A Primer on Islam, Part One :: By Patrick Wyett

A Primer on Islam
“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.  Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world” (1 John 4:1-3).

These verses are an appropriate start to any discussion about Islam. Here’s another:

“For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist” (2 John 1:7).

Islam epitomizes this spirit of antichrist, forthrightly denying that Jesus is the Son of God who died on the cross to save mankind from our sins through the power of His atoning blood, was resurrected on the third day, and will return again as King of kings and Lord of lords. Of interest, Muslims do believe that Jesus, known as Isa in Arabic, will return again. Only Isa will return to tell the world that he was a Muslim and prophet of Allah. This would be quite a declaration, considering Jesus lived, died and was resurrected six hundred years before Islam was invented. Then Isa will lead Muslim armies in the slaughter of all Christians and Jews.

So much for the abominable notion that Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God. The God of the Tanakh, the Jewish Holy Book which contains what Christians know as the Old Testament, and the Christian God of the Bible, is the same God. The god of the Quran is the devil, using the alias, Allah. Shall we proceed?

If you’ve ever wondered what a wholly Satan-concocted government/religious system would look like, Islam has been that curse to humanity for just over 1,400 years now. To refer to Islam solely as a false religion is only minimally accurate, as Islam is much more than that. It is a brutal, despotic form of government, controlling every aspect of a person’s life; how you think, how you speak, how you act and interact. Even how you dress.

  1. General Jerry Boykin (retired), the former Delta Force commander who specialized in counterinsurgency, estimates that Islam is 14% religious in nature, with the remaining 86% consisting of a totalitarian system of governance. It’s not a religion any more than Nazism or Communism is a religion. Rather, Islam is seditious toward every form of non-Islamic government and thought.

Read that again. Islam seeks to overthrow all non-Islamic governments and replace them with Sharia (Islamic) Law by any means necessary. And no, this isn’t about constitutionally-guaranteed religious freedoms as there is no First Amendment protection for open sedition.

Those who seek common ground with Muslims foolishly engage in their own demise. There is no peaceful co-existence with Islam unless you count the peace of the grave. Let the cultural death spirals of France, Sweden, Germany, and Italy attest to this truth: Allow Muslims in, watch a nation die. Is this surprising? Nations without God are under a death sentence already. Islam, where injected, serves as the eager executioner.

Muslims claim that the Bible is corrupted and that Allah sent his last prophet, Mohammed, to bring his true word to humanity. Let’s test that theory. Is God all-powerful, omniscient and omnipresent? I think all who believe in God would say, “Yes.” Can the will of all-powerful God then be thwarted by Satan, man or a combination of the two?  The answer would by necessity be “No,” as we’ve acknowledged God’s infinite power and knowledge.

Mankind was created on Earth in the neighborhood of six thousand years ago. Archeological finds prove that the modern Bible is in alignment with discovered ancient biblical texts; therefore, the alleged corruption that Muslims claim, had to have taken place sometime before the earliest artifacts, even at the beginning.

So God’s Word was corrupted by Satan, and then God allowed this corruption to go unchallenged for several millennia, up until fourteen hundred years ago?  Does that make sense? Satan got the jump on God, and it took him thousands of years to set things right? When you read the Bible and the Quran, it’s easy to discern which is the inspired Word of God and which is the corrupted utterings of a lunatic.

By the way, the word “lunatic” is derived from the Latin word “lunaticus,” meaning a madness caused by the moon. Keep this in mind as you read.

The Muslim holy book is the Quran. There are also the hadiths. The Quran is supposedly comprised of the revelations of Allah to Mohammed, while the hadiths are a collection of Mohammed’s sayings and actions; an autobiography of sorts. Neither was penned by Mohammed as he was illiterate. It’s stated that Mohammed was chosen by Allah because he was a virtuous, ideal man. Some of his “virtues” include mass murder, rape, pedophilia, thievery, robbery, torture, slavery, human trafficking, blasphemy and habitual lying. It’s all documented in the Quran and the hadiths.

