1 Oct 2018

Disasters, Deep State, Depravity, & Doctrines of Devils

Disasters: Rescuers in Indonesia are trying to reach people calling for help from collapsed buildings after a 7.5 earthquake followed by a 20-foot tsunami left over 800 dead with the death toll expected to rise, possibly into the thousands. Over 150 aftershocks have followed the quake and tsunami. Thousands of homes, hotels, shopping malls and several mosques have collapsed. May those in this 90% Muslim nation turn to the only One who can save their eternal souls.

People in the Carolinas are still suffering aftereffects of Florence which made landfall in North Carolina as a category 1, killed 48 people and caused extensive damage. Florence became the wettest tropical cyclone on record in both North and South Carolina, dumping about 3 feet of rain. Now storm-battered North Carolinians are facing a new plague — millions of hungry mosquitoes, with some three times the normal size. “It’s like “a bad science fiction movie,” one resident said.

Hurricane Rosa has already brought heavy rain and flooding to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. It’s expected to weaken as it moves into the southwest US; but with all the heavy, dry soil from the severe, extreme and exceptional drought, the rain will just run off, creating flooding and mudslide concerns.

Typhoon Trami headed toward Japan’s mainland on Sept 30 after injuring dozens on southern islands.  Weather officials warned that fierce winds and torrential rain could trigger landslides and floods.

Tropical Storm Kirk brought heavy rain to the Windward Islands before weakening to a tropical depression.

In Canada, 6 tornadoes hit the Ottawa-Gatineau region on September 21, damaging or destroying hundreds of homes, knocking out power and sending people to the hospital.  A 46-year-old man was killed by a falling tree. The mayor of Ottawa said parts of the city looked like a war zone.

Extreme weather: Heavy snow brought Canada’s harvest to a standstill in September. Parts of Alberta recorded their snowiest September ever.

Persecution of Christians: An annual weekend gathering of evangelical activists concluded with a rallying cry, and a warning, from Vice President Mike Pence for Christians not to be complacent with the midterm elections coming up. Complacency is the greatest threat to Republicans in keeping control of Congress. “The other side is mobilized and some say they’re motivated as never before. But I say we must match — in fact, I say we must surpass — the energy of the American left and their enthusiasm. And if we do, we will win.”

Dr. James Dobson warned Christians that if they neglect their duty to vote in November’s midterm elections, they’ll likely lose their freedom – giving way to a socialist takeover sweeping America. “Socialism would replace freedom and free enterprise. God help us if you and I fail to fulfill our moral responsibility.”

Thankfully, under the Trump administration, Christians fleeing persecution are finally being allowed to take refuge in the US. 70.8% being admitted are now Christian.

A new report says Pastor Andrew Brunson could very soon be released from Turkish detention after months of immense pressure from President Trump has sent the Turkish lira into a nosedive.

A New Jersey court has agreed with atheists that fixing furnaces or repairing broken plumbing in historic church buildings is “religious;” therefore, they should be denied. This violates the First Amendment’s requirement that the government remain neutral on matters of religion.

A Muslim Brotherhood memo urged its Islamic supporters to burn churches down in Egypt, so why are they still not considered a terrorist group by the US?—The Democrat Party refuses to do so. Worse still, the Democrats advance the Muslim Brotherhood in America. The Muslim Brotherhood’s most powerful operative, DNC co-chair Hakim Muhammad (aka Keith Ellison), has a history of well-documented sexual assault and beatings of women, and the Democrats support his run for Attorney General in Minnesota.

The banishment of Christianity is on the rise in countries around the world, and the left would like nothing better than to see Christianity erased from the US too. The latest example is in Alabama. The Blount County School District ended prayer over the public address system before high school athletic events after a complaint was filed by an atheist group. The decision upset neighbors of the schools who had grown accustomed to the tradition of hearing prayers to God over the schools’ PA systems for years. Attendees of one football game wore “We Believe” T-shirts in response and recited the Lord’s Prayer.

In the face of an ongoing Communist crackdown, over 300 pastors in China have vowed to continue preaching the Gospel, even if it costs them their lives. The government is only approving only those individuals and groups who agree to a rigid, socialist version of religion tightly controlled by the atheist government. Pope Francis is under fire for agreeing to let the government appoint Catholic bishops.

