Globalism is Assured :: By Fred Sands

At a recent meeting in France, commemorating the 100th anniversary of WW1, French President Macron criticized President Trump’s strong support of nationalism, i.e. nations remaining free and self- governing. Macron promotes globalism as the answer to the world’s problems, as do most European leaders. And, possibly unknown to many Americans and fellow Christians, so also do our own leaders, especially the Democrats. That’s why they oppose Trump so bitterly. He stands in the way of their plans to socialize America and bring us under the globalist government they favor.

Students of Bible prophecy realize that eventually Macron and his fellow globalists in Europe will get their wish – the complete elimination of all free and independent nations, and the creation of a global government – one that the soon-to-come Antichrist will assume control of, under which all nations will be submerged, and under which all people will lose their freedoms.

Even now, the EU leaders are working to weaken all European nations by encouraging the invasion of those nations by Muslim refugees who refuse to assimilate and obey the laws of their host countries. These leaders plan to eventually bring all European Union nations, and England, under their control.

So, despite President Trump’s support of nationalism and declaration that America will never surrender our sovereignty and support globalism, it will happen. Once President Trump is no longer our leader, people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and George Soros will make it happen! It is just a matter of time. Bible prophecy tells us this. What most Americans, including many Christians who have never studied Bible prophecy, are unaware of is that, in the Bible, there is no mention of America in the future – only of Europe, Russia, China, and Israel.

That Macron and the EU bureaucrats in Brussels, Belgium, are openly critical of Trump for supporting nationalism is a sign of how close we may be to what is prophesied to happen.

So, while we still can, we had better be grateful for President Trump and his opposition to globalism and the elimination of sovereign nations by the world’s globalist leaders. We had better enjoy our freedoms and prosperity while we still can.

Above all, we should be warning our loved ones and friends that the Bible predicts terrible times are ahead, not things getting better! Things will not remain the same.

And so, one of our primary duties should be to inform relatives and friends of what the Bible foretells, and that only by trusting in Jesus Christ as their Saviour can they escape the terrible times ahead. People need to be warned and assured that, with Christ, their future is secure.