Hope in a Hopeless World :: By Sally Law

The world by and large is not offering much in the way of hope these days. Things are in disarray. Unrest is spread thick, civil and worldwide. Life in and out of the womb is attacked and killed. Why would we think world peace is achievable if we can’t have it in our marriages, family and with neighbors?

War is not far from any nation. Many countries don’t recall the days of peace except in a distant memory.

In America, we are reminded daily that peace is not a guarantee. So much is threatened as we are in a moral decline. Civility and common decency is absent in the public setting, opting instead for hateful, accusatory speech. Lies gulped down and accepted as truth with no validation. Crimes supposedly committed with no corroboration whatsoever. Unjust trials with no provable evidence of wrongdoing. Public smears of people and their characters for political theater. The blame game has become the daily cocktail, a lethal one at that.

Freedom is not being able to do or say anything you want, anytime you want. Why would a human being be party to such things for a vote? For a political agenda?

So, how can a person have hope? Hope for today and tomorrow? Hope for our nation?

I will pose a personal question. I will put myself on the witness stand and testify. Law is my name.

How do I hope for a better life and to maintain my peace?

I had a long talk with the Almighty this morning. It’s called prayer. We discussed hope and areas where I was feeling rather hopeless. There were more than a few things listed under the “hopeless category” that I felt called for His immediate attention.

Just as I suspected, He sees and knows all, even before I opened my mouth.

He has and always will have a plan for me, my family, America and the world. He graciously led me to the place of reassurance. He will do all that He said, and promised in His word—the Bible.

This was not the first time we had addressed these topics of concern. But, I just needed to be reminded today that He was “on” these things, so to speak. He desires for me to always walk in the peace provided through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

If I turn on the news, I can hardly watch it for long. Not much hope there.

When I access online world news to get a better perspective, I still have to limit my consumption. Propaganda in the news has reached an all-time high.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the world cannot give what it does not have—hope.

I have this hope; and, as a Christian, I must share it with others. It is only found in one place that I have personally experienced. It is found in the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

My daily confession of hope and faith:

~My God is good. He watches over me and my loved ones.

~He sees all things and knows all things. Only He can judge, has all the facts and sees into the human heart. Everyone will have to stand before Him and give an account of their life.

~I do not know what my day holds, but I know who holds my day.

~I have hope and a future because of my faith and trust in Christ for salvation. I am eternally secured in Him. Heaven awaits me.

~I am deeply loved by my God.

~My husband, children and grandchildren are a gift from God, a treasure from Him. My family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers are a gift, too. I value each and every one.

~I will always be provided for and fed. I will never go begging for bread.

These are all scripture-based promises from the Bible, and there are thousands more.

There is no need, no want, no problem, or pain that is too big for God. He gives me His peace while He works, doing what only He can do.

Care is lifted, hope and joy has returned, and life seems worth living again. A new day of restored hope has come for me.

Thank you, my Jesus!