The Theft of a Republic :: By the Daily Jot Staff

If Americans continue to allow states with Democratic majorities in their statehouses to systematically pass laws legalizing voter fraud, the American experiment of a Constitutional Republic will be handed over to revolutionary communists and socialists without a shot fired.

California, for example, passed a law in 2016 that allowed third parties to collect ballots and deliver them to polling stations without the voters themselves ever showing up to vote. Experts are pointing to this law as evidence why Republicans who won on Election Day were defeated several days later after ballots postmarked by the election date arrived after election. California’s voter harvesting law caused the flipping of several Congressional seats.

Government Accountability Institute research director Eric Eggers told Breitbart News that what was once considered voter fraud in California, for example, is now legal. When people apply for drivers’ licenses, they are automatically registered to vote, despite whether or not they are legal citizens. Eggers said, “The political campaigns now have free license to go find you, and essentially even if they don’t find you, just turn in a ballot in your name.”

Brietbart News Senior Editor Joel Pollak concluded that several California congressional seats were stolen. He said, “The practice explains several mysteries about the 2018 election, such as: why mail-in ballots caused massive shifts toward Democrats in races Republicans thought they won on Election Night; why Republicans won the turnout battle in the primary, but lost it in the general election…”

As a veteran of political consulting for 16 years, I experienced vote tampering at the Congressional-level and above campaigns. Chicago, for example, is notorious for dead people voting. This Voter Harvesting law in California only legalizes what has been done for decades. Without having to show identification, and nowadays proof of citizenship, there is open season for voter fraud. Campaigns and political party machines can keep track of who has voted during Election Day by checking the voter rolls. If someone doesn’t vote, they can send someone in the place of the registered voter to cast a vote.

With voter harvesting, campaign operatives can present ballots days later when they know the initial outcome of the election. The dead, illegal aliens, or others who didn’t vote can then vote.

Many Christians do not understand why this is important. Communist rule, which is what can happen when votes are harvested or otherwise tampered with, is dictatorship beyond any American’s imagination. It is the replacement of God with government. Now, that may not affect your private beliefs, but it will affect your freedom of speech and the freedom to worship. In this, it also impacts your ability to conduct the commandment of Christ in Mark 16:15,

“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

The Communist Manifesto calls for abolishing all religion and all morals. Ever wonder how communist countries and dictatorships have elections and the dictators stay in power? Look at California. That’s how.

Have a blessed and powerful day,

The Daily Jot Staff