In Kenya, a Muslim mob stoned three Christians to death. The three managed to flee into a nearby hotel, though badly injured. The Muslims relentlessly followed them and killed them.

Christians in the Central African Republic decided not to allow their country to be overrun by Muslim jihadist rebels who illegally grabbed the seat of power and have been slaughtering, raping, and persecuting the Christian majority. Not only have they retaken their government, they’ve obliterated 417 of the nation’s 436 mosques and forced tens of thousands of Muslims to flee. Still the danger exists from Muslim terrorists determined to take over and kill the Christians.

Persecution of Jews: Muslim activist Linda Sarsour is blaming Jews for policemen that shoot blacks. Islam and the Democrat left share similar agendas which reach new heights of insanity every day.

Attempts to delegitimize Israel are a form of anti-Semitism, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said at a high level forum to combat hatred against Jews. Of course it is. It is absolutely anti-Semitism.

A German appeals court on Tuesday ruled that it could not prevent Kuwait Airways from refusing service to Israeli passengers, even though it believed the policy amounted to discrimination.

Archaeologists believe they’ve found an ancient Israelite encampment in the desert, proving once again the biblical account of the Jewish exodus from Egypt. Jewish history in Israel is obvious to anyone, but those who belong to the father of lies willingly choose to ignore it.

2 Timothy 3; Last Days Corruption and Treachery: In another undercover video from Project Veritas exposing the Deep State, an IRS staffer says the agency should have been harder on conservatives during the 2012 election when applications for tax-exempt status were obstructed for political reasons. He said, “Yeah, I don’t give a s##+ if that is a crime for doing that because … you should give increased scrutiny to those groups….”

The European Union has sided with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism by announcing that it will implement a special payments channel to maintain economic ties with Iran in order to save the disastrous 2015 nuclear deal.

China’s communist government is conducting overt and covert influence operations aimed at swaying the upcoming November elections in a bid to undermine President Trump.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz and his wife went to dinner at a restaurant, but had to leave when they were accosted by a leftist mob.

Feminist writer Jill Filipovic called on her Twitter followers to divorce their Republican husbands.

Two members of the far-left extremist group, Serve The People – LA were arrested. This is the same group that recently threatened someone for supporting ICE, called for a “sea of armed masses” to rise up against ICE, and encouraged their social media followers to carry out “revolutionary violence against the local government.”

Armed Leftists are calling for mass violence if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court.
Far left activists are already plotting their next move if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court.

An unknown person located in the House of Representatives posted the personal information (cell phone numbers and addresses) of Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, as well as Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch of Utah. All three senators sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and their personal information was posted shortly after each questioned Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during Thursday’s hearing. They appear to be targeting Republican members of the committee after they question Judge Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, who claims without any evidence that Kavanaugh attempted to have sexual relations with her at a drunken party while in high school, turns out to have ties to an abortion pill pharmaceutical company called Corcept Therapeutics.

Kavanaugh Strikes Back by Daniel Greenfield: When Brett Kavanaugh showed up for his confirmation hearing, he was affable and cheerful…He complimented senators from both parties. He was a non-controversial nominee looking to go through the process and then move on to the Supreme Court. He would have been a moderate. He’s replacing a moderate. But forged in the fires of a lefty hell, Democrats may have just created the most conservative justice on the Supreme Court. “I have been to hell and then some,” he said. Kavanaugh and his family have received threats from leftists.

New accuser walks back claims against Kavanaugh. A woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her when they attended Yale University in the 1980s called former classmates to back up her claims and told some of them that she couldn’t be certain Kavanaugh was the one who did it, The New York Times reported. Wow, the NYT actually posted this. I wonder if the writer if still with them for telling a truth.

Senator Lindsey Graham has been accused before now of being a RINO, but he is to be applauded for his speech at the Kavanaugh hearing. See at this link.

A left-wing political advocacy group that vowed to inject 5 million into the effort of stopping Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the US Supreme Court has significant ties to globalist George Soros.

Far-left Protestors gathered for the Senate Hearings, and many were bussed in to disrupt the event – Soros-sponsored entities!

Also, a spokesman for Soros is acknowledging that he indirectly funded Fusion GPS, the firm behind the infamous Steele dossier. Globalist George Soros has his dirty fingers in everything. He’s trying to keep Britain in the EU. The anti-Brexit campaign group, ‘Best for Britain’ that recently received £800,000 from Soros, has ramped up its efforts to revoke article 50 by targeting voters in ‘swing’ constituencies.