I purchased a copy of the Quran while living in the Middle East expecting a slick, well-written tome of sly cunning. Without exaggeration, the Quran is the most rambling, incoherent, twisted and poorly-written collection of contradictions that I’ve ever read. Ridiculous levity aside (Mohammed claimed that drinking his blood or urine or eating his excrement would keep a person from going to hell), evil pervades the entire book.

To better understand Islam, one must understand from whom and whence it came. Before Islam, the dominant theology amongst Arabs was paganism. Of the 360 different pagan gods worshipped, one was named Allah, the moon god. The distinction needs to be made; Allah is not a name of God or even another name for God. It is the pagan-originated name of the false god of Islam.

To this day, the symbol of Islam is the crescent moon and a star. Not coincidentally and in point of fact very revealing, Satan is referred to in the Bible as son of the morning star. It makes perfect sense. The moon, Satan’s false god, and the star, Satan himself. This is Islam.

Mohammed was born in Arabia in the town of Mecca in 570 AD. Muslim historians claim Mohammed’s father died before he was born. Others outside of Islam conclude he was born to a single mother who later died when Mohammed was a small child. Whatever the circumstances of Mohammed’s birth, all babies are legitimate in the eyes of God. After his mother’s death, Mohammed was taken in by his grandfather and later raised by his uncle, Abu Talib, who took Mohammed with him on numerous business trips. On these ventures Mohammed was exposed to Christian, Jewish and pagan worldviews. His later founding of Islam would draw on some of those memories from his journeys.

As a young man, Mohammed was said to be emotionally volatile, venturing into a cave on occasion for reflection and solitude. At age 40, during one of these sojourns, Mohammed claims to have been approached by Satan, then by Jibril, the Arabic name for the biblical angel Gabriel. From Jibril, Mohammed claimed to receive revelations from Allah, the pagan god he and his tribe elevated above all others. Thus, a new religion, Islam, was created, its followers known as Muslims.

At first though, Mohammed had few followers. During those early years, Mohammed’s teachings were conciliatory, even friendly, towards Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims as he lacked the numbers to challenge them physically. This time in his life is known as the Meccan Period.

Even so, his unorthodox religious ideas ran him afoul of the predominantly pagan society around him. Eventually Mohammed and his followers were forced to flee Mecca in what is known as the Hijra, or migration, finding refuge and a more accepting community in Medina. Remember “Hijra;” this word will have great significance later.

In Medina, Mohammed began to grow in influence and political power, his teachings becoming more confrontational. Then he had another revelation. Allah said it was okay to attack caravans and villages of Islam’s enemies, that Muslims could take the livestock, gold and silver as plunder. The captured children could be kept as slaves, the women as concubines and the men slaughtered. With this new directive serving as a powerful recruiting tool, the number of Muslims quickly grew into the thousands, this and later violent “revelations” coming to be known as the Medina Period of his life.

Mohammed was a quite capable warlord and military strategist. This is the Mohammed who married six-year-old Aisha, consummating the marriage when she was nine and he in his early fifties. The Mohammed who beheaded between 700 to 900 captured and bound Jewish men from the village of Banu Qurayza, their blood filling trenches that he had had dug for this slaughter. Water had to be added as the blood coagulated too quickly to achieve the desired visual effect.

Muslims emulate Mohammed. They prefer beheading their enemies because it was his favored method of execution. Pedophilia is justified because Mohammed was a pedophile. On and on it goes. Mohammed died in 632 AD after being poisoned by one of his wives, likely Aisha. His legacy continues to be written in human blood.

The two main sects in Islam are Sunni and Shiite. The difference? Sunnis believe that Mohammed was the last prophet of Allah. Shiites believe that Mohammed’s cousin, Ali (son of Abu Talib), who was also Mohammed’s son-in-law, was the chosen successor to Mohammed. It may seem to be a minor difference of opinion, but it’s sufficient for unending bloodshed between Sunnis and Shiites. As briefly alluded to, inbreeding is common and accepted in Muslim culture.

