Is America Falling? Through the Book of Nahum :: By Kathy E. Dockett

The Book of Nahum
This story is told by the prophet Nahum. It depicts the turning of the city of Nineveh (from repentance) back to their evil ways. Now, according to the Word, Nineveh was the prideful, alluring capital of Assyria (which would be today around northern Iraq). Despite the Lord’s warning, they still embraced sin and gave in to fleshly desires.

Nahum is considered one of the minor prophets of the Bible. Though the book is only three chapters, it is short and to the point. Sometimes, God does not have to give a long speech to get His point across. The book starts off with God’s anger against Nineveh. Now, let’s remember that God used Assyria to come against and capture Judah because Judah resisted obeying Him. It was a sign of punishment. But nevertheless, God would eventually avenge Judah by bringing Assyria down.

Does this story sound familiar?

Look at our country, the U.S. As I have said many times before, the Lord is granting us more time to repent with this Trump Administration. Beloved, the Lord heard enough prayers from the righteous people in our country to greatly overturn destruction (wrath).

The state of California is feeling the Lord’s anger. Jehovah has had enough. Why? The state is trying to do away with Christian literature, including the Bible. Homosexuality is more widespread and acceptable than ever. Again, sounds familiar with Nineveh? I was both appalled and shocked when my brother told me that a California professional ball team had a male cheerleader. Huh? California, you cannot impose against God and win.

Not only in California but the entire country.

People are indulging in witchcraft more than ever, some calling theirs good because they say they use it to do good. I am sorry but no witchcraft is good. The only spirit that is good is the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity of God. People are beginning to call good evil and evil good as it relates to the Bible. The enemy Satan has blinded and put a veil over this generation’s eyes, having them to believe that his way is good and God’s way is bad. But, glory to Jesus, light pierces and shatters darkness to the core. The power of the Almighty Yahweh cannot be contained once He starts. He controls everything, including Satan.

So why do some ask, “Why does God allow evil?” Because sin was let in by the first Adam (The first human created). But our redemption from sin through repentance was given by the last and second Adam, Jesus Christ (See 1 Corinthians 15:22 and 15:45). Why is Jesus called the second Adam? Because He became sin on the cross to atone for us (redeem us).

Beloved, God also gives us free will – the ability to choose which way and whom to serve. The Lord will not force anyone to follow Him. That is why He said, “Whosoever is willing,” meaning whoever wants to follow me must pick up the cross daily and follow me (Matthew 16:24-26). This statement is referring to dying to self or putting away sin of the old man and putting on the new man in Christ. It also means facing persecution from both man and Satan. This is true discipleship, to be willing to give up the things of this world to follow Christ. Sure, we still have houses, cars and all, but to give up the sinful natures of this world.

In Nahum, Nineveh eventually fell (chapter 2). Assyria was now being dealt with due to what it had done. It has been stated that around 612 B.C., which is called the battle of Nineveh, the Babylonians invaded. The Tigris River is said to have created and broken parts of Nineveh’s enormous wall which allowed this. God avenged Judah like He’d promised.

Beloved, we as a nation need God to set us free. Free from bondages, generational curses, and so forth. God is calling out for us to take heed because we are too relaxed at where we are. Now is the time for me to come out of my comfort zone, and it is time for you. Even though I have had my share of trials, there’s still something deeper that I must fulfill. Listen and answer to the call of God. He is calling you.

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