Rush Limbaugh explained why the left creates movements like Black Lives Matter and the out of control #MeToo, and why they attack Supreme Court nominees like Brett Kavanaugh. Read at this link. He says they have a mental disorder, but it’s much deeper than that (and more sinister) as we Christians are well aware.

Democrats have long since hit the bottom of the barrel in their attempts to smear Brett Kavanaugh. Now they’ve busted through the bottom and are furiously digging into the dirt. Last night, they presented the latest Kavanaugh scandal: his yearbook. Apparently Kavanaugh wrote something rude in his 12th grade yearbook. This is supposed to have some sort of significance, though nobody can quite explain why.

The diverse hatreds of the Democrats: The Human Rights Campaign, the country’s top gay rights lobby, held its 22nd annual dinner. Top speakers included Joe Biden, who bemoaned the lack of acceptance for gay people, Anne Hathaway, who shrieked, “Let’s tear this world apart and build a better one,” and Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, who declared, “The age of bullies and bigots is not fully behind us.” Holder would know. He was last seen posing with Louis Farrakhan at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. The leader of the Nation of Islam is both a bigot and a bully. He also loathes gay people. Hypocrisy from the left knows no bounds.

Former Massachusetts Democrat state senator Brian Joyce, who was awaiting trial on federal corruption charges, was found dead in his home. Foul play has been ruled out for now. In December 2017, Joyce was named in a 113-count indictment charging him with racketeering, extortion, wire fraud and money laundering.

Apostasy in the churches and 1 Timothy 4 doctrines of devils: In California, Grace Cathedral Episcopal church in San Francisco has been particularly controversial this year with its Beyoncé Mass, an LGBT forum and men cross-dressing as nuns. This month’s interfaith service focused on climate change, and features men and women dressed in tree-people costumes, accompanied by representatives of the Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist religions, among others.

Also in California, Evangelical College Azusa Pacific, which has 8 campus locations in the state, announced it will be allowing LGBT relationships for students on campus, after years of pressure.

Mega pastor Andy Stanley is attacking the Old Testament again, insisting that Jesus rendered the Ten Commandments null and void, issuing one new law “as a replacement for everything.” Stanley has adopted a virulent form of “replacement theology” that robs Abraham and his descendants of God’s eternal covenants with them. In fact, Stanley labels that covenant in his book as “temporary.” He claims that the idea of a loving God is a “uniquely Christian idea.”

The German progressive weekly Der Spiegel has ended its love affair with the pope, declaring that the Church’s sex abuse crisis is “increasingly about Pope Francis.” One Vatican cardinal, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said of the pontiff: “He preaches mercy, but in reality he is an ice-cold, cunning Machiavellian, and, what is worse – he lies.”

A report leaked by two German media outlets, Der Spiegel and Die Zeit, on Sept. 12 found that the German Catholic Church covered up at least 3,677 alleged cases of child sexual abuse by at least 1,670 clergymen from 1946 to 2014.

According to the latest count by the Chilean national prosecutor’s office, some 221 Catholic priests and 8 bishops are being investigated up and down the country on charges of sexual abuse and cover-up, all due to allegations made from the year 2000 to date.

The former Vatican ambassador, who accused three popes and their advisers of covering up for an American ex-cardinal accused of sexual abuse, has denounced Pope Francis’ refusal to directly respond to his claims and challenged the Vatican to say what it knows about the scandal. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano penned a new missive a month after his initial 11-page bombshell sent shockwaves through the Catholic Church. It was uploaded to a document-sharing site late Thursday.

In Chicago, the controversial Cardinal Cupich fired Reverend Paul Kalchik from the gay-friendly Resurrection Parrish for burning a gay pride flag that showed a rainbow and a Christian Cross intertwined. Kalchik admitted to burning the flag with assistance from a few congregation members despite orders not to, but said he did so a quiet manner. The flag used to be at another parish that caught fire in 1990. The pastor of that parish, Fr. Daniel Montalbano, had brought this flag with him when he transferred to Resurrection Parrish after a fire at his parish in 1990.

