The Folly Of Open Borders :: By Sally Law

The Folly Of Open Borders

The United States of America is a sovereign nation – a Republic democracy with a constitution, bill of rights and citizenship for those either born here or those who have applied for it legally. Something else is required that the mainstream media would like us all to forget. A person who has applied for citizenship here is sworn in with an oath on the day they become a citizen. Let’s look together.

“Oath of allegiance to the United States: The applicant must pledge allegiance to the United States, renouncing other national allegiances. The pledge includes an obligation to support the Constitution and to bear arms on behalf of the United States if required.” – source

Wow, support the Constitution! Now there is a long forgotten concept among those who would love nothing more than to ignite the old parchment and throw our sovereign nation under the bus of progressive socialism. If you come here illegally, you make no such oath—no promise.

Members of Congress should re-evaluate if this is the kind of nation they want to represent. Many could not honestly pledge to uphold the Constitution this very day, as their actions and words are just the opposite.

This same group wants to have open borders and a “come on in” open-door policy. I would like to ask these progressives a few questions. These are not hard ones, either.

Do you lock your doors at night? Lock your car when you go inside to shop or to work? Do you leave your wallet, cellphone, credit cards information and electronics out on the sidewalk with a note attached that says help yourself?

Do you kiss your children goodbye in the morning and remind them to get in the car of any stranger who offers? Join their cult? Take their drug offerings?

Hopefully, you don’t. But anything you hold dear and value is worth protecting, is it not?

I hope you see the hypocrisy of those who would want open borders. Those who do have no love for our country, values, people, property rights – and most importantly, our children. They say to the violent strangers pressing our gates, “Come on in—take what you want.”

There was a very wise king who lived a long time ago. The court was in an uproar on this particular day. Women and babies were involved. The story had spread like wildfire throughout the kingdom. Tears, crying, and accusatory language were heard by this sovereign, wise king. One woman claimed a baby was hers, stolen in the night by the other who had rolled over on top of her baby and suffocated him. She switched the dead baby for the live one while the other mother was sleeping. It was a “she said, she said” case and hard to prove.

The wise king listened carefully before making his decision. “Cut the baby in half by sword,” was King Solomon’s verbal decision. Each mother would be satisfied.

The evil, lying mother agreed. The righteous and good mother said, “No, give her the child, only spare his life!”

The evidence and heart of the real mother had come to light. She had something to lose…the life of her newborn son. (See 1 Kings 3:16-28 for the full story).

I am watching my nation in an uproar about protecting it from those who are not asking, but demanding to be here—violently. They put women and young children in the front of the mob, exposing their most vulnerable and precious commodities to potential harm. The tear gas was used since verbal commands were not heeded. (The tear gas, by the way, will not harm anyone; it is simply a deterrent.) Border patrol agents were attacked with rocks and bottles being thrown at them. No one was injured, thankfully, at the borders this past weekend.

Is the answer open borders? I say no. It will be the end of our sovereign nation in my opinion. We have many people from a multitude of nations who become citizens every year.

Look at these statistics: The United States welcomed more than 7.4 million naturalized citizens into our nation in the last decade. In fiscal year 2016, 752,800 people were naturalized. – source

Please don’t give away our nation’s sovereignty at the borders or anyplace else. If you love America and Americans, you will want to protect it. Let people come here legally who appreciate being citizens and love its freedoms. If we dissolve our borders, that will be it. There will be no going back.

The progressives love the thought of open borders and massive immigration, riding on the backs of human misery. More people homeless living on the streets, more crime and drugs, gangs…you name it. By all means, let them vote for more progressives, although here illegally! The list of our national woes will compound with each passing day. The hard-working will be taxed until there is no more to tax. We are already in over our heads. The land I love and value, my family’s home since the 1600’s, will take on socialism and then…communism. Twin evils, and the enemy of America.

Secure our sovereignty at our borders! Guard what is loved and esteemed. Our ancestors fought and died for our sovereignty and constitutional freedoms.

Don’t give these valuables away; pass them on intact to your children. It’s what our forefathers and framers of the Constitution intended.

Sally Law