A Partnership :: By Dr. Thomas J. Miranda

Many entrepreneurs reduce an idea to practice, then try to develop the result into a business. As the process develops, the entrepreneur invests his own money or encourages supporters to participate in the game. As sales begin to grow, there becomes a need for more capital to finance inventory, advertising and other costs involved in a development. The successful entrepreneur may succeed and enjoy the fruits of his effort. In other cases, it may be of good value to have a business partner.

The effect of having a partner is that there are now two minds working on the problem, and other ideas may emerge to bring the project to a successful conclusion. For example, one partner may excel in invention, while the other is more knowledgeable at the business level, making a successful team effort.

An interesting aspect of the above is what occurs on The Shark Tank, a popular TV show where successful entrepreneurs listen to proposed projects; and if they show merit, will invest their own money for an equity stake in the project. What many entrepreneurs fail to do is to acknowledge the expertise and guidance such a mentor can provide; and in many cases, they lose their chance of an investment. One of the big reasons is that the fledging entrepreneur doesn’t appreciate the value of a Shark and the need to reward the Shark for his or her input. An uninformed entrepreneur may not appreciate the value that a Shark brings to the table.

Many entrepreneurs come in with a simple idea that is recognized by these experts as a big money- maker, and a fledging entrepreneur becomes a millionaire almost overnight. Others come in with a degree of smugness and are so wrapped up with their idea that they forget to back up and look at the overall picture. Partnering with a Shark can be awesome.

We as Christians should look for a partner in life who can make our journey in life more rewarding. Consider the value of the talent in the Shark Tank and multiply that by, say a billion, and we would now have a treasure for a life companion.

Jesus is just that partner!

One needs only to consult the Bible and the treasure therein to learn what a rich guide it is to a successful human life. Reviewing the many miracles in the New Testament should be a great incentive to enlist in a partnership with Jesus.

Many people discover Jesus at an early age and cling to Him for the rest of their lives. Others either shun or ignore Him, in some cases for their whole lives, before seeking Him on their death bed. How fortunate it is for many young people who discover Jesus early in life and prosper from His partnership?

When a person walks with Jesus sincerely, their life can become more fruitful in Love, Peace and Joy. Knowing Jesus is a great cure for fighting off temptation.

Think about it and make Jesus your partner in life; you will never regret the choice.