Fr. Montalbano was found dead in his rectory bedroom hooked up to a sex machine in 1997. Kalchik said Montalbano’s room in Resurrection’s rectory also had body-sized mirrors lining one of the walls, and two closets full of homosexual porn materials. Cupich sent two controversial priests to supposedly send Kalchik to a pastoral mental facility for burning the gay flag. Kalchik, who sensed danger to his life, took off and is supposedly in hiding. Kalchik was a victim of sex abuse as a boy and was raped by a Catholic priest when he was a teen. He and the others were tired of the gay sex abuse scandal in the church and decided to burn the flag.

Returned days of Noah and Lot: Children’s Hospital in Colorado has removed naming the gender from patient wristbands to support the many flavors of gender diversity.

A new law recently passed in California allows children as young as 12 years old to receive taxpayer-funded transgender treatments and services, without parental consent. The law gives children in foster care the right to transgender treatments as well as former youths up to 26 years of age.

A student petition that criticizes a Texas high school’s dress code as “outdated” and “gender biased” wants administrators to change the rules and allow boys to wear makeup on campus so they may express themselves.

Planned Parenthood convinced a hotel in Austin, Texas, to cancel a screening of a new movie about convicted abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

On July 25, the Food and Drug Administration signed a contract to acquire “fresh” tissue from aborted babies so it could transplant that tissue into mice. On Monday, the Trump administration canceled that contract. This is an unambiguous victory for the sanctity of human life. The underlying question now is: Will the federal government follow up on the cancellation of this one contract and completely and finally terminate its practice of spending approximately $100 million per year on research that creates a market for tissue taken from aborted babies? Not if the Democrat left has its way.

Pestilence/diseases: Gay and bisexual men under 30 make up nearly half of all new HIV diagnoses in the US, and they’re the only age group whose rate of infection is getting worse, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. The number of gay and bisexual men in Georgia living with HIV jumped 70% between 2008-2015, making it the state with the fifth-highest number of gay and bisexual men living with HIV.

China announced a 14% jump in the number of its citizens living with HIV and Aids. Over 820,000 people are affected. About 40,000 new cases were reported in the second quarter of 2018 alone.

The number of babies born with syphilis has more than doubled since 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A portion of a water system in Louisiana has tested positive for a brain-eating amoeba.

The World Health Organization warned this week that the fight against Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo is facing a “perfect storm” that could help an outbreak spin out of control.

Monkeypox has now affected a third person in the UK, in Blackpool. A healthcare worker has been quarantined in an effort to prevent the potentially deadly virus from spreading. The UK’s first case was a Nigerian citizen and naval officer staying at a base in Cornwall. PHE said it was working to trace people who may have shared their flight to the UK. The second case was diagnosed in Blackpool in a person who had independently visited Nigeria.

Despair: The principal deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warned that “Suicide – in all ages except for young children and the elderly – is one of the few conditions that are getting worse instead of better around the country.”

Wars and rumors of wars: Despite two groups claiming responsibility for the attack on a military parade in Iran (one: the terrorist group ISIS, and another: a group wanting freedom from the brutal regime), Iran still blames Israel and the US for the attack. The deputy head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Hossein Salami warned Israeli and US leaders to expect a “devastating” response from Iran.

An Iran video threatens missile strikes on Israel and the Gulf states. Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu warned the UN this week that Israel has uncovered what they believe is a “secret atomic warehouse” in Iran.

Russia’s Vlad Putin tested his new missiles by blowing up a fleet of warships in a training exercise.

The Pentagon is removing four U.S. missile systems from the Middle East next month as the military steps up its focus on threats from China and Russia. The US will also close its consulate in the southern Iraqi city of Basra, blaming increasing threats from Iran and Iranian-backed forces.

Russia blames Israel for the Syrian regime’s accidental downing of a Russian military plane in Syria, and is responding by delivering an advanced missile defense system to Syria. This action has serious implications. Israel cannot stand by and allow Iran to move weapons of mass destruction from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Add to this the other signs and the failing economies in Russia, Iran and Turkey (the evil big three), and we can see Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39 looming ahead.

Gaza’s Hamas terrorist rulers say ceasefire talks have halted, and they promise more border violence against Israel. The Gaza economy is also collapsing, and it’s the fault of Hamas, the terrorist regime that runs the region. This will surely cause them to wreak more havoc. The Middle East is a hotbed of tension right now, more than ever.

