Watching This World Go Mad :: By Dr. Donald Whitchard

Something to Think About While Watching This World Go Mad

If there is one absolute dominant teaching going on in society today, is that people believe that there are no absolutes in the world. Truth is what you believe it to be at the moment. What may be good for someone may not be viable to someone else. We as a nation and some who call themselves Christian believe that everything is relative, and that this world and its systems are a product of chance with no real bearing on what goes on in an individual’s life these days.

For example, one young pastor that is identified with a church based in Australia has gone on the record as saying that evolution is compatible with Christianity and that God used it as a means of creation. Many confessing Christians believe that Jesus sinned and that there is more than one way to heaven. They believe that the Scriptures have errors and that they can’t be trusted in the light of recent scholarship. To many, the reality of hell is reduced to a place that has no bearing on the consequences of illicit living. It looks convenience has given way to rational thought and inquiry.

I beg to differ. There are absolute standards whether people want to believe it or not. There is one way to heaven and His name is Jesus Christ. I say this as a pastor, former history teacher, and something of a biblical scholar who lives in the real world and who has challenged current mindsets to the fact that this world is not a chaotic, mindless drama of “whatever feels good.”

Truth gets in the way of lazy thinking, and this school of chaos according to the world fails to look at the world’s history as a goal-directed, focused scheme of the living God who has all things under His control. He is not going to let the world’s mindset be the dominant view, nor is He going to allow the purveyors of random living get away with it.

Despite the thinking and caterwauling of a wicked society, all that we call history has a purpose and objective. Nothing is random or accidental. This current, worldwide madness has NEVER ONCE caught God off guard or scratching His head. History, if anything, shows the fact that we have gone off doing our own thing without God, and sometimes He lets us eat the bitter fruit of our godless behavior.

God’s will shall be done in the annals of history; and if there was anyone who was goal-directed and focused in reality, it was Jesus Christ. He had a mission to do and He let nothing get in the way of His objective, which was to rescue a bunch of self-absorbed, narcissistic, selfish, arrogant, and downright wicked people and transform them into bold champions for Him who turned the world upside down with the absolute truth of the Gospel.

Jesus Christ brings relativistic thought crashing to the ground and burning to cold embers. He challenges and overcomes self-absorption, illogical thinking, and the belief that we are all accidents of evolution, and will, one day, bury them in the chambers of hell with all who dispute or challenge His authority. Despite what some thinkers bellow, we have purpose and meaning, and we all have our part to play in God’s amazing story.

We are not products of random chance, but creatures made in the image of God who are precious to Him. We are to NEVER think of ourselves as merely cogs in the wheel of nothingness.

The Scriptures tell us to have a ready defense of what we believe as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. We who follow Him without reservation are to be the recipients of a new heaven and a new earth, with Christ as the center of all being and purpose, ruling over us as King of kings and Lord of lords. We can’t let those whose worldview is cold chance be allowed to go on the dangerous route of non-belief, but we are to present a true, historically reliable, Christ-centered lifestyle and thought that is grounded in the source of real history and loving grace.

We are not to let the world’s irrational thinking get in the way of the necessity of salvation for people. The Lord Jesus told us to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every living creature (Mark 16:15). That includes everybody, even and especially those whose thinking is based on their feelings instead of truth and reality.

Stay faithful, brethren. He will make all things new. History is on His side.