk forward nonetheless. My gut feeling is that this is no longer inside my comfort zone; this is in the realm of faith. I am reminded that not everything can be touched and immediately understood. I am reminded that I have to let go sometimes and just trust You.

This is about making the waves around me flat and as hard as a rock, so that I can venture forth in hope and faith that You will catch me when I fall. It is the longing that my life will be of value on the Scale of Eternity. It is my fervent desire that I, too, will receive a crown to throw at Your Glorious Feet! I, myself, do not even count myself worthy of such Grace to be among the chosen, but for Your Precious Blood.

You know my name, and I have a purpose; I adore You for Your many Blessings to me. Crossing that threshold into Your Freedom is why I was born. You knew about me before the stars were created because You – and ONLY YOU – are The Ancient of Days Who has known the end from the very beginning.

You are the Infinite God Who calls into existence what is not. Your ‘Foolishness’ (1 Cor. 1:25) is to be exalted because You ARE Perfect in Power, Love and Purity. Your Holy Spirit IS The Spark That ignites the flame of passion to know and serve You in Spirit and in Truth. You ARE The Wonder in the snowflakes swiftly passing by as dark spots through the curiously dimmed light of the afternoon sun. You Are The AWE of Creation because it is of You and from You!

Lord Jesus, thank You for a heart that restlessly seeks to find You in everything, for You give true meaning to my next breath. You’re The One Who provides it, thus Your Purpose has already been decided. If I’m part of it, then, and only then, does it have meaning.

On the other side of the Threshold, I truly find myself. It is in that realm of the unknown that I genuinely begin to believe that I stand in Your Shadow, given the wherewithal to fight the Good Fight in both physical and spiritual realms. It is ONLY in You that I find myself to be the person I was created to be: a child of The Most High and Only True God. As a child yearns for the touch of its parent, so my soul desires a closeness to You like none other, for all that is within me knows that ONLY You can provide what feeds my soul.

As this new year 2019 begins, I pray that You would give Your people the gift of exalting You. Be Glorified in our testimony. Make us men, women and children who thirst for You. Show us the empty ways of this world and all the deception of the enemy. Wean us from what we think is important but, in reality, is evil. Steer us to The Truth of Your Word, for verily, verily Your Word is Truth for all of eternity.

God, I pray for those who haven’t yet entered that doorway with their hearts. I pray that they may find the courage to trust You with their eternity. That they would touch that threshold not only with their feet, but that they would also caress the doorframe with the fingers of their heart.

I love You, Jesus. Lead us into Truth in 2019. Would that we’d not pursue our own sandcastles, but that our hopes and dreams would be engraved into the stone of YOUR Future, for You ARE and always have been our Mighty Fortress. Jesus Christ, You ARE The Same yesterday, today and FOREVER! I love You, Lord!