Islam’s agenda of world domination and jihad: At the ValleyFair amusement park in Minnesota, police and emergency responders evacuated all the guests after a mob of Somali teenagers and men rushed through security and caused several violent fights to break out inside the park.

In the USA, 650 Bangladeshi nationals were arrested in a single Texas border sector so far this year. Bangladesh is almost totally Muslim.

Canada is bowing to Islam, becoming more Sharia-compliant by the day. CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, described the suspects of armed robberies as “26-year-old from Brampton” and “25-year-old from Toronto,” ignoring the information provided by the Peel Police who identified the suspects by their namesm “Aynla Mustafa Hassan” and “Mossab Abdelrahim.”

The executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was invited by Turkey’s President Erdogan and Iranian President Rouhani to meet with them in New York during the UN General Assembly meeting. CAIR is a Washington DC-based group designated a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates due to alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Cologne, Germany is bracing for protests as Turkey’s President Erdogan opens a mega mosque there.
A Syrian national recently arrested in Germany was part of an apparent plot to attack Israeli targets with chemical weapons.

Police in the Netherlands arrested seven men over an alleged plot to carry out a major terrorist attack. Three had been arrested previously for trying to travel abroad to join foreign militants. The man at the center of the group is of Iraqi origin, who was convicted in 2017 for trying to travel to fight for ISIS.

Japan doesn’t want the chaos that has hit Europe due to the Muslim invasion, so they only let in 27 Muslim “refugees.” Two of them have already been arrested for rape.

End of days technology: Is the rise of the robot the demise of the restaurant server, chef and bartender? Restaurants like Spyce are leading the way with robots that cook complex meals on-demand. Companies such as OTG reimagined the restaurant airport experience and replaced servers who take customer orders with self-ordering tablets. A study by the Center for an Urban Future found that the automation potential for waiters and waitresses is 77%. That figure increases to 87% when you factor in workers that prep food.

Surveillance society: A survey of the percentages of search traffic received by 36 U.S. news sites, including many of the biggest, provides stark evidence that Google, representing nearly 90% of the market share of U.S. searches, is playing ideological favorites with those leaning left and most antagonistic to President Trump and the Republican Party near the last stretch of the 2018 mid-term elections that could change the balance of power in Congress.

A number of Google employees are very concerned about Google’s “disturbing” plans in China. One resigned and 1,400 others signed the letter he sent to US lawmakers. Google’s work on a Chinese product – codenamed Dragonfly – would aid Beijing’s efforts to censor and monitor its citizens online.

The coming one-world government: President Trump is trying to stop the globalists from taking over. In his address before the UN General Assembly, he rejected “global governance, control, and domination” and honored the right of every nation to pursue its own customs, beliefs, and traditions, adding that the US will never tell other nations how to live, work, or worship.

If Europeanize were not a word, we would have to invent it, because that is what many are doing to America. Obama and his friends think America should not be exceptional. So they do everything they can to end its exceptional nature, and to make it resemble other nations. They are Europeanizing America. Yes, the “elite” want to Europeanize America. But in view of what has happened in Europe in the last century, and what is happening there now, this seems like a really abysmal idea. Keep that in mind when you vote.

Rothschild, Soros, Corbyn and One Europe – the Road to Global Governance. Corbyn is totally committed to mass migration into the United Kingdom and Europe, employing the Soros strategies of moral blackmail and name-calling in order to intimidate and silence any opposition.

The forerunner “Peace” Proposal: President Trump said he recommends a two-state solution and would like “peace” in his first term, but the actual proposal has still not been revealed. Egyptian President Al-Sisi said the two-state solution should be part of any American peace plan and that the plan should include principles from previous negotiations between Israel and the “Palestinians.” It would appear Sisi could be referring to the Oslo Accords that have yet to be “confirmed.” God’s will will be done, and Daniel 9:27 awaits to bring Israel to repentance and acceptance of their Messiah Jesus in the “time of Jacob’s trouble” otherwise known as the Tribulation.

Interesting tidbit: A 2,000 foot wide asteroid that looks like a human skull that was discovered in October 2015 and passed Earth on Halloween of that year fairly close, all things considered, will pass further away just five days after midterm elections in the US.