The Good Old Days? :: By Grant Phillips

Have you ever wished we were back in the good old days? Maybe you’ve heard someone say those words. It’s been many years, but I’ve been guilty of saying that myself.

When I think about today’s immorality, crime rate, high cost-of-living, threats of war, apostasy, etc. it is tempting to wish for the good old days. On the other hand, we would not have all the conveniences that are available today. Perhaps it would be better to be content with where we are now and enjoy what the Lord provides each day. Yeah, I think so too.

I could close at this point and have the shortest article I’ve ever written, but there’s more to say. My wife and I have been studying the Old Testament, having finished the New Testament, and during this time I have noticed one glaring fact. As a Christian, I am so glad to be living in the dispensation of the Church as opposed to the dispensation of the Law.

In traveling through Exodus and Leviticus, for example, we notice immediately that very rigid rules apply, from God, for just about everything. There are many types of sacrifices to be carried out to the letter. There are days, years and seasons to observe that must be observed religiously. The Tabernacle had to be set up perfectly to God’s standards, and even the positioning of the tribes around the Tabernacle was a precise maneuver.

Please keep in mind that I am just skimming the tree tops. I have not gone down into the forest of very, very rigid commands that had to be followed precisely or die. If you think I’m making this up, ask Nadab and Abihu, two of Aaron’s priestly sons. (Leviticus 10:1-5) They learned the hard way, with their lives, to obey God or die. It didn’t matter that they were sons of the high priest, Aaron. God took their lives for disobeying Him and disrespecting their position. And get this, Aaron, their father, was not even permitted by God to mourn their deaths.

Some may say, “Oh that was so cruel of God.” No it wasn’t! God had to demonstrate to mankind, through Israel, that He is holy and is to be treated as holy. Bottom line … He is God. We are not. He demands respect as the one and only true God. If we were still under the Law today, I hate to imagine the predicament we would all be in today. However, payday is coming for this world, but that’s another subject.

Today, we can all be thankful for the tremendous blessings that have been provided by Jesus giving His life for us on the cross. Further, what a blessing that He rose from the grave and is now in Heaven as our great High Priest.

Those who come to Jesus today asking to be saved do not need to bring a bloody sacrifice to the altar. Instead of looking toward the cross, as Israel did in those days, we are now looking back to the cross. Our sacrifice has been provided by God; the sacrifice of Himself. All we need do is call upon His name in faith, believing upon Him and He will save us.

As a Christian I do not need to meticulously keep many, many rituals required by the Law. Jesus fulfilled the Law for us.

God is not far off, requiring that I come to Him through a tabernacle priest. I can now come to my Father in Heaven any time, day or night, and talk with Him. Why is that? Jesus made that possible on the cross. If you recall, the veil that separated the holy place from the holy of holies was split in two from top to bottom. There is no longer a veil between us. (Those of you who are Catholic are being duped by the leaders of your false religion.)

Another wonderful blessing is that we have the entirety of God’s Word in the book we call the Bible, a joining of the Old and New Testaments. This was not possible prior to the dispensation of the Church age.

When we consider that we can carry in one hand (the Bible) all that God wants us to hear from Him, and talk with Him anytime, what a wonderful blessing that is! There is only one thing that can top that, and that would be when we see Him face to face in Heaven, when we can touch Him with our hands, and worship at His feet.

Yes, the world is a sin infested, devilish hell-hole today, despite all the modern conveniences, but there is one thing I love about living in the 21st century. I love knowing that we will soon see Jesus come for His Church and deal with Satan and his followers. What a thought, knowing that we are at the threshold of the book of Revelation (and others) being fulfilled!

Why would any Christian long for the good old days, when actually the good old days are just ahead. They are not in the past! They could be any day now! I don’t know the date our Lord will return for us, but I do know that He will. He gave us His Word, and His Word has never failed. His last words to us were, “Surely, I come quickly.” (Revelation 22:20) Now those will be the good old days!

Grant Phillips


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