It’s imperative that you understand what I’m about to say. The Muslim understanding of the Quran operates on the theory of abrogation. That is, when an earlier verse is contradicted by a later verse, the earlier verse is abrogated, or nullified by the later verse. Mohammed’s later violent verses demanding Muslims war against non-believers cancels 124 earlier verses that advocated peace and friendship with Christians and Jews. Also, the Quran is not written chronologically. It’s arranged by surah (chapter) length, starting with the longest going to the shortest.

Satan depends on a person’s ignorance of the Bible to mislead and destroy them. Likewise, he depends on our ignorance of the Quran so that we don’t see Islam for the threat that it is. In Islam, sectarian issues aside, there are two houses: dar-al Islam, the house of peace for believers, and dar-al harb, the house of war for all the rest of us. You are an infidel, a kafir (the plural form is kuffar), which is a highly derogatory word in Arabic for a non-believer. As such, you are sub-human and have no rights. You don’t even deserve to live.

“And wage war for the sake of Allah, and know that Allah is hearing, knowing” (Surah 2:24).

You’ve been fed the lie from presidents, politicians and even some preachers that “peaceful” Islam has been hijacked by a few radicals and extremists. Now read the truth. Muslims are commanded in the Quran to wage jihad against non-Muslims without mercy.

“So when the forbidden months are passed (a pre-Islamic tradition of not fighting during a four month period, no longer observed), so kill the polytheists (Christians) wherever you find them, and take them (as captives), and besiege them, and lay in wait for them with every kind of ambush, so if they repent (convert to Islam) and perform the prayer (the Shahada) and give the legal alms, so leave their way free.  Surely Allah is forgiving, merciful” (Surah 9:5).

The Shahada is the first of the five pillars of Islam. It is a declaration of faith that must be repeated three times by a convert. “I declare that there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger.” The Shahada is a direct denial of Jesus as the Son of God as well as a denial of the God of the Bible.

“O you who have believed (Muslims), engage in war against the infidels who are near to you, and let them find in you harshness, and know Allah is with the fearer” (Surah 9:123).

There you have it: infidel; convert; be subjugated as a slave – also known as a Dhimmi, or be killed. That’s it. There are no other choices. Many times a jihadist (one who engages in holy war) skips options one and two, going directly to option three. You need also know that the Quran says that any Muslim who doesn’t wage jihad will go to hell.

“O you who have believed, when you meet those who became infidels marching, do not turn your backs on them. Whoever will turn his back to them on that day, unless he turns strategically to engage in war or to rally some other troop, so indeed will return with wrath from Allah. And hell will be his abode, and wretched will be his final destination” (Surah 8:15-16).

You may have Muslim neighbors who are nice, decent people. I too have had friends who are Muslim. These would be considered secular Muslims just as there are secular Christians – those who claim a faith but don’t commit wholly to the tenets of that faith. What does the Quran say about such?

“O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Nasara (Christians) as friends. They are friends to one another. And whoever among you takes them as friends, so surely he is of them. Surely Allah does not guide the unjust people” (Surah 5:51).

Thus, as renowned Muslim expert Robert Spencer states: “There are peaceful Muslims but there is no peaceful Islam.” Mr. Spencer also runs the website www.Jihadwatch.org. It’s a great resource on Islam. The strength of Islam is that they clearly understand who their enemy is: all non-Muslims, every last one of us. This plays well into our greatest weakness. Way too many still don’t realize or want to believe Islam’s goal of world domination.

“And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism, worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone (throughout the world). But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allah), then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do” (Surah 8:39).

Stay tuned for “A Primer on Islam, Part Two.” My Brothers and Sisters, you must know this and understand. We are at war. I don’t say so; the Quran does.