Foundations of Justice :: By Sally Law

Justice seems far from us these days. The media is electrified, filled with propaganda, lies and vitriolic reporting.

I will pose a question today. It was asked very long ago in a famous book. The Bible says, “When the foundations are destroyed, what are the righteous to do?” (Psalm 11:3).

Our very foundations of justice and honor were destroyed this week. What are we to become as a nation?

Foundations and foundational truths are very important. We can’t do without them.

I was an active Realtor for five years in the beautiful state were I now reside. Just to be a Realtor, one is required to have a thorough background check. I studied hard, took the tests and maintained my continuing education. My husband and I did all of this together.

I went to work for a traditional firm in town. One of my first real estate transactions ending up being a nightmare. The foundation of the house that I had listed had been laid upon a bed of muck. The house slid off its foundation as the muck shifted due to natural environmental conditions. The two owners knew about this and did not disclose it to me. This was a huge deal breaker, and a big lie to me—their fiduciary-in-capacity Realtor.

It got worse, much worse, in the days ahead.

I brought a buyer to them with a cash offer. I then represented both the buyer and the seller in fiduciary capacity. I was referred to by law as the “transaction broker.”

The seller accepted the offer, and we moved towards the inspection stage. I had a known list of really good home inspectors and gave the list to my buyer to pick from. She chose one, and we moved forward to the inspection stage of the contract.

In the meantime, the next-door neighbor to the seller called me with the news about the muck under the foundation. I thanked him for this information, but I needed verification before I spoke to anyone. I had to believe the best about my client.

My sellers continued in the lie up to the day of the inspection. They did not say a word to me, even when I questioned them again about some areas of concern that were visible to me. Mum was the word.

The home inspector and his team laid it bare for all to see. The foundation, indeed, had slid. Several inches from where it was originally set. My buyer ran for the hills, and the whole deal fell apart like a bad opera. The sellers demanded I stay as their Realtor and produce another buyer. I said, “No, my good name is on the line here. I gave you every opportunity to tell the truth. You both lied to my face… repeatedly.”

Foundations are not meant to move. They are to be built upon and hold steady. Everything is dependent upon this sturdy, solid foundation.

Justice with fairness and impartiality, blind to prejudice, is our Lady Justice. She is blindfolded. Seeing no race, no color, no male or female; just the person sitting before her in need.

That’s all she is able to see.

Her virtues represent foundational truths and should be upheld with honor in every courtroom in our land.

The ones who represent justice and truth day in and day out know this. For too many, it was a question on an exam and nothing more. They passed the exam, but they are flunking the test of life. They represent not the people, nor the constitution, due process of law, or even common decency. They are politically motivated at every turn. Truth and justice seem to have departed from their lives long ago.

They have slid from the foundations of Lady Justice. The constitution of our land is an old piece of outdated parchment to them, as well.

I saw and heard a lot of things this week in the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and investigations. Justice was thrown under the bus where he was concerned. I could not believe this was the United States of America. Honestly, I could not! I am much older than the judge, and I wondered how his mother and father felt? His family, wife and children? Ms. Ford was given civility and respect. Our judge, just the opposite. Unsubstantiated allegations were fired at him with hatred and contempt. He was presumed guilty as soon as she opened her mouth. It did not seem to matter to the unreasoning ones hearing the case, but there was no evidence or corroborations to her claims. Zero. Seven total FBI investigations, and yet not enough for the senate democrats.

Sex crimes expert prosecutor Rachel Mitchell was called into the Kavanaugh hearings. Still, not enough for Kavanaugh‘s accusers.

She is quoted as saying the following:

“Mitchell issued a report to “All Republican Senators” on Sunday, labeling the accusations “even weaker than a ‘he said, she said case’ of sexual assault.” – source

This man was presumed and was still presumed to be guilty. No evidence mind you. No corroboration of testimony. Scraping the bottom looking for wrong doing and producing no evidence that could be placed upon a gnat.

But before God, the “me too’s” said he did it. The Democrats fueled the fire with more of the same. A few Republicans temporarily lost their minds, but finally came to their senses. Thank God.

I lost count of how many people came forward on Judge Kavanaugh’s behalf by letters to President Trump and Congress with affirmative support of his nomination. Many were women who worked alongside him for years.

I just learned he was confirmed as I am writing this. My family and I were praying he would be. The fact he would still have us is a testimony to his good character.

If this unfair trial happened to him, it could happen to any one of us.

Our foundation as a nation slid big time in the last few weeks. I have vowed to never elect someone into office that will not defend the rights of the people who sit before them. All rights. I will refuse anyone who was involved in this public mud-slinging defamation of character of Judge Kavanaugh and his family. I will show it with my vote!

What was that? Did you see that? A tear trickled down from Lady Justice.