Hurricane :: By Dr. Thomas J. Miranda

The Clergy Vs. The Meteorologist
One of God’s tools used to wake up wayward people is the weather. An example of God’s use of meteorology occurs early in the Bible where God destroys the earth using rain on a corrupt civilization, yet saving Noah and his family (Gen. 7). What an effective tool to accomplish a corrective action for a wayward flock.

Another example of God’s use of weather was when God sent Jonah to preach repentance. Jonah defied God and did not go to preach to the people of Nineveh (Jonah 1). Jonah’s escape was thwarted by a storm, and the people on the boat eventually laid the blame onto Jonah who was thrown overboard and swallowed by a large fish. This event was noted by Jesus when He reminded the apostles of Jonah in the fish’s belly (Jonah 1:17).

We are warned in scripture to watch especially for the time when the prince of this world comes who will take over the world (Jn. 14.30). We are also told to watch for signs in the heavens of things to come. God’s warning tools include earthquakes, floods, extremes of cold and drought and meteor strikes, to name a few.

Recently we were visited by a devastating hurricane that struck the Carolinas. The TV networks kept the public aware of the progress of the storm with updates and commentaries about the potential disaster to be dropped on the states in the path of the hurricane, citing previous major storms and the havoc visited on those who live in the path of the hurricane.

While thinking of this disaster and the public and private response, the thought occurred to me that we handle these problems with the best means available: evacuations, sand bags, stocking up on supplies and other responses.

But, where are the clergy?

The clergy are responsible for the spiritual welfare of the faithful, but I believe they are fast asleep!

Instead of relying on the news updates of the networks, would it not be of great value if the clergy would rally Christians to call on almighty God to save us from storms like this?

In Biblical times we have records of the people appealing to God for mercy, and God responded by saving them (2 Kings 19:35). Sennacherib sent his army against Israel, and his army was destroyed overnight by “an angel of the Lord.” Sennacherib had a large army and had conquered many enemies. Who was Israel to fight such a mighty warrior?

Would it not be remarkable if the Clergy would rise up, stir the Christians of this country, and pray for deliverance from storms like this? This would certainly put their money where their mouths are.

I find it incredible that with all the evidence of divine intervention in the Bible (Gen. 7:1-24) and in history, that we ignore the gift of salvation that was granted us on Calvary. Turn first to God when disaster strikes and use the free gifts of Salvation that Jesus promised us.

Should not our clergy use the power they possess to bring down the healing gifts from above and do the work of the